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Amazing Wolf Wallpapers

Updated on February 28, 2015

Howling, Snarling, Angry Wolves

The wolf is close to being nature's perfect killing machine, and images of this predator have been compelling to numerous people as they look at these fearsome creatures and wonder what is going on in their minds when snarling and looking at everything around them with that penetrating gaze.

Consequently, and in contrast to if we were to meet them in the wild, wallpapers of them for the computer or other devices make for fantastic images to remind us of the world we face every day and the dangers inherent in it.

It also keeps us on our toes concerning the competitive world we live in, where you can experience the pressures from out peer predators who are always attempting to move up in their role in the pack.

That's the other amazing thing about wolves. Even though they compete for their standing among themselves, as the same time they still maintain a sense of community as they hunt together in order to be sure they all don't go hungry. Only working together guarantees they will survive.

This is why even though wolves can be extremely dangerous, and intimidating when they are aggressively snarling, howling or presenting themselves to us with those eyes that would cause most to blink, they still garner our respect and fascination in spite of it.

Wallpaper of Fierce, Snarling Wolf

In some circles wolves are used as images for motivation in regard to risk, and this wolf who seems to be signaling a direct challenge to whatever it is it's facing is a good reminder of the risk we face daily in every area of our lives.

That doesn't mean we're to be afraid or overly concerned, just that we need to be reminded of the risk that is always out there and not deny or pretend it doesn't exist or isn't real.

When you go through this gallery of wolf wallpapers, take a careful look at the eyes of the beast. Note that they really don't change no matter if it's snarling or looking with an expressionless face.

Notice in this picture how it isn't the eyes that change but the nose area that is expressing its displeasure.

To that means in life that someone could appear to be hostile or benign, but you can't tell from facial expressions, as either one could be in place, as it is with wolves.

Wallpapers of wolves like this one remind us that either type could be just as dangerous, even though some show it outwardly at times more than others. We'll see that in a minute with some of these wolves that have absolutely no expression but are as dangerous as any other wolf at any time.

snarling wolf wallpaper
snarling wolf wallpaper | Source

Beautiful Arctic White Wolf Wallpaper

After mentioning the eyes of a wolf above, I thought it would be a good idea to see the expressionless face of a wolf and how the eyes look in that instance.

Look at the eyes of this beautiful arctic white wolf below, and then go back to the wolf above and look at the eyes without being influenced by the nose. You'll see that they're just as penetrating and ominous, even though there is no expression at all to suggest an aggressive attitude.

This is a different type of risk, as a wolf like this, just as a person, is hiding exactly what it is feeling or thinking, but once it makes up its mind, there is no doubt whatever or whoever is around it will know very quickly.

If you have trouble getting past the crunched nose, put your hand underneath the one above to find the eyes without the influence of the nose. There you'll see that the eyes of both wolves are in fact identical in look even with the differences in facial expressions.

That aside, this is a beautiful image that would look fantastic on any computer or gadget screen.

arctic white wolf
arctic white wolf | Source

Black Wolf Wallpapers

I wanted to pursue the eye and facial expression theme a little further by including these two wallpapers of a black wolf. One of them is standing perfectly still gazing at something, while the other is in an aggressive stance with an open snarl on its face.

Both represent real threats, with one seemingly more imminent and apparent than the other. But whether an immediate or distant threat, both are real, and either one could have devastating impact upon those not aware of that fact.

It's really interesting to see how this black wolf looks when contrasted with the very white snow seen in the top wallpaper especially. It's an awesome image that would be terrific to look at or share with others.

So far any of these wolf wallpapers would really look magnificent on any platform.

black wolf wallpapers
black wolf wallpapers | Source

Viscious, Growling, Mad Wolf

This slightly side glance image of the snarling wolf gives a really good look at why these are such perfect killing machines. Look at those teeth. They are made to rip up whatever they grab hold of.

Seeing this wolf's mouth open wider than others that are snarling here appears to imply that he is about to take action concerning whatever it is that is disturbing him.

Talk about risk awareness, or if projecting oneself onto the wolf, an aggressive readiness that is about to compete against whatever stands in one's way.


Wallpaper of Howling Wolf

One of the more spooky or fear-inducing noises in nature is that of a wolf or wolves when it or they are howling. It could be because of the reason that in our day it seems like we have an endless stream of werewolf movies, with most of them not being of the more friendly types.

But history also plays a part in the attitude of humans towards howling wolves, as usually it means there will be trouble of some sort soon; usually of the type where animals and/or livestock are attacked.

As for the art and inspiration factor, this is an amazing image to me, with the wonderful birches representing one of my favorite trees. Having them as a background to this fantastic howling wolf even makes it better.

howling wolf wallpaper
howling wolf wallpaper | Source

Fierce Wolf Wallpapers

After looking at these stunning wolf wallpapers, it's hard to see how anyone couldn't be inspired and impacted when viewing them.

As mentioned throughout the article, the wolf is used by trainers and motivators in regard to taking on risk or being more aware of it, or even being a predator in the positive sense as it relates to competitve business and other areas of life.

We should all have at least a couple of wolf wallpapers to stir us up and remind us of both sides of a world that is always competitive and full of risk.


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