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Traditional Native American Weddings

Updated on August 9, 2015

Native American Weddings

From the beginning of traditions and the founding of the Great Cedar there have been Traditional "Joining" which we call today as Weddings.

My hub sharing on Native American Weddings will share the Traditional Joining and some on the joining of To-Day we all call Weddings.

Not all Native Americans have a Traditional Joining but many do have Native Themes for their Wedding Celebration.

May you enjoy learning and gaining insight on both?


The intro image is a Native American painting by Arkansas City, Kansas artist pabear48

Titled: Thought

We hope you enjoy viewing it.

It has been stamped to prevent printing.

None of our hubs are monetized.

We share them because that is the thing to do.

Traditional Native American Wedding

Shared by Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas 67005


There are many different Wedding Ceremonies that span all Tribal Nations. Some are very Traditional and some are more simple in nature. All Native American Wedding Ceremonies involve a Groom, Bride, a Medicine Man or Spiritual Leader and Creator for the simplest of customs. Most will involve the couples respective families and friends and always Elder Members of the Tribe.

When a couple wishes to join in marriage, they contact the Tribal Medicine Man or Spiritual Leader and offer the scared gift of Tobacco. Then in turn the Medicine Man will share to the couple what they need to do to get ready for the joining of two souls. He might also tell them that they must return for council or advice to make sure they know what it means to join souls. He may also give the warrior a task before the “Joining” which is always a secret.

When the day arrives the Medicine Man will start a Ceremonial Fire Ring.

First he picks the location and places 12 stones in a circle that will hold the Sacred Fire.

A Fire Ring will consist of many items. All Tribes are different in what will go into the Ceremonial Fire Ring. Traditional Fire Rings have 7 woods, 7 seeds, Tobacco, White Sage, Sweet grass, and Sacred Cedar and in addition 7 brought gifts. These 7 gifts will be asked by the Medicine Man long before the Ceremony upon certain ones of who shall attend. They are gifts from their land and their personal walk with Creator which are very specific requests. I attended a Ceremonial Fire Ring in Texas and saw one of the gifts to be a Full Tobacco Leaf and another was a selected flower from a certain garden as two examples.

In a Traditional Wedding Ceremony friends and family will put up a tepee and decorate it properly inside for the “Joining”

After the Ceremonial Fire Ring is started the Medicine Man will first share with the People attending as he sings a song to the Creator: And announce that a few were chosen to bring the 7 gifts and one by one each person asked and chosen to bring a gift will give the gift requested to the Medicine Man and he will then offer them to the 4 Winds which Creator used to create Man, and each in turn will be added to the Ceremonial Fire Ring.

((The 7th gift from one visitor is always “salt water” and is not added to the fire until all things have been done. For it is used to end the Ceremony of the Fire Ring.))

The Medicine Man will add his last item to the fire by pulling a Medicine Bag which he has prepared from his neck and has been wearing for 7 days and the contents are well kept secrets into the burning fire and the smoke shall rise!

Before the actual Traditional Wedding Ceremony takes place the Traditional Fire Ring Ceremony is completed.

This is where the Medicine Man places on the ground a deer skin and on the deer skin two sacred healing stones with a scared finger stone laid in-between the two healing stones and it was pointed north. This stone is handed down from generation to generation. At one Ceremonial Fire Ring I attended I saw the stones used to heal a person in a wheelchair. Another person was called to smudge white sage as blessings to the people who are there. There was a special gift given to one from a Medicine Woman. Also at one time there was one who was asked to play flute music softly in the background. The healing stones are there for any one to use and then place back on the deer skin. No one is ever rushed and time always allowed for the presence of the Spirits and those of the Fore-Fathers.

((This is the Tradition of the Fire Ring purpose: Healing!)) Healing was the and remains the foundation of the Smoke to Father.

Then the Wedding Ceremony begins right after the Medicine Man has placed the Sacred Medicine Bag he has been wearing for 7 days into the fire. At this point he turns to the Bride and Groom and go through the “Joining” for the Tribe. This is when the Medicine Man will unite them in the “Joining” which will include a small red feather and leather lacing with decorations and wrap it around their two fingers as one. In some tribes the Chief may with his hands join the couple’s two hands together and means the same “Joining”.

After this the Medicine Man may sing a song prayer to Creator.

And then he sprinkles Salt Water on the fire to end the Ceremony.

Now the two are one: And they retire to the Tepee or home. And all others have a great feed and sharing.

This is a very Traditional Wedding: Variations exist as not all Native Americans are fully Traditional but each type of Wedding Ceremony is fantastic and proper in our Culture.

Related and told by: Wah-O-Cha-Ni-Standing

At a Traditional Native Wedding the Warrior would be in his Finest Regalia and the bride in a Hand-Made Wedding Regalia.

Others attending in their Regalia if desiring the “Healing” of the Sacred Ceremonial Fire Ring. But, Regalia is not expected of guests attending: Nevertheless, they are invited to use the “Healing Stones” if they desire to use them as an Honored Guest of the Wedding Ceremony.

Native American Wedding dresses are beautiful hand crafted creations!

We craft Wedding Beaded designs and Native Wedding toppers.

We are on the internet: Annlee Cakes


Modern Native American Weddings

By Annlee

Many Native Americans have a more modern wedding but stay with the theme of their heritage. While this is not fully traditional it is fully accepted as proper by family, friends and Elders.

I make Native American Wedding Cake toppers for many of the Native Themed weddings in Kansas and Oklahoma as well as other states when people order one. Each is hand crafted and a One-Of-A-Kind creation.

Native American Styled for ALL TRIBES

Each one is made exclusive to your order and differs slightly from the photo shown on this lens.

Because each is hand made and,

Each is a One of a Kind!

Your's if you order one:

SHALL BE Hand Crafted Native American Style AS A Wedding Topper with Traditional Accents very similar to the photos.

Each Wedding topper has a structure base of white plastic and these are manufactured bases. The base may not be just as pictured because they change and only the foundation for the Native Topper.

To this universal wedding base I craft the design very similar to the PHOTO

Order as a Pre-Order crafted item To-Day.

Satisfaction 100 percent guaranteed.

Each is covered with White Baby Soft Buckskin and attached is a small metal ring to create a dream catcher,and is fully covered with off white leather strapping. Onto the Dream Catcher is affixed two crossed White Feathers and a ring of Turquoise beads with a Turquoise nugget bead. Also is a small baby soft White Buckskin Medicine Bag, and inside the Tradional Medicine Bag: Tobacco, White Sage, Cedar and Sweet Grass.. All Traditional. Each one made shall be Cleansed in the Traditional Way.

Description: Basic for EVERY ONE....Unless you call and we can discuss a very

SPECIAL ORDERED DESIGN...... 1-620-441-8656

No two are ever exactly a like?

Because of Hand-Creating them one at a time as ordered by a customer: Only takes me about two days to craft the item.

Stands about 5" tall

Approximately 7" wide Feather tip to Feather tip

Dream Catcher ring is a 3" Ring (*Only place we use manufactured (food safe) Metal rings for our dream catchers)

Exclusive Wedding Toppers by Annlee Cakes

You Dream----We Create

Give us a call if you want something extra special designed.

Thank you.........Annlee

Copy and paste to visit: Native Style Weddings

Amazon carries our books!

We thank you in advance for taking a peek at some of them.



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Annlee says!

A Wedding remains a very personal choice for every single bride! Native or not!

You Dream----We Create

Old Cherokee Wedding Traditions

Old Cherokee Wedding Traditions

The Cherokee wedding ceremony is a very beautiful event, whether it is the old fashoned, or 'ancient' ceremony or a modern one. The original ceremony differed from clan to clan and community to community, but basically used the same ritual elements.

Because clanship is matrilineal in the Cherokee society, it is forbidden to marry within one’s own clan. Because the woman holds the family clan, she is represented at the ceremony by both her mother (or clan mother) and oldest brother. The brother stands with her as his vow to take the responsibility of teaching the children in spiritual and religious matters, as that is the traditional role of the ‘uncle’ (e-du-tsi). In ancient times, they would meet at the center of the townhouse, and the groom gave the bride a ham of venison while she gave an ear of corn to him, then the wedding party danced and feasted for hours on end. Venison symbolized his intention to keep meat in the household and her corn symbolized her willing to be a good Cherokee housewife. The groom is accompanied by his mother.

After the sacred spot for the ceremony has been blessed for seven consecutive days, it is time for the ceremony. The bride and groom approach the sacred fire, and are blessed by the priest and/or priestess. All participants of the wedding, including guests are also blessed. Songs are sung in Cherokee, and those conducting the ceremony bless the couple. Both the Bride and Groom are covered in a blue blanket. At the right point of the ceremony, the priest or priestess removes each blue blanket, and covers the couple together with one white blanket, indicating the beginning of their new life together.

Note: This excerpt is from A great place for gleening knowledge!


Search---  pabear48
Search--- pabear48

Native American Wedding Jewelry by pabear48

Bob has designed beautiful jewelry that can be worn in a Wedding! Or for any occasion.

His jewelry Limited Editions are created using his Master Art Paintings, and we invite you to take a peek?

Simply click the photo of Winter Warrior charm necklace: It has an auto-link!

"Winter Warrior" was originally created in Watercolor.

The origianl size was done on an 8x10 format.

This is a Masterpiece!

Clearly, this is one of the most favored by many in prints! First prints were offered in 2009. Now the Original is offered for sale!

Offered exclusively by Annlee Cakes of Arkansas City, Kansas

This ORIGINAL comes from the private collection of the Artist.

Many have never been seen by the public, and a select few have been on display at Art Showings over the last 20 years.

5X7 and 8x10 Water Colors are the earliest Creations of the Artist, and are the most sought after today by Collectors.

8x10 Acrylics on artboard are some of the earliest Creations by the Artist as he began experimenting with the blending of Acrylics like oils are blended. These also are now what Collectors are taking notice of!

This beautiful art is now on Display in Arkansas City, Kansas.

Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, high-quality, and size for yourself, family and friends.

And, make sure to visit Bear Charms and More!

All Art including photos ARE FULLY COPY WRITE PROTECTED: Any distribution and/or duplication in any manner will be grounds for a Legal Lawsuit and pursuing Legitimate Claims by the Artist/Owner. It is illegal to download the photos and or trying to print and or display in any manner under the USA Copy Write Laws: Copyright/protection is in force!

Annlee Cakes Native American Regalia and Crafts

Designs all Native American Indian pow wow and dance style items, including

seed beaded earrings, and regalia jewelry hand-crafted in traditional styles to the Native American Nation.

My seed beaded crafts are not an assembly line, and most you will find offered here are a "LIMIT OF ONE" simply because they are "hand assembled" and not mass produced. My earrings are for the distinctive addition to personal Native Regalia. Our beading is for the wearing in the Dance Circle or for personal choice of the buyer. If you find one you like I suggest considering order it before it is gone.

Welcome! We are a small family owned business.

To-Day beaded copies of designs are made commercially and in great numbers and yet there still are some traditional Medicine People who do hand-craft and create cultural styled regalia jewelry which is not commercially mass produced but are each hand crafted the traditional ways.

You can find real traditional art bead designer at Pow Wows by simply asking if they can craft YOU a Special Order item with the bones and decorations YOU PICK. If they can you discovered a real traditional seed bead artist and not a mass produced seller. It is like a REAL SEED ARTIST who can create a Special Order design of YOUR CHOICE of colored seed beads to use in the finished pattern item. Mass produced people whom are simply sellers cannot do this simple test? Hand-crafting is a learned skill and it is an art of Culture and Traditions. And, please remember just as you go to work expecting a living wage in these days: So does a genuine traditional seed bead artist deserve the same concept and respect of their Mother Earth gifted abilities. WE ARE REAL GENUINE BEADING ARTISTS...You like one of my designs but desire different colors...We can do that!

You have found a real art bead artist To-Day!

OR! Visit our newest online shop

We create "Wedding Beaded Sets"

A wedding beaded necklace by Annleecakes
A wedding beaded necklace by Annleecakes


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