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Why do we Taste - 10 Questions for your Sense of Taste

Updated on April 26, 2011

Questions for your Sense of Taste

Why do we taste anything?

We mostly eat to indulge, but our sense of taste is also a form of controlling substance. Sweet things will basically announce carbohydrates, that means energy - in times of food shortage, an element to stay alive. Today, we are living living in abundance, the taste for sweets stayed. We also love salty things, we could not live without salt. And we like seasoned things, since protein tastes so good. We avoid bitter or sour things, that is our nature - it could be poisoned, not ripe or spoiled! But whoever learns that coffee will wake you up and enhances your mood will possibly learn to like this "Bitter Drink"....

einstein taste buds
einstein taste buds

Do we taste only with our tongue?

Absolutely not! We know this scenario: If you have a stuffy nose, suddenly foods are hard to taste! The "Taste" will also be delivered through your sense of smell. It starts by inhaling the scent of a dish. During the time you eat, this scent will go through your mouth directly into your nose. The nose has a much finer sense than the tongue. A person can distinguish between 10000 smells.


Your Eyes are Eating too - What does that Mean?

Your eyes will even taste "with" you! In a study, apple juice was served in it's original color, dyed green and red. Many of the "Testers" believed that the green juice was kiwi, the red cranberry.


Why do some People like Fruits, others Vegetables?

There are new studies proving that taste develops already in the mothers womb. Unborn Babies get the aroma in Mom's Food through the Amniotic Fluid. Later, breastfed babies will find out their mothers "World of Tastes" through the "Mother Milk". Whatever tastes those children will get introduced to right now, they will most likely like later in life. Bottled milk is very plain in the family of different tastes. A Vanilla Aroma is very dominating here. According to a study, Babies growing up bottle fed even preferred ketchup with a vanilla flavor over regular ketchup.

Why do Japanese like Raw Fish, and Germans Cheese?

In fact, we don't just eat what we like, but we like what we eat! It is a matter of habit. We are getting used to the eating habits of our culture. Children learn to love vegetables, if the parents enjoy eating them also!


Why do we Love to eat Fats?

A lot of flavourings dissolve in fats, but not in water. That means, that the "bomb of calories" is a carrier of flavours. Fat is usually smooth and melts in your mouth. Hydrogenated fats come in the same consistency. Scientists believe, that there are some sort of senses in our body's that react specifically through fats and create a similar, satisfying reaction as sugar does to the brain.


Why are there so many Flavour Substances in Strawberry Yogurt?

People are craving products with this little red fruit more, then the harvest of the whole world would have to offer. Products with the "original" fruit would be too expensive, and at the end of shelf life disappointingly tasteless. Aromas have to help out! They get developed out of a secret mixture and will always guaranty the same kind of flavour. The disadvantage: Kids will prefer the "Strawberry Aroma" over the fresh fruit.

Are you born with "Fine Taste" or can you learn it?

There is no such thing as a "Fine Taste" Gene. Indulgence has to do much more with how important we take our diets. You can actually train your taste buds. Focus on that great smelling fresh bread that just came out of the oven for example. Always try new flavours, buy fresh things from the market and cook yourself.

organic vegetables
organic vegetables

Does Organic really taste different?

For my experience, yes, says a food scientist from Kassel, Germany. The Organic Market focuses on variety. You can find more of a variety of fruits and vegetables including more intensive flavours at Organic Markets. The same kind of apples or tomatoes are more flavourfull in the organic variety when compared.

How do Product Developers find the Right Taste?

Intensive schooled "Testers" are analyzing and describing a product with their tongue, nose, sense of taste, eyes and ears. There are no personal preferences. Those will be accomplished by a bigger group of untrained consumers. Does it taste good, or not? Both results will be compared. Products will be matched to consumer expectations.

told man eating
told man eating

Why is Old Peoples Sense of Taste changing to the worse?

Even the sense of taste gets older. As you get older, it will be harder to distinguish the taste of sour and bitter and even salt. A lot of foods will be boring and tasteless. Sweets will keep it's temptations. Pudding, jelly and other sugary foods will be more popular with older people. Illnesses and medications can interfere with your sense of taste. A lot of older people complain about a disturbance in their sense of smell. Use a lot of spices and herbs in older people's foods. Have them enjoy the fresh air, it will stimulate a feeling of hunger hunger!

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