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How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Studying

Updated on October 29, 2016

It's very hard to find a good job if you are not educated.Studying well can help you get in good universities and find a good job.Here I will give you a few tips to help you study even if you find it boring and hard.

Don’t Try to Study a Lot; Set Realistic Study Goals

Psychologists Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen have studied procrastination for many years.They Observe that ‘’Procrastinators tend to have an unrealistic view of their situation. They think and set up goals as if there are no limitations on their energy and time.It’s better to set a minimal acceptable goal and accomplish it than to set lofty goals and do nothing’’.

Divide your Study tasks in Small Chunks

I recommend that you divide your study tasks in small chunks. For instance, if you have to learn 60 questions for a Math’s test which is on Friday and you have four days to learn Monday through Friday. Practice 20 questions every day. Leave Thursday for revision. Thus you’d be fully prepared for your test.

Schedule your Studies; Make a To Do list

Every day After your wake up or morning ritual, spend 10 minutes to plan your day. Head a piece of paper as ‘’To Do’,and then list your study tasks in the order of priority. Also write how much time you should spend on each task. Do not assign a lot of hours to a task, because work expands in proportion to the time available. Be more efficient and try to save time. Keep this piece of paper in your pocket. At night before you go to sleep check the study tasks that still remain undone and give yourself a score. Your goal should be to have a’ no miss ‘day in which each of study tasks was completed. Play this ‘’To Do’’ list game every day.This will give you motivation and help you stick to your study schedule..

Choose the Right Time to Study

Choosing the right time to study is very important.Get a good night’s sleep or plenty of rest.when you wake up either its morning,evening or noon,it doesn’t matter.Eat something that’s nutritious and have low glycemic index like low fat meat or vegetables.Then drink some green tea or coffee and start studying.The best time to start studying is after one hour you wake up.Don’t think that, ‘'I don’t feel like doing that now’’, your motivational state doesn’t need to match your intention in order to act.You don’t have to actually feel like it.Just start. Social psychologists have demonstrated that attitudes follow behaviors more than (or at least as much as) behaviors follow attitudes. When you start to act on your intention as intended, you will see your attitude and motivation change.

Starting immediately an hour after you wake up is the best time. Many students who procrastinate on studies waste this precious time. They busy themselves in simple and easy chores. Studies ,that’s a mentally tiring work is placed last. As a result, they have burnt themselves out before they get a chance to start on their studies. Do not do that. Start studying when you are fresh and full of energy.That time is usually 60 minutes after you wake up.

My Study Routine

In the days that I prepare for exam or test.I wake up in the morning at 9 a.m and have breakfast and within an hour start studying.I Study for three hours then take an hour's break eat some fruit and then again study for 3 hours.Then take a two hours break and study for 2 more hours.The rest of the time i relax and spend in other activities.

If you fail to follow your study schedule even roughly, and still procrastinate on your studies.Then you should start studying whenever you think you should be studying. Do not think, ‘I’ll feel more like doing it later’’,You don’t know your future motivational so do it now state.

Remove Distractions

Removing distractions creates an environment in which it becomes easy to study.Try your best to stay away from laptop,phone and TV.If your work involves use of internet ,then try using a free productivity extension for your web browser. It will allow you to block some websites temporarily, so that you can't access them while you study.. Make sure that once you have started studying you will not get distracted from it by any means. All these distractions might seem tempting but they make it more difficult for you to get back to your Study.

Listen to Instrumental Music while Studying

If you find studying a very boring activity, then turn on some music while you study. Listening to songs can be distracting though. I turn on instrumental music because it prevents me from getting bored and also doesn’t distract me from my studies.Actually it’s the lyrics that are distracting not the music. your mind cannot listen to words and concentrate on studies at the same time. So switch to instrumental music and your mind won’t be distracted and you can continue studying without getting bored.

Stick to a Time Limit to Prevent Procrastination on Studies

Sticking to a time limit is very important. For instance if you wake up at 9 a.m and within an hour start studying. Your aim is to practice 20 math questions from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.Luckily, You start studying at 10 and continue for the next 3 hours. At 1 p.m. you have successfully honored your commitment so you should stop studying and relax or engage in other activities.But if you get carried away and study for another two hours, going well beyond your set limit. Next time you’d expect that you’d again study for five hours. That’s a set up for discouragement and avoidance.

Dr burka and Dr.yuan suggest ‘’ to make getting started less aversive is to set a limited period of time to work toward your goal and stick to it. Don’t go over the time limit. If you decide to spend thirty minutes on your project, and you stay with it for that length of time, you’ve been successful, regardless of how much you accomplished or how well you think it turned out.''

Reward Yourself After A Period of Studying

After you have studied for a few hours,you should reward yourself.for instance Sara who has been studying till 1 p.m should stop and eat something that she likes or engage in another activity that she loves.

Schedule Free Time Each day

Each day spend some time at least an hour doing nothing. Alan Lakein writes in his renowned book How to get control of your time and your life ,‘’ I think you will find that if you arrange things so that you find time to relax and ‘do nothing,’ you will get more done and have more fun doing it. In my opinion, nothing is a total waste of time, including doing nothing at times.’’

3 to 4 hours of focused study time are worth much more than 8 hours where you neither really study nor actually relax.

Take Enough Sleep

Studying is a hard mentally tiring work.You cannot study effectively if you are too tired or didn’t have enough sleep.This is why I suggest to take enough sleep like 7-8 hours and then start quickly while you are fresh and full of energy.

Eat well to have Enough Energy for Studying

This is very important.If you eat junk food you will not be able to study for hours.Studying is a mentally tiring work that requires lots of energy and a steady glucose level.Eat food that has low glycemic index so that sugar is released slowly in blood.

Why you Procrastinate on your Studies?

Do you ever think that why you procrastinate. Why you have this problem. Psychologists are of the view that,People who procrastinate a lot may have self esteem issues. They are fearful that they will not be able to perform their task perfectly and their self worth depends on the successful completion of the task so they procrastinate,leaving very less time to complete the task.A bad performance on a task can be excused because it was done in very less time.if their performance was good,It looks exceptional for the individual and they think they are extraordinary.In both cases their ego is protected.Thus procrastination may fill a need.

Often people with low self esteem are impulsive.They cannot restrain themselves from pleasure even if it comes at a heavy cost.They want to have good time NOW rather than later.Rewards in future like a bright carreer or good job seem distant and small. They sacrifice their longterm gains for short term pleasures.

We feel negative emotions when faced with a boring or unpleasant but necessary task like studies.Procrastinators in order to get rid of those negative emotions run away or avoid the task or put it off till tomorrow then on another tomorrow till the time left is very less to do a thorough job. In the end they perform poorly.

But people with high self-esteem fight the negative emotions when they face an unpleasant task at hand.They start doing it and perform their work on time and thus perform much better.They achieve more and live better lives.They do not give in to feel good. Because they know that feeling good now comes at a heavy cost.

The Real Secret to Overcoming Procrastination on your Studies

No amount of tips or suggestions will help you if you do not have courage to fight the negative emotions that come when faced with an unpleasant difficult task. No matter how you feel if you really think a task is important. Start doing it right away or set a proper time for it and must do it at that not delay it further. Do not spend your life indulging yourself in immediate pleasures but work towards your long-term goals that would bring much more pleasure and deep satisfaction. All philosophers and psychologists agree that we feel happy and more satisfied overall when we work towards our goals.


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