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Pro USA Patriotic Gifts For Citizens Who Love America

Updated on September 2, 2016

Pro USA Cartoon by SWISS

This cartoon, as well as others on this page, are copyrighted by T. Wuthrich
This cartoon, as well as others on this page, are copyrighted by T. Wuthrich | Source

Pro America Patriotic Gifts For Americans

Pro USA gifts are perfect for Americans who are proud to be Americans, and want to show their love for our country, whether native born or naturalized citizens. Know someone who's served in the military or is serving in the military? A USA gift might be perfect for him or her this Christmas! Know a pro USA political junkie who devours the newspaper every day and can't get enough cable news? He might be a candidate for an America gift! Does he contribute to political campaigns? Does he volunteer his time working for political candidates? An America gift might put a big smile on his face. Know a brand new United States citizen who'd like to brag about it? There's a shirt here especially for him or her! Don't wait til the 4th of July or Memorial Day to gift your favorite patriot with a pro USA gift! He'll stand up and cheer when he finds one of these under his Christmas tree! But why wait til Christmas? USA gifts are perfect on birthdays, Father's Day...any time of the year when he or she is proud to be an American!

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If humor is your thing, You can find cute funny Pro USA Gifts plus a whole lot more at my Zazzle shop.

Please check out the short polls at the bottom of the page. I'd love to hear what you think!

Pro America USA Cap

Handsome Embroidered USA Cap

Know a newly naturalized citizen? Beautiful, cleverly designed and very popular pro USA khaki cap by Soldiers & Commanders features unique handsome embroidered "USA" emblazoned across the front with a red, white and blue flag motif. The "U," in blue, contains 13 white stars while the "S" and the "A" are composed of alternating red and white horizontal stripes. Perfect gift for a brand new citizen, a veteran, or anyone with a love for America. You'll be proud to wear this snazzy all American cap to a 4th of July cookout or your American citizenship swearing in ceremony or any other day you're particularly proud to be an American! To get a closer look, click on the highlighted blue text beneath the image.

Red White and Blue Pro USA Embroidered Hat

©Soldiers & Commanders Shop
©Soldiers & Commanders Shop | Source

New American Citizen Patriotic Gift

America Citizenship Gifts For A Naturalized Citizen

Show your love for the USA, your new home! This American citizenship shirt, in red, white & blue colors, is especially for a naturalized American, an American who, though foreign born, has completed the requirements for citizenship; who, though proud of his or her cultural heritage, is especially proud to have become a new citizen of the greatest country on the planet, the USA! Easily customize this shirt to reflect where you have come from...and then wear it proudly as a new American! Like the USA hat, above, this is perfect for wearing to your swearing in ceremony when you become a US citizen!

Find this patriotic new citizen shirt at my shop by clicking on the highlighted blue text in the first paragraph of this page.

New American Citizen Shirt


Best Patriotic Movies From Amazon - Patriotic Films For Americans

Got a favorite patriotic movie which makes you either tear up or want to stand up and cheer? See below for two of my choices for such a movie. The first is, "Saving Private Ryan," starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. The second is "Sergeant York," starring Gary Cooper.

Buy Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Saving Private Ryan (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I've seen Pvt Ryan at least half a dozen times. If you've never seen it, please do. Everyone should be aware of the incredible sacrifices made by Greatest Generation to secure liberty and freedom for us. WWII veterans say that this movie features the most realistic depiction of combat of any movie ever made and you'll understand what they mean as you watch and listen as Capt. Miller (played by Tom Hanks) and his platoon storm Normandy's "Omaha Beach." Confusion and fear reigns til Miller finally regains control and together with his men sets about destroying the first of several German bunkers. This is a must see for anyone seeking to learn more about the sacrifice young patriots made on that bloody day to secure liberty and freedom for future generations of Americans. The question you will ask yourself repeatedly as you watch this powerful movie is, "Would I have had it in me to do what they did?"


Funny Pro USA Cheese Board For Patriots

USA Bag For Patriot

What's more fitting for slicing American cheese than this pro-USA cartoon cheeseboard. It features a package of your favorite who is chanting his patriotic chant as European cheeses sulk. When you're not using as a cutting board, prop it up against the wall and treat it as a huge funny fridge magnet. Funny cartoon is also available on a variety of other products. Is Dad into backyard barbecuing? Does Mom love to fly the flag on the 4th of July? There's a cute funny apron and a grocery tote bearing the same design perfect for patriots of all political stripes, each featuring this cheese which is 100% American through and through. Carry home some juicy steaks in your USA tote, or head out to the grill in your USA apron on Memorial Day,The Fourth of July, or Labor Day, not to mention Father's Day. Any of these makes a great little gift for your host and hostess at the big cookout! Surprise your favorite patriot with one of these affordable funny USA gifts this Christmas?

Funny Pro USA American Cheese Board

Click the highlighted blue link below to get a better look!
Click the highlighted blue link below to get a better look! | Source
Sergeant York (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Sergeant York (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I love this movie starring Gary Cooper as WWI hero, Sgt Alvin York. Alvin York was a complicated fellow; a drinker and brawler in his youth who later became a born again Christian and pacifist. York claimed conscientious objector status when the US entered WWII, but it was denied and he was drafted. Following conversations with his company commander, York reconsidered his position on the war and dedicated himself to his new mission of defeating the Germans. He went on to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, among a host of other decorations for his heroic exploits which are depicted in this terrific heart-stirring movie.


Natural Born Citizen? - Naturalized Citizen?

What is your citizenship status?

If you are a US Citizen, are you a natural born citizen, or a naturalized citizen?

See results

Proud To Be An American? - Would You Trade Your US Citizenship?

All things considered, on balance, are you proud to live under Old Glory? Take my short poll and then, if you wish, leave a comment. Are you natural born or naturalized citizen? If naturalized, what country did you emigrate from? Has America proven to be everything you expected? Have you ever served in the US military, and if so,which branch? Have you ever served in the Peace Corps? Would you ever consider revoking your American citizenship? Your comments are welcome!

Are you proud to be an American?

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The Danger of Balkanization of the United States of America

The Balkan Peninsula is that landmass which juts into the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Turkey. Over the centuries, this mountainous area, today known as "the Balkans," has been repeatedly conquered and lost, consolidated and fragmented. Through it all, each of the various regions retained it's own ethnicity.

Today, the Balkan Peninsula includes the independent countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria--each with it's own language and national character.

When we speak of the [\possible "balkanization" of the United States of America, we are referring to the very real danger that various segments of our diverse population may begin thinking of themselves as separate and distinct from our country, each segment with it's own language and "national character."

Everpresent Danger of Balkinization in America

Should English be declared the official language of America and government forms be printed only in English to encourage assimilation?

See results

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