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Root canal dangers

Updated on August 7, 2016

Root canals are practiced in dentistry every single day. When a tooth becomes infected deep down in the pulp of the tooth, the first thing a dentist usually recommends to "save the tooth" is a root canal. However, what many people don't realize is that the tooth is not really saved at all. The tooth is instead drilled into from the top until it reaches the infected pulp chamber where the tooth roots down to our jaw bone. From here, the dentist actually kills the tooth by removing all of the structures that sustain the tooth's life including the nerve tissue, blood vessels and all other attachments that allow blood flow to the tooth. The tooth is then filled with a gutta-percha cement mixture to allow the dead tooth to remain in it's original position in the mouth.

So what's the issue with this procedure? It sounds like the best fix to many because it gets rid of any pain the infection is causing, with the added bonus of allowing the patient to keep their original tooth. This is exactly how a dentist might describe procedure's benefits to receive their consent and payment. However, there are many issues with this procedure that might just harm your health for a lifetime. So why should one avoid a root canal?

The first major problem is the fact that the root canal procedure is the only medical procedure allowed to be practiced where we allow a patient to keep a dead body part attached. In fact, during the root canal procedure, the dentist actually kills the tooth by cutting off the blood and nerve supply. So after the procedure the patient is left with a dead, infected rotting tooth, rooted down in the jaw bone. Here's where the first major problem arises. Once something is dead in the human body, our bodies launch a full on immune system attack to get rid of what is now deemed a foreign entity in our system. However, when the immune system tries to do it's job of cleansing the site of infection and tries to expel the dead part out of the body; the white blood cells cannot reach the site of infection because there is no longer any blood supply to that tooth. This is where the immune system issues start.

As you can imagine, our immune systems which are supposed to protect us from what is harmful can turn against us at this point. The body knows that there is both lingering bacteria that continues to grow and spread to the jaw bone over time and it knows that there is a dead entity that it needs to remedy, but since the immune system cannot reach where it needs to go, our bodies go into chronic inflammation, yet the problem remains. This would trigger a confused immune system that then tries to work harder than it ever has to fix the root cause of the issue. (Pun intended) This allows auto-immune disease to develop overtime.

In the book, The Root Canal Coverup, by George E. Meinig experiments on extracted root canal teeth and rabbits are discussed. It was discovered that if the root canal patient had suffered from multiple sclerosis, (lesions on the brain due to auto-immune activity) and they inserted just a tiny fragment of the extracted tooth under the rabbits skin, that the rabbit would develop multiple sclerosis as well. This experiment was done over 30 times, and not only did the rabbit die within two days at most every single time, but it also developed the same exact disease as the patient had.

Root Canal Coverup

Picture of My Root Canal's Hidden Infection


Explanation of My Root Canal X-Ray Above

In the photo above, you can see a dark area where the red arrows are pointing to. That dark space indicates that the infection has spread to the jaw bone, where no blood flow and no white blood cells can go to fight the infection. This again means, every time you are biting down, brushing your teeth, or chewing with those teeth, the infection is being pressed on your jaw bone and spreading slowly through your jaw, to your lymph nodes, causing a body-wide immune response.

My own auto-immune journey

I, like many others was told I needed a root canal on my first lower left molar. My parents were told that this is a major chewing tooth, and that it was crucial to save this tooth so that I can have a normal life. Like most parents who care about their children's best interest, they told me I needed to have this done. I don't remember having any pain in the supposed "rotting" tooth prior to the procedure, but listening to the dentist and my parents, I ended up having a root canal procedure at only 12 years old.

About a year after the procedure I started experiencing weird issues and symptoms that I hadn't previously had. I developed major seasonal allergies for the first time in my life. I got hives and welts all over my body during the summer. I'd loose 10 pounds, then I'd gain 10 pounds. I was consumed by an overwhelming feeling that something had gone wrong within my body, because I started feeling unwell most of the time. Eventually my frequent doctors visits finally made sense as my blood tests started to show inflammation and auto-immune activity. It made no sense to me how I could be the epitome of health one moment, and very ill the next. I didn't know why my immune system had decided to suddenly turn on me and it was clear that neither did my doctors.

I finally discovered the link between root canals and auto-immune activity by chance and did all the research I could to find out more about it. I was diagnosed with auto-immune thyroid disease and more. I was floored that my root canal could be leaching bacteria into my jaw bone and my necks lymph nodes without me even feeling pain from the infection. I finally started to understand that this was because during a root canal procedure all the tooth's nerves are cut out, there would be no way for any patient to feel the pain that they would if the nerve was still intact. I was desperate at this point to try anything I could to turn my health around.

It's super important to make sure you find a holistic biological dentist to remove any existing root canals that you have. There are directories where you can find such a dentist such as this one: ;and from there if you don't want a missing tooth, some of the safer options to replace the gap include dental implants or a removable partial .

After Root Canal Extraction Care Tips

Once I finally got mine removed, a lot of the shooting pains and swelling in my lymph nodes died down. It's also very important that once you do get a root canal tooth extracted, that you support your immune system the best you can with probiotics, vitamin C, astragalus supplements, and the like. I'm still working on getting my immune system back, but it's been less than a year since I got mine removed. I am confident that the proper removal of my root canal tooth helped my immune system immensely. My dentist even had to drill deep down into my jaw bone to remove all the infection that had spread from the procedure. He told me as he was drilling that my body had been literally growing extra jaw bone to protect my self from this toxic procedure.

In summary, our bodies are very, very smart. Our immune systems is meant to protect us at all costs, but when you cut off the blood supply it can turn on us. If you or someone you know is thinking about getting a root canal procedure done, tell them to do more research and to consider all of their other options first. If you or someone you know has a root canal, please forward them this important information so that they can make their own educated decision about the matter.

Aftercare Mouth Rinse


Root Canal Alternatives

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