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Surviving a power outage: ideas on how to enjoy it when you have one

Updated on February 13, 2015

A power outage could leave you in the dark for a while

Power outages

A power outage is an unexpected event where an area loses electricity for a period of time. This could be caused by severe weather conditions, grid overload, or any unexpected interruption in the power outputs that supply your home. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when, where, or how long a power outage would occur. A power outage could leave you literally in the dark for an extended period of time, unaware of how long or when power will be restored to your home.

Since a power outage will leave you in the dark for an unknown amount of time, with no internet, lights, or electricity, what can a person do with the extra time on their hands? Before you think that time will stand still because of a power outage, take advantage of the time that you will have. A power outage shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the time away from the busy world that has made us forget how to enjoy the simple living and make the best of our time.

Believe it or not, many people don’t know how to enjoy their time during a power outage. They spend the time complaining, miserable, and uneventful, until the power is restored. Life’s simple pleasures are sometimes forgotten, and opportunities to enjoy the time could pass. So, here are a few ideas on how to spend your time during a power outage, giving you a chance to take advantage of how fun and enjoyable the time could be.

Feel free to add to this list your own creative ideas, making the next time a more pleasant and memorable experience that will make the time enjoyable. Even though there are many creative ways to enjoy a power outage, here are a few ideas to start the creativity in you:

Cleaning house

So you have no power, electricity, and complete silence in your favor. All of the distractions in your daily routines have come to a stop. There are no errands that you could run or any emails to check on your computer. Why not take advantage of the peace and quiet by cleaning up your home? You never had the time in the past to clean and organize your home, but you do now.

Even though you don’t have a vacuum, you can still use cleaners. You can also reorganize your closets, kitchen, and garage. Since you will have minimal distractions because of the power outage, there are a lot of chores that can be accomplished that you could not finish during the busy day. Even though there is no power, there is still an opportunity to catch up on the chores that were difficult to tackle with your busy schedule.

Cleaning and organizing your home will not only make the time pass, it will make you feel better once the power outage is done. When the power is restored, you will feel as if your time was spent wisely, reorganizing your home and removing any clutter or dirt that was difficult to accomplish before. Besides, if the power outage was longer than one day, you will have to clean anyway. Your refrigerated items may need to be thrown out. Start cleaning before the power is restored to make it easier for you to catch up on everything else.

Make it me time for once

How often do you have time for yourself? Do you have once a week or less for yourself? Are you constantly running errands, working and trying to finish everything for everyone else and forget to take a moment for you? Well, here is the moment that you can use for yourself. If it will be a day or longer to restore the power in your home, why not take advantage of this time for yourself? There will be few distractions, minimal opportunities to run errands, and lots of time that you will have free for time to yourself.

This might be the rare opportunity to use for you. You can use this time to light a few candles, grab a good book, and spend the time relaxing and enjoying the silence. With a hectic routine and all the distractions in life, many forget to give themselves the time to enjoy a quiet moment. A power outage might be a forced opportunity to take a moment for you and use it to relax a little.

Doesn’t a facial sound good? How about some meditation? How about a nice nap like when you were a child? Anything that makes you feel better that make a difference with your well-being could be done during the power outage. When the power is restored, you will be too.

Date night

Have you recently made excuses why you haven’t enjoyed a great date with your special someone? Are you just too busy that you rescheduled date night so many times that your relationship is being affected? Well, what about making a power outage into a surprise date night? Not only will you strengthen your relationship, but you will turn an unexpected event into a romantic night.

Just because there is a power outage doesn’t mean it will be less romantic. In fact, it could become the most romantic date night you ever had. With a few candles, a few cans of food, and a tablecloth, this could be a quiet dinner with no distractions. All you will have is a great night to get to know each other even better. This is a perfect opportunity to give your relationship the time that is needed to make it better. You will be happy that you did.

Hotel getaway

Are you having a difficult time dealing with the power outage? Are you the type that just cannot bring yourself to live without any electricity? Why not make it into an unexpected vacation? If you haven’t had a vacation in a long time, if not ever, this would be the time to take a vacation. With a power outage, you are cut off from the electricity and equipment that you are always used to. You cannot function without it like most of us. So now is the chance to pack up and go where there is power.

Check into a hotel that have power for the night and enjoy the amenities that exist there. You don’t have to leave the state or even the city to do this. Check in for the night and make it a hotel that has all the great amenities that will make you feel like you are on a vacation. If a swimming pool is what you want, find a hotel that has one. If a spa resort is what you desire, find the perfect hotel that has the amenities available for guests. Staying at a hotel will give you the opportunity to forget about the power outage and give you a chance to enjoy some relaxing amenities that will feel like you took a vacation.

To make it feel like a real vacation, check out the local tourist attractions that you never visited before. Even if you are staying in the same city that you live, there are probably tourist places that you never visited before. This is a chance to get to know the city you live in and enjoy the vacation that you never had a chance to take. Make the most of a power outage and give yourself a chance to feel rejuvenated. You don’t have to live without power if you don’t want to. Just go the nearest place that has power and enjoy.

Camping trip

Who said that you have to go into the woods to have a camping vacation? You can have the experience of a camping trip right at home. All you need is an active imagination and the camping gear to make the most of a power outage. Take all of your camping gear and set it up to create the feel of the outdoors.

Tell stories, sing a few songs, get to know each other a little better. Use this time to rebuild your relationship with your family without the daily distractions. Most camping trips are intended to strengthen bonds of the family and avoid all the distractions that exist in the world. It is getting harder and harder to enjoy quality family time because of the internet and the busy day. Now is the time to use the power outage as a way to do this.

Power outage could be great

A power outage doesn’t have to be torture or a waste of time. It could be an opportunity to be productive and enjoyable. It could also be a chance to strengthen bonds in your relationships and even give yourself a chance to have a moment of relaxation. It could also mean an opportunity to be productive or even take the moment to catch up on some sleep. Whatever you choose to do during a power outage, make it an opportunity to enjoy your life without the daily distractions that exist when the lights are on.

Eventually, the power will be restored and life will go back to the way things were. Unfortunately, you may not get the opportunity to enjoy the time away from society’s distractions for a long time. Don’t let the opportunity pass if you ever experience a power outage in your area. Find ideas that will make you enjoy the time that you have to yourself. After all, you have nothing but time when a power outage occurs.


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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub. I have a similar idea for a hub, since I had a 72 hour power outage with no Internet, phone and TV, last weekend. My cable modem was also offline too. Voted up!

    • techhound profile image

      techhound 5 years ago

      This is a good Hub. The only aspect that I probably wouldn't enjoy is the cleaning house one. Of course, there is utility value in that but I would not actually label it as enjoyment. Thanks again for the Hub.