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Unexplained Lights in the Sky

Updated on August 23, 2017
Unexplained lights seen and photographed in the sky above Central Scotland
Unexplained lights seen and photographed in the sky above Central Scotland

Background to these Light Formations in the Night Sky

It was in the very early hours of November 11th, 2010, when I saw these curious light formations in the clear night sky. I rushed to fetch my camera and - perhaps fortunately - a family member who was on hand to come and witness what I was seeing. We watched this display for around ten to twelve minutes before the lights vanished completely, never to be seen since. At the time, I wondered what to do with the images but as time went on, I forgot all about them and the mysterious questions they had raised. When I was reminded of these photos recently, I felt it was time to share them and garner opinion and possible explanations.

Where is Wishaw, Lanarkshire?

Wishaw is a town located about fifteen to twenty miles south-east of the City of Glasgow.

The First Pattern Witnessed of the Mysterious Lights

The image above is of how the lights were formed when I first noticed them in the sky. The photo does show exactly how they appeared to the naked eye (as is the case with all the images featured on this page) and it is almost as though the same image is reflected twice off...what?

The Light Formations Almost Appear to be Folding in on Themselves

The best way I can describe this change in the manifestation is that it was like a gas ring on the stovetop being turned down and looking as though it were going to be extinguished entirely.

The Lights Begin Expanding Again

As we watched, the lights soon began expanding again, almost like flames reaching for the sky, still with that curious reflection like effect.

The Classic and Most Impressive Formation

This photo is I believe by far the best of the bunch. It appears to show a number of different coloured globes, connected by a sinewy tendril. Don't you think it looks a bit like a map of a solar system out of Star Trek?

The Lights Again Fold in on Themselves and were Soon Extinguished

When the lights changed shape again, they seemed to dwindle like that gas stove ring and soon disappeared. We continued to watch for a few minutes but they did not return. I have never seen anything like it again since.

What Could these Lights Be?

Or perhaps more to the point, what could they not be?

I have pondered long and hard what these lights could represent.

They are not fireworks, for the simple reason that I watched for over ten minutes and I don't know how long they had been there before I noticed their existence. No firework could last that length of time nor change shape so drastically and significantly.

They are not lightning of any type that I know to exist.

I'm pretty sure they are nothing to do with the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) as the location is too far south and the patterns do not correspond with any others I can trace.

They are hardly likely to be an expensive laser show. Remember, we are talking about a housing estate, in a small town in the West of Scotland, in the early hours of the morning, not an international display event.

Negatives abound but I have yet to come up with one logical, positive, potential explanation. What do you think?

Are these lights other worldly or do they have a simple, logical, Earthly, scientific explanation?

Probably the Most Authoritative UFO Book Ever Written - How close are you to the truth?

The number of accounts of UFO sightings which have been recorded in the last fifty or sixty years alone make for a confusing jumble of information, much of which is clearly faked or at best misleading. It is probably for this reason more than any other that a majority of people are sceptical of all such accounts and experiences. What if, however, you were to read a book which includes contributions from the most reliable and respectable of sources, detailing events often witnessed and authenticated by a number of unimpeachable sources? Would you be more inclined to believe in the unsolved mysteries of the skies?


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