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Why You Should Wear a Mask for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated on August 9, 2020
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During my time in this pandemic, I have seen so many people resistant to what works. Common sense will tell you it is effective. Just do it!

Why You Should Wear a Mask for Coronavirus

The world is a very interesting place these days! Are you wondering if a mask really protects you? Are you someone who feels that a mask may just make it harder for you to breathe or lower your immune system? Coronavirus will definitely make it harder for you to breathe!

Are you struggling to find a good reason to wear a mask? Do you feel like it is your right to decide not to wear one, even if it is mandated or you are making everyone around you uncomfortable and unsafe?

Well, I am here to tell you a few things about wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. First, why you should absolutely wear a mask! Second, how it protects you and others. Also, how it doesn’t actually affect your breathing nor does it affect your immune system negatively.

Third, I am going to tell you all the pros and cons of wearing a mask. AND, I am going to show you why it is not your God given right to refuse to wear one!

If you have gotten this far, I imagine that you most likely already wear a mask and are intelligent enough to understand the personal and collective benefit of doing so. BUT, hopefully those of you who are against it, your anger brought you this far. I hope you continue to read and allow yourself to be educated.

Hopefully, by the end of this you decide to wear a mask to help stop the spread of coronavirus!

Alright, here we go!

The CDC's & WHO's view on Masks for Coronavirus

I understand that a lot of people feel as if you can’t believe the CDC and WHO about masks because there wasn’t much support on masks in the beginning. However, nobody really knew anything about this virus in the beginning. America was not culturally prepared to wear masks and clearly still isn’t with some people.

Both the CDC and WHO support masks now because they learned that we cannot actually tell who is infected without testing them. With a more clear understanding of both pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmission, you would have to be highly misinformed to not see the purpose of wearing a mask.

I personally feel like people in the United States, especially White people, tend to confuse oppression or loss of freedom with just being mildly inconvenienced. I find it very sad that some people truly believe the economy is more important than millions of lives. I hear so many people saying “oh the death rate is only like ‘insert some ridiculously low and inaccurate percent here.'”

Well the problem with thinking like that is, no matter how low the percentage is, when you have over 300,000,000 million people in the United States, it is still a lot of people.

Let us do some math here to illustrate the inhumane aspect of that argument: if the death rate is .3% and there is roughly 328,000,000 people in the United States… you are basically saying who cares if nearly a million people die as long as I can go to the bar without wearing a mask!

Don’t even get me started on how many people that is if you calculate the world population. It is just self-centered and entitled thinking. This pandemic has shown us the true colors of MANY people.

I should try to stay on topic, though. There are many lab tests that support masks as being effective.

Before I continue, I just want to say that if you are struggling to find masks, there are many options! I get mine at Amazon. You can't go run with their fast shipping and low prices! They also offer them in bulk in case you own a small business and need them for your employees!

Get your masks for coronavirus!

To the Selfish People Who Won't Wear a Mask

I see many people these days who are constantly using the argument, “well in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC and WHO were against masks.” The problem with using that argument to justify you not wearing a mask is first off it doesn’t matter. The law is the law and if your state mandates a mask during the coronavirus pandemic, you need to wear one.

Second, if it can help another human being avoid catching coronavirus, why wouldn’t you want to wear one? That is the thing about society. It is structured to try and benefit everyone as whole. I know there are many problems in society and the system is corrupt. However, I also know that the government mandating you to wear a mask to potentially save lives is not corrupt.

It isn’t even close to being an issue in the grand scheme of things. Stop being an entitled baby. Worry about someone other than yourself for a second.

You are not so important to the point that the government has sent out on some great conspiracy using coronavirus to control you by wearing a mask. I assure you that is not to the method they are going to use to control. It is not effective. Clearly, it is not effective because there is still so many Americans bucking at masks.

I mean the government assigns us each our own number (social security number), they make you pay taxes, register your property, and your address. They literally know everything about you, yet some of you truly think the government is trying to control you by telling you to wear a mask to avoid getting sick.

Wow. Sounds like you may be legally insane if you believe that is the way they are going to control you. HA!

I also hear people say things like well you can just wear a mask or you can stay home so we don’t have to wear a mask. First, that is selfish AF. Second, it doesn’t protect me if I wear a mask and you are sick and you don’t wear one. So again, SELFISH AF. It hardly can be seen as inconvenience to have to wear a mask.

People I know working at hospitals are literally wearing masks, eye googles, face shields, etc. all at once to stop the spread of coronavirus and aren’t complaining about it like some of you are.

Considering that my entire blog is a lot of opinion (that is also backed up by facts), I just want to say this ahead of time: you may not like what I say or like my use of language, but I don’t care. I say what needs to be said. FOR EXAMPLE: if you can’t wear a mask to help protect those that can die from coronavirus then my advice to you is this: STOP BEING ENTITLED AND SELFISH!

If you have a chance to, please take a look at the COVID-19 Edition of the What You Say vs. What I Hear because it is so very accurate. You should consider how you are perceived to be from the things you say. Because it is how you make a lot of people feel. And I know you are concerned with feelings because you have allowed your little baby feelings to convince you that wearing a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus is political.

Quite frankly, even if it is political, who gives a fuck? If it can save even one person, why does it matter? If I see you and you aren’t wearing a mask, I assure you I will put you on blast for the world to see. Because I don’t want to lose my grandmother or any loved ones because of fucking selfish idiots. I don’t want to see anyone else die from this. So take some responsibility for your actions.

JUST WEAR A MASK TO STOP THE SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS. It is so simple that literally a caveman could do it.

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Doctor Answers Questions About Wearing a Mask for Coronavirus

Masks for Coronavirus

Are you going to wear a mask to protect yourself and others for coronavirus?

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