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transit in the twilight zone

Updated on February 10, 2010

while in transit....

He was a man who was cunningly invincible; a fighter, dragon-slayer, martial artist, an ultimate warrior!  Nothing can stop him!  Look up!  He can even fly!  Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  No, he is a man; I am the man! Ah, it was a dream, just a dream!  Did you ever have a dream like that where you are the hero and at the same time the spectator?  How it happened is a total mystery we hastily dismiss; a mere figment of imagination, and with that, I woke up to the reality to pick up where I’d been before.  But for once, I was the hero; the sought-after, the centre of attraction, the defender, the mighty steed!  Dream as it is – was the product of inner consciousness for need of assurance and comfort.  Indeed – these are the troubled times!

When I was a boy, I yearned to be a grown up.  Alas! I grew up but I was afraid to grow old and pre-occupied with “what ifs”.  Each passing day I was confronted with fear and uncertainty, not because I am afraid but because of things that are certain, of which I am not quite sure how to deal with. Often, my fears are unfounded and totally miss to fear the ones that are real, and that is the subject that I am getting familiar with as days go by.  Yes, aging is as sure as paying taxes; it surely comes and it never missed!

I am not a famous athlete but am a sprinter; part-martial artist, a weight-lifter, a jogger; with a nice body build!  I love action so I’m physically active all my life.  But that was yesterday.  The years have claimed its toll.  Today, I’m often on the sidelines –more of a spectator than participant, a bulging tummy with aching legs and dim eyes – or is the sun not been shining just as bright as before?  There may even times when an old geezer like me felt unwanted, unattended, not appreciated – and even though it may just be a feeling, it is real, it is confronting!

However, I have no clue when will aging stop or when did it begun in the first place.  It just happens.  Do you remember the times you saw an elderly person and you say to yourself – “I will never be like that”, or “I will never stoop like that”, and so on?  Then emotionally undergo some strange fears and feelings you are not sure what?

Young fellas beware!  When you say “I’ll never be that or this”… consider what you declare - because as a general rule, the very things you don’t like – usually comes first.  It’s not a joke; rather – the things we dislike often reflect our character or the lack of it.   This is not to say we dislike ourselves; it’s just that there are lots of things about us (personally) that are inconsistent with our wants; even our thought patterns.  You often stare at yourself at the mirror, and think the mirror is lying every now and then; but what you see are marks of changes that is hard to accept, because you want to remain young? So do I.

The reason;

Our societies favour the young, glorify the young and idolize the young.

Youthful promise is unending; sensual; care free and careless.

The burden of responsibility is laid upon the mature people.

Youth brings about a sense of freedom, ease, beauty, and enchantment – only today matters.

But remember:

Nothing lasts forever.  Days roll so fast.  Time spent unwisely is gone, forfeited forever!

No one has found the fountain of youth yet up to this moment.  Cosmetics can not mask the toll of time.  Feelings are deceptive; unreliable!

On the other-hand, senior citizens can avail all the discounts!

There was a sage who said: The glory of young men is their strength, and the splendour of old men is their gray head. (Proverbs 20:29).

So there you go, it just happens!  Whichever age-group you fit in, there is beauty!  You see – time is coming when you want to sit more than stand!  When dates seem unimportant because you can’t recall whose birthday celebration it was.  When sounds seem dull and you prefer full volume.  When you write your phone number in a piece of paper but you can’t recall where you put the paper.  When you get accustomed to the smell of ben-gay, and the shower is so cold because you forget there is a heater, and you rather skip shower because you think it’s just one day but can’t remember when was the last day you bathe?  Furthermore, it felt even worse when you recall the days you were so capable, efficient, much needed and fulfilled. Now – it’s the opposite. My friend, don’t write me off just yet!

So let me tell you, you’re dead wrong if you let those destructive thoughts occupy your mind, and ruin your days. Don’t you let such negative thoughts, which originate from the "father of lies,"(John 8:44) sentence you to the prison cell of self-pity, surrounded by the four bleak walls of doubt, depression, uselessness, and grief.

Let me remind you about some folks in the Bible that God chose to lead His people; take Abraham – he was far more effective when he grew old and mellow, then he became the friend of God.  Moses wasn’t very useful until he reached eighty – by then he was ready to do the mighty task from God.  Another was Caleb who was about eighty-five when he began to enjoy God’s best goals and do mighty exploits.  What about Samuel – the mighty man of God, was of ripe old age when God moved him to establish the “school of prophets” that institutionalized godliness among the Israelites, which formed a lasting spiritual influence for centuries.  Don’t forget Paul – during his last days in prison, on his knees – wrote words of encouragement and comfort to the struggling saints; words we still cherish today!  And John – was never been effective until his banishment in Patmos in old age; only then can God reveal his glorious plan for the world – to him, and to us!

Yes sir, there are pains, difficulties and heartaches in growing old.  But while growing old – there is still “growth”. But to see only the hot sands of your desert experience, and miss the lovely oasis every now and then, even though they may not be many, is to turn the latter part of your lovely journey through life into an arid, tasteless endurance which makes everyone miserable.  It’s not fair and it is far from the truth!

Never forget that it is your Heavenly Father who has decided to let you live this long. My friend, your old age isn’t a mistake, nor is it an oversight or an afterthought. It is part of a grand plan all along.  It maybe that this is your defining moment!  The best is yet to be, because you’re closer to home than you might think.

So allow me to suggest some cool tips along the journey;

Smile a lot even though you can’t find a good reason.

Take a cool sip of your favourite drink and do a dance, even if there is no music. There is always a rhythm in the air.

Trust more in the One Who is pulling the strings - your heavenly Father!  He knew what He is doing!

Then take plunge into the refreshing water from the river of life owned by a man named Jesus of Nazareth!

In the twilight zone, chances are you’ve been parched and thirsty for a long time!  Try it, it’s free!


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