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what if we were wrong all along

Updated on August 24, 2011

musings on life by a rambling man

 What if we have had it wrong all along?

 What if every preconceived notion that you have grown up with, was just part of the truth? If a tiny fragment of the larger picture was all you were given, but that fragment was a picture in itself, would you ever question that there EVEN WAS a larger picture?

 We as citizens of the world are each given a Truth to be held and passed to our children, "Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to get to heaven" "The Prophet's teachings are the absolute truth" "If you live according to the laws of Karma, you will be reincarnated" "Evolution is indisputable fact". There's no way that these "TRUTHS" can be reconciled or is there?

 What if each of these truths, these nuggets of wisdom that have been passed down are part of a larger picture.We have built up institutions to keep these truths separate?

 What if each is true only to the person that holds them, what would our world be like then?

 Would we,do as many fear,try even harder to force people into OUR belief system,or would we,as we should,see that what we believe maybe doesn't matter as much as the way we live according to those beliefs?

 Shouldn't we that believe that a ministry of love granted us entry into the afterlife, should be demonstrated on a daily basis and in all of our endeavors, not just the ones that are seen? Shouldn't our thoughts of mercy come automatically to us and not have to be thought about, or worse, argued about?

 IF you get to the crux of the matter,there is a creation story that corresponds to the area that the people are located from originally.

 The nature of the creation varies in all of the stories,from a spoken word, to the molding of creatures, but the one thing that does not change is this, that a being larger and smarter was responsible.

 Now evolution will tell you that we started as simple single cell organisms.From this we evolved into multi-celled, up to plants,on to fish,monkeys,humans. I realize that I am oversimplifying this, but that is intentional. There is no absolute PROOF of this, there are educated guesses, but nothing indisputable.

 What if the reason we can't find the missing link is that there isn't one.?

What if creation did happen as is described by almost every culture on the planet?

 What if the stories of creation are not "made up contrivances of primitive people to soothe themselves" but instead collective memories, shared,stored, and passed along for generations until they have been twisted and turned thru the passage of years?

 What if as is told in the book of genesis, God really did walk with the humans(go ahead check it out, I'll wait)? What if we are created in the image of another being?

 What if we have access to the powers that were so commonplace in mythology, what if we are losing brain activity, and that is why most of the brain is left to just take up space? What if magic was real, miracles were able to be worked?

 I have seen things that were amazing, beautiful and so complex that you can't convince me they weren't planned. Let's assume for the moment that I am right.

 Why can't I do these things? Maybe because I don't believe that I can. What if the only thing that you had to do was to really really believe to make something happen, could you do it, really?

 Here's an example, suppose you fell off a cliff while hiking and broke your leg. now a voice in the back of your mind is telling you "to walk again all you have to do is have ABSOLUTE faith that you have just healed your leg", could you do it?

Take a minute and think about this.
Most people will say that they believe something, but do they,really? How big a part of faith is saying to yourself "what if I'm wrong", and how much is disproved by that? Do you really HAVE faith if you doubt?

 Now let us suppose that various people throughout history have been capable of that type of faith. What do you think would have happened if you all of a sudden found that you could do amazing things just by wishing it?

 What if a person realized their power and applied their knowledge and experience to it?
 What if the gods of the Romans were real, people that realized their power and seized it for personal gain?

 What if a person realized their power and applied thier knowledge and experience to it?

Would a grief ridden carpenter from the desert go forth and heal and comfort all that he met. Would he teach the people around him the same things?

Now I want you to think of the religious and political entities that you know of. Just a few off the top of my head the Roman Catholic Church, The Southern Baptist Convention, The President Of The United States.Politics doesn't change much.

 In school we learn many things about many different people, places, and cultures. While these things vary, one thing remains the same, the government/religious entity want your support in keeping their message on top.

 What if these entities KNEW what people can do and just want to control it? How far do you think the world would go to keep a lid on what is possible?

 Do you think that someone might, i don't know, try to exterminate a people because one of the may have passed a message?

 Do you belive that if it was possible to do these things that the CIA's and FBI's and all the intial's out there would let the message get out?

 Does it seem likely that a church would try to eradicate any evidence? To put out propaganda, to change a story just enough that it's believable, but also unattainable?

 What if we as a people are just too hung up on the thought that there has to be rules to happiness? "If you drink alcohol, you will go to hell""If you do not uphold the pillars, you will go to hell", what if the only thing that mattered was motivation?

 As humans we love to have our requirements ,there has to be a limit. And no one knows this more than your institutions. That is how they got to be institutions, by placing limits.

 You can have this, but only if you believe what I tell you to believe.

 What if the only requirement was that each decision you make all day every day, is to love your neighbor as you love yourself? Just imagine a world where everything worked on love.

 If your neighbor needed a ride and his car was broken, you just take them. Sounds easy right, now imagine that it's nighttime in a poor section of town and someone is walking. Do you have the faith to pick them up or do you rationalize it away, "he's probably just going right up here""she looks like she needs the exercise anyway". I've done it and i still do it, but i try to do it less than i used to.

 If your brother needs to borrow 20 bucks, ok no problem, but if it's a homeless man on the street?

What if there were no homeless (well besides the ones who choose to live there) because everyone was motivated by love and not greed?

 Would you work better if the company you worked for actually cared about you and not just numbers?

 Would your company notice if you went the little bit extra that you put off until tomorrow even tho you just played on myspace for 2 hours?

 What if everyone's demeanor was to do everything they do to the best of their ability? What if the person behind the counter actually used manners and tried to make the experience of buying something seem like less of a hassle?

 What if the car in traffic slowed to let people in, instead of trying to beat them to the spot? What if noone rode all the way to the front to get in first, and just worked their way in?

 What would happen, people would be nicer to each other. People would try to see others points of view and not just stubbornly stick to what they think?

Maybe this world could get changed. I could go on for hours about what motivates people and the things they do. People are inherently greedy and want to get things fast and easily.

 We as a planet have slipped into a mode where that is okay.

 Do just enough at your job to not get fired, be just nice enough that you may get something in return.

 What would happen if we expected people to do the right thing, instead of always looking at the things they do wrong?

 Would it be possible to condition ourselves to have faith in our fellow man again?

 Would it be possible to believe in miracles again?


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    • Jeremy Pittman profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Pittman 

      6 years ago from walker la

      well said mark

    • Mark Pitts profile image

      Mark Pitts 

      6 years ago from United States

      The Golden Rule (Do unto to others...) is a constant that appears in some way in almost every religion. I like the concept of your Hub. I picture a wagon wheel ... the different forms faith takes are the spokes, and God is the Hub. I think He loves all of us too much to make His love based on membership to an exclusive club. Any church or preacher, or prophet that teaches hatred can't be of God. That is my litmus test.

    • DavePrice profile image


      6 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      I don't know how much faith I have in my fellow man, I find charity is far easier to give. But I definitely believe in miracles.


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