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Is 24 gallons "SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF WATER ON MOON"?? What is your opinion?

Updated on November 15, 2009

How much USA citizens are paying 24 gallons of water on Moon

Last Friday, two US spacecraft crashed into the eternally dark Cabeus lunar crater near the Moon`s south pole. This was a part of scientific mission of searching for supplies of water on the Moon. That "bombing of Moon" created a crater about 18-20 yards wide.

NASA, is hoping to find sufficient quantities of water to use as fuel for space exploration,

Yesterday we heard on the news that "A 'significant amount' of frozen water has been found on the moon"...exactly 24 gallons...or 90 litters (for us who use metric system).

My boyfriend told me: "Great, now one person on Earth can take the bath in all that water".

Yes, it is found only 24 gallons of water on Moon. That is allegedly "significant amount of water on Moon".

This all magnificent operation which costs "only" $79 million US$ (79 000 000 $) a bargain by space exploration standards, brought to humanity just one bath-tube full of water. Amazing.

.'Water is essentially energy,' scientist Victoria Friedensen said on NASA TV. 'It can be used to make fuel.'....This statement sounds funny after finding one bath-tube of water only....

Heh.... if NASA continues bombarding Moon, finally it will look like (Swiss) cheese, full of holes (craters), with the result which can make only scientists happy: - they finally discovered something. I believe they are happy now like little children who found cockroach in the sand...Wow, few gallons of water on the dry Moon... I think they would be proud even with 1 gallon of water, no matter how many millions this gallon costs Americans tax-payers.

BTW, Americans paid 3 291 667 (three millions two hundred nintyone thousand six hundred sixty seven dollars) for EACH gallon of watter...

Do not take me wrong, it is not only NASA involved in space exploration and searching for water of Moon, the other countries also have interest in that.... NASA just realized that idea.



By spending 79 millions US$.... get full bath of Moon-water....Amazing result!

Reasons for space exploration


Space exploration started with original purpose of colonizing other planets of Solar system, in 60-ties. The Moon was first step. There were tones of detailed ideas how this future colonisation of humanity should look like... Already in that time some people predicted that population of humans will continue to grow and that we were going to spend ( sooner or later ) life-resources of our own planet... First expeditions on Moon disappointed the scientists, because Moon is far from expected for future colonisation, but obviously original idea never died.


Although scientist try to convince us that space exploration is necessary that we find out more about our own planet (what is really nonsense), underneath that research is actually idea of colonising other planets some time in the future.


I am FOR space exploration, but I would be more happy when will humanity start to act more responsible towards our own planet at first. Although I respect and understand urges of humanity to find new places for living and new endeavours, if they continue to "bomb" or drill all other planets around, with same enthusiasm like they do here on Earth, our grand-grand-grand-children as newcomers on that planets or moons will find only holes and pollution... We behave to the rest of the universe exactly on the same we are doing here...what is sad and shame.


I believe that in the future we will be able to control better our to aggressive energy.


Very good news are that there is fortunately not enough money to fulfill all NASA ambitious plans (like to put US astronauts back on the moon by 2020 to establish manned lunar bases for further exploration of Mars) ....what gives humanity time to become a little bit more mature before taking next step into space discovery.


Please, feel free to share in comments your personal opinion.



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