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Would You Go For A Ride On A UFO?

Updated on May 9, 2011

UFO Ride?

Your walking along minding your own business when A UFO lands nearby. Aliens get out and offer you a ride. Would you go? Okay it's a stretch, but stay with me on this.

Would you be one of those realists that would just slap your face and tell yourself to wake up? That brings another topic to mind. Suppose you're already awake? Now you have to answer the above question.

You might revert back to your childhood and tell them your mother told you to never accept rides from strangers. However the may bribe you with candy and a cute puppy. Would Mom win or the candy and puppy.

Personally I'd accept the ride. If all these alien abductions are true, they will return you home. So you get poked and prodded. It's no different the going to the doctors anyway. Just think prostate exam. At least you won't have to pay the co-pay for this exam.

Think of the sites you could see. Hope your phone is charged. You may want pictures. If you're lucky and can communicate, the aliens will pose for you.  You could be taking better photos the the Hubble telescope. You'd be NASA's best friend.

Upon return, you can do the talk show circuit. Can you imagine the money you could make just doing that. Of course you would open yourself up to public ridicule, but who cares you'll be rich. You might need that money as friends and family might distance themselves from the "family psycho".

Of course Government officials would debrief you 24/7. You'd get more exams. Tons of trips to the shrink. Maybe at some point you'd be declared unfit and buried away from society. Then you better hope that you alien friends come and rescue you.  

So after this fantasy gone wrong, maybe I wouldn't get on board that UFO. My life might be kinda boring, but at least I'm in control of it. If the Government is aware of my existence, they haven't let me know. Maybe as long as I pay my taxes I'm in the clear. However, can you imagine the super cool hub I could write if I went along on that ride and made it back. Bet that one would give me 100.

So, I'm curious...................Would you go for a UFO ride?


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    • mrpooper profile image

      mrpooper 6 years ago

      @skarasoulis.........follow the Yellow Brick Road.

    • profile image

      skarasoulis 6 years ago

      Where do we go to be in the know?