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What Every College Student Needs: A Care Package From Home

Updated on January 11, 2015

Having gotten a few, I still remember them to this day.

There were many different types of care packages that can be sent to your kids at college. Both small and large. Some can be delivered through the mail and others can be hand delivered. And each will have its own memories that it brings with them.

The home made cookies is what I remember the most. There were other things but not as memorable. Even other food items were not as outstanding as the cookies that I received. And my mom already knows this but it was one of her friends that sent those cookies.

Main Image

They don't have to be big pachages - Sometimes a card or letter is greatly appreciated

Letters from Home
Letters from Home

Its amazing how during my years at college I would check my mail box at least once a day. Usually more. Just wondering if the parents had written. Or maybe the grandparents. Luckily I didn't have to wonder if the girlfriend had written as I could easily knock on her door. And vice versa. But she did not come into the picture until after a couple of years of college.

Getting letters was always fun. This meant that I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth. Again. It did mean that they were thinking about me. Sure there were phone calls but a letter meant something else. It showed that they were willing to spend the extra time send something that I could hang onto. Phone calls will give you memories but letters will give you something in your hands to look at over and over.

Of course there was the added bonus as most letters from home usually had a little cash in them. That is why I have listed some suggestions on what to include in a card from home below. I hope that they help to give ideas on what to send along with that letter from home.

Some of these you can get locally and send them to your kids. - Others you can't so here they are on Amazon.

These days everyone is used to using plastic for everything. So to add to your gift box here are a few pieces of plastic that the kids might enjoy. $25 Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Birthday Balloons Design) $25 Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Birthday Balloons Design)

When it comes to Amazon Gift Cards I tend to get music and movies. Both are popular with those at school as they help to pass the time while studying and relaxing.

Domino's Pizza Gift Card
Domino's Pizza Gift Card

Peperoni and Pineapple was my standard order. In fact they new me by name and where surprised if I ordered anything else.

The Empty Box
The Empty Box

Its an empty box

What do I put in it?

Well that depends on who you are sending the package to. Everyone is different. But there are some things that will go over well with most people. So lets start...

Before making and sending anything first think of what they like. Add to that what they took with them when the headed out to college. Also throw into the mix what they may have taken back with them the last time they visited home. OK sorry if you brain is already hurting. What I will do is give you five groups of ideas and somethings that would be part of those groups. They will not be elaborate but when the box is opened they are will be worth more than gold.

This image just fit so well with the words - Fill Me Up - on them.

Here are some of the ideas that I came up with

I know that they are simple but they can be used as stepping stores to be built upon.

  1. Snacks

    Granola bars

    Chocolate - Snickers and Tootsie Rolls

    Cookies - home made or packaged


    Cans of nuts

    Ramon noodles in a cup

    Dried fruit

  2. Drinks

    Instant coffee or tea

    Instant cyder or cocoa

    Juice packs not so much as they can break in shipping.

  3. Items






    Gift cards

  4. Supplies

    Tooth paste


    Shaving cream


    band aids

  5. Games

    Deck of cards


    Video games

Include a note
Include a note

One last thing before you seal up that box

Make sure that you include a little note just to remind them how much you care. How you are thinking about them. And most importantly - HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM

This is not meant to sound pushy but I know my mom always had those words on her letters and they were always great to see.

Its also nice to have the parents knock at your door with a surprise in hand - In this case it was a mini refrigerator

This is not the same fridge I had as the story below is over 25 year ago.

Remember that there are others in need of care packages - Our troops also need a smile and a fun surprise now and them

I know a lot of times these packages go out around Christmas. But they are still great to receive anytime during the year.

A story about packages being sent.

Some guidelines to check out.

Mark Schultz - Just a good song to listen to when thinking about who these packages could be going to.


I know in one of the above videos they say to contact the web site so here are a couple of quick link for you to check out.

Question time

Care package
Care package

Have you ever sent a care package to someone other then your family?

See results

Hopefully this has given you some ideas about a care package - If you have some other ideas or just wish to comment please do so.

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