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Where Do Fairies Live?

Updated on May 18, 2022
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Linda Hahn is an excellent writer and a passable researcher! She has a blog, too!

Fairy Tales I Once Heard

Flowers For Fairies
Flowers For Fairies | Source

Fairies Live Mostly In The Garden

Fairies live mostly in the garden, as they are nature loving creatures. Quiet and careful, they move with the wind in the leaves. When you hear the grass rustle, look quickly! You might see the shadow of a fairy, quick and elusive, and very shy with strangers.

But when they live in your garden, the fairies are more used to your movements, your scent, and your noisy, bumbling sounds. So you have a better chance of a glimpse. Be very quiet, they hear everything.

Ok then.

Female Remixed Names

Male Female Neutral Normal Names Remixed Names Generate

I love all of these female remixed names! The machine also says the same thing about Male and Neutral Remixed Names! The machine also says the same thing about Male and Neutral Normal Names, I'm sensing a pattern here. No, I'm dead wrong, as usual, hit the generator button every time you pick a new category. Each one produces a different list of names.

Bert Waugh

Estie Armourne

Pippa Mohame

Tylen Att

Tylerna Gracey

May Gracey

Rillah Pley

Verity Ashmidt

Ver Espledger

Aly Pley

This Fairy Name Generator Is So Cool

I've just been playing with The Fairy Name Generator Button and it is so cool! If you keep pushing the Generator button, a new list of names will crop up - repeatedly. I couldn't believe it until I got Vinnie Cullen and Celia Thackeray on one list and Ursala Biggs, Ella Sparks, and Hallie Greenwood on another list. Hallie is my Granddaughter's name, for the goddess's sake!

These were all Normal Female Names, so I pushed the button one more time and got Betty Michael (my sister's name is Betty!) and Lula Sheldon (My crazy name is Linda Lulu!)

I am enthralled, but too tired now to keep checking. Also too tired to go check out that Elf Name Generator or the Dragon Name Generator, among other cool listings! I'm almost through the Elf Name bit, but I got distracted by them asking me if I wanted a Hobbit name. Naturally, I said yes, so now they want me to go to another website about Hobbits. I want to, I really do, but I will not do it tonight, damn it!

N*o'laheri Daughter of Hahn is my Elf Name and I'm very proud of it. It took me 45 minutes to read all the literature on elf names, and I have to say, tired or not, I'm glad that I took the time to do it properly. I think, though, that I'm entitled to a secret third name, beknownst only to me!

Where Fairies Dwell

Blue & Purple Flowers In The Garden


Fairy Village

Where The Little People Live

Every time I look at my pretty garden, I wonder about the little people that certainly live there. I know that they are not flashy sorts, my garden fairies are shy of big people who are clumsy at the best of times. Once you get the big people a little confused, they could tear up a garden in no time. No fairy wants that.

Trees too are also favored by fairies as a perfect place to live. I may start up one day a week being a fairy, to the best of my ability.

OK then.

Fairies At My House

Flowers For Fairies
Flowers For Fairies | Source

Fairy Village

This is such a cool idea and talk about a pure love of fairies! This video captures some of the charm of a place just for fairies.

There is a another place called Fairy Island, but the video will not play here. No people are allowed, but there are drop off points for bits and pieces of supplies, left for the fairies to build what they will. You can see it here. Fairy Village On Fairy Island

Fairy Path

If you look very carefully and study on it, you will see a fairy path etched into the snow and ice.

Fairies Like The Woods

Where Do Fairies Live?

Use your wand to see them!

My Favorite Fairy Wand
My Favorite Fairy Wand | Source

Solar Garden Fairy With Cardinal

© 2012 Linda Hahn


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