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How to win online poll surveys?

Updated on July 28, 2009

I will show you why it's easy

Are you looking for ways to win an online poll for your company, friend, or yourself? Do you want to automate form filling online or even in your applications? Do you want to automate data gathering activities from the web? This is the product you are looking for and it does many other things besides.

Use iMacros software to create an online automated poll voter in less than five minutes!

You are here because you are searching for a way to beat your opponent in an online poll survey. Or maybe because you want to automate some tedious application testing or even online data gathering. Well, you have come to the right place. Winning online polls was a task assigned to me a few days ago and it took me almost half a day to find a solution. I hope you got here by way of a single search try, If not, I'd better cut to the chase and give you what you are here for right away since you may already be racing against time to win that poll.

IMacros is designed for those looking for a way to beat their opponents in online polls. Some online polls allow repetitive voting by one person or one computer. Note that this is a necessary condition for you to use iMacros successfully. Poll surveys that try to impose rules like one vote per person/PC will not allow you to use iMacros to win so take your money somewhere else because iMacros is not for you.

How Do I Know That It Works?

I'm sure you would like to be assured that before you shell out precious dollars to purchase this product, that it really works are advertised. In other words, you may interested to know if I have tried it myself. Actually I did, two weeks ago.

I got a call from my boss asking me if there was a way for her to win an online poll. The contest was about billboards and she has a company whose billboard was included as a candidate for voting. The respondents are supposed to decide their vote based on a single question: "Which billboard will stop traffic?" After checking the site that hosted the survey, I learned that there is no restriction on how many times one voter want to cast his or her vote. I went to work and stumbled upon iMacros, but only after much searching. I tried it. It worked. The testing took no more than five minutes as advertised.

So, did my boss's billboard win the poll? Almost. She got second place and it was not because iMacros didn't work. The first placer, we learned, hired a lot of call center agents to do the the voting for them. My boss decided not to go all just to win. You can check the results of the poll HERE

It Can Do Other Things Besides

iMacros is not limited to automating online voting for you. It can also be used in application testing, emailing, data gathering, etc. The product comes with its own set of prerecorded macros that demo the various capabilities of the software. It can be the best tool for application developers, software quality control, even for office secretaries or executive assistants who do repetitive work extracting or organizing data and sending them via emails.

In online polls, time is of the essence. Have a head start and establish your lead early. Discouraging the competition is another way of winning.


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