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what could make the world a better Place?

Updated on June 8, 2015

Mercy Thank you Hubpages


Gods Poet Nkosi 144 000 member of Saints

Would the world be a better place,if we released all prisoners?

and all jails and asylums were turned into homes for all broken souls?

Bongi we did it!

You are a Doctor. You are going to be worth 50
million by 50 years old,that is my wish for you.

Ngwetes children will inherit my royalties with
You and Buthi Phekos guidance.

That is after Yahoo Gmail and BlackBerry take
Their dues for me using their platform.

Hubpages thank you for publishing my first
Article and Hub.

Hubpages no one gave me hope in the arts.
Doors have been closing in face since age 22.
‎With grace I will publish all my work with you.

I am eternally grateful.
Love Gods Poet Nkosi

The family will be worth 700 million arabain
dollars, with each generation.

Right now you have a 2.8 million house in
Waterkloof, well done age 33.

Mum and Dad Never Left Us.

Thank You to Phekos Parents your Soul found

Pheko saved you from ever seeing Evil on this

You were smart enough to see the God in Buthi

Bongi You a Heavenly Goddess.

We have a paid up Townhouse.

My contribution to Society 3600 poems.
With you by my side Bongiwe.

should i see
Nkgwete get his Masters in Mathamatics,

i will have 13 000 poems.

All i ever hoped to be one of the 144000 poets .

I Thank the Mkhize for raising Us‎...

Gods Poet Nkosi


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