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Weather Channel Radar for Long Range Forecast

Updated on August 5, 2011

Travelers and frequent flyers need to know weather forecast before making their journey to their destination. And to learn weather forecast, there are only a few weather sites that provide free weather forecast and updates in Internet. Among  all, there is  one reliable weather site: ,that you can access from your computer to learn weather of your city or country.This site can provide overall current weather updates for any country in the world and some details weather forecasting news for a number of countries including USA,India, Brazil, Germany, France,UK and Italy.

Before giving you the name of the channel, let me give you’re a brief idea about what kind of information and forecast you can expect from this weather site. What you can get from this channel are:

  • Present time weather
  • Hourly weather
  • Weekend weather
  • 5 day weather prediction
  • 10 day weather prediction
  • Monthly weather forecast
  • Weather map

Each type of weather forecasts for temperature, chances of rain, wind speed, probability of storm

The weather forecast of the following countries can be found with

  1. US weather:
  2. UK and Ireland:
  3. Indian weather forecast:
  4. France weather:
  5. Germany:
  6. Italian weather:

weather channel
weather channel | Source

How to get weather forecast for an area or city

First of all you need to type the name of the place (city, town...).if possible give zip code of that area along with country name. For instance you need 5 day weather forecast of Madrid, Spain. You just type the name “Madrid” or type “Madrid, Spain” and then click on the “Find Weather” button. This may result you all the city name of Spain.since your city is Madrid, click on the letter “M” under “Spain Weather” and then click on “Madrid.” By default, you will be shown the present time weather and the forecast for the next 36 hours. If you need a 5 day weather forecast then click on “5-Day” or if you need monthly weather forecast then click on “monthly”. By clicking the “map” option, you can even watch the cloud movements of your city.

What I mentioned above about the weather channel is not all. Weather channel is one of the most comprehensive weather forecasting solutions and you can have almost anything imaginable about whether. What about if any site gives you ache and pain forecast, agricultural forecast,

How to learn Weather Alerts for US states and Cities?

For instance you are planning to visit a new place that has been forecasted with a category 5 storm (storms as strong as Katrina, wind speed over 250 miles per hour). Noting happens so fast in the weather world. Wind speed, could movements, low air pressure of a place is the resultant outcome of a cumulative activity of the essential parameters of weather, that takes place or shaped into a form before it appears to a place. If you know the weather alert before you visit to a place, then your journey will be both safe and tension free. To know if a place has weather alerts or not visit: or alternatively you can go at and then click on the “alerts” under the “severe weather” tab. This alert facility is available for only US states.

earthquake report in weather channel
earthquake report in weather channel | Source

Radar Map for US cities

The section gives an overall weather conditions in US states including Alaska. To get a comprehensive current weather forecast you need to “US Doppler Radar” under “Maps” tab and then select “weather details” under the Map Room. And then select Doppler radar under “Select a Weather Details Map Collection”. At the bottom of the Doppler map you can find more specific regional map selection option. This section also gives some useful weather statistics like earthquakes report, air quality, skin protection, severe weather alerts etc. Just browse the options 1 and 2 under the Map Room of Doppler Radar.

Interactive weather Map

With an interactive map you can find graphical presentation of weather: rain, snow, ice. You can access this section of weather channel from the “Radar Maps” of the “maps” tab.

Not that you can only find only weather forecast in Weather channel sites, but you can get useful videos, travel tip and information for outdoor conditions such as Golf conditions, ski conditions, camping and hiking, picnic and grill or even fishing report. In general weather channel is a tool that you can sue to familiarize with the diverse weather conditions of your country and can make wise decision about travel destinations.

interactive weather map
interactive weather map


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    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      @cheeeky Girl-the accuracy rate of weather forecast is pretty high on this site.Thank you :)

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      This is a cool hub. Weather predictions have come a long way now. Cheers!

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      Weather channel site also offer hurrican alert for US.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Jalus 6 years ago

      Great hub! We are nearing hurricane season so I will soon have a need for these maps locally. Thanks!

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 6 years ago

      Samiaali-I think provides more robust weather updates and forecast for North America,especially for USA.Glad to see you around :)

    • samiaali profile image

      samiaali 6 years ago

      Hello andromida, This is a fantastic hub! I love hearing and knowing the weather and you give all the necessary information here. The maps are great as well. I will vote up! :)