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How to Pick a Career That Will Make Your Life Happy

Updated on August 23, 2016

What do I want to do?

When faced with the question of choosing what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life, you can become quite confused with your choices. Trying to figure out if you have enough education to start your own business, or if you have the qualities it takes to be the boss not just of a work crew, but to be your own boss.

Then there is the decision of whether or not the business you have chosen is solid enough to hold your interest and keep your mind busy enough to keep you happy for the twenty or so years you must spend doing it until you retire. Then there is retirement, and whether you have done enough to keep you financially stable during your golden years. It can all be very overwhelming.

Some people know from the age of five what it is that they want to do. For me, it was a multiple choice. I loved to write, and I knew that I wanted to become an author, but in addition to that, I had an interest in teaching, and on top of that, I loved animals. For many years I truly believed I wanted to become a veterinarian. So how do you tip the scales, one way or the other? What is the right decision, for this isn't something you can just change midstream.

I asked my kids this, and then left them to make the right choice. "What is it, that you love to do, more than anything in the world. Now I am not talking about what you are going to learn, but now, right now, what is it? My middle boy knew immediately. His computer, he loved to play on his computer. The youngest, knew next. He loved to take pictures or videos, of is friends, his friends doing things he wanted to remember. Then, finally the oldest like to write, although he didn't know this right away.

Then I told them, whatever it is that you love to do, this is what you need to base your career around. It is the person who turns his interests into something he can make money doing, that becomes a success. . When you feel like going to work because it is enjoyable to you, you then are happy with your life. If you are unhappy getting up to go to work, it becomes drudgery, and you will be miserable.

It is your obligation to pass this on to your kids, or anyone else who come your way. People must be able to get up and go to work with a smile.

By the way, my middle boy who chose his computer, is now, five years later, in charge of his own department in a company, where he is tinkering with digital and wireless computers, and inventing other gadgets to work along with them. The youngest, who liked to take pictures of his friends, is now a sports photojournalist for a major newspaper, and the oldest, he is still trying to figure out how to maybe start his own newspaper, so I will give him time.

Give them ideas, give them the world, give them freedom, and you will be surprised at the effect you will have on your kids. Good luck.


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