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Lateef Crowder Dos Santos a martial artist and actor.

Updated on September 4, 2014

The man himself


Practitioner in the art of Capoeira

The first time I saw Lateef was back in a film with another great and crazy stuntman, "Tony Jaa".

But it wasn't just the pure excitement of seeing Lateef step into his scene, with a hooded sweatshirt over his head surrounded by fire and water pouring everywhere in a church facing Tony Jaa.

It was his martial arts movements.

It was the form or Capoeira.

If you know anything about Tony Jaa, you know that he can bring just as hard as Jackie Chan can and there possibly could be more people like Tony Jaa, I am just writing about person in this article in which I think Tony Jaa is really great.

But as Lateef had came on screen, I had no idea who he was.

At around the time I was training a little in the martial art Capoeira myself, so I knew right as he did his first movement it was Capoeira and said really loud in the movie theatre, "Capoeira, he's doing Capoeira".

Now if you don't know Capoeira, the form itself is kind of disguised as a "dance" but do not let that fool you, it can be just as good as any other martial art form.

Seeing Lateef face Tony in the film "The Protector" at that first kick I knew it was Capoeira and was just thrilled.

At the time I didn't really think of looking up his imdb page and was wondering who this actor was.

Lateef Crowder Dos Santos was actually born in California and is of Brazilian heritage and has studied Capoeira since he was very little.

In films Lateef can give us his best and you want to see more.

I think recently, even though he has been in films, he really is starting some really good "meaty" roles.

I think Capoeira will start to be shown more and more in films, but in the films that Lateef has been in I am not so sure they actually give him enough credit or enough screen time.

I know he would add to such great characters in films and to see him do many leads and his style of his martial art, Capoeira is such a beautiful and wonderful style that I believe it would "add" to more films.

There actually was a tv show that was doing fight science and it showed Lateef and other forms of martial arts.

With Lateef's kicks and movements it showed that Capoeira can be just effective like many other martial art and even had some better points to the form that a few other martial art forms.

Yes in films you hear and see more about Karate and Kung Fu and also with MMA that seems to be the rage but seeing Lateef do what he does it truly wonderful.

Lateef is still young enough to be able to get more recognition in films and let me say it has taken him a long time to get where he is in film because I think Capoeira didn't seem like that popular of a martial art to put into films. I think that is going to change.

But personally myself stepping into a dojo for the time I did and seeing how hard it is to train and do the movements I know better.

There are many groups in the United States alone, never mind throughout the world.

It has grown in number the martial art, Capoeira.

So I do think in this martial art Capoeira, to have grown and have gotten more and more recognition, it is possible in action films that it will be written in more.

I am hoping along with Lateef, we also with see more of Mark Dacascos, but I will write a different article on him later. Mark is also another one of my Capoeira brothers so I have to dedicate something to him in another article.

Maybe it would be nice to see a few more Capoeira films with a good story line.

Of course when I'm going to see action films, I like to see the action films.

I would love to see more action films with Lateef in it.

I can't speak for everyone else because everyone has their own favorites and their own flavor of martial arts that is shown in action films.

I just enjoyed seeing Lateef.

He has a good sense of humor that he also brought into roles.

You know when you see him smile, something is about to go down.

But when doing the films with the form of Capoeira it must be a little harder because Lateef has to bring it more because there hasn't been alot of films that has shown this form compared to many so he has just got to give it his all and shows.

In fact he just worked on a film with the handsome Michael Jai White, Falcon Rising and seeing that trailer I was so pumped.

I know for one that for anyone to work with Michael Jai White, yeah that is indeed something.

I just don't know if Lateef is a good guy or a bad guy in it but it's out soon.

It just have limited showing in theatres I believe and I would have loved to have sit in a movie theatre to see more of Lateef and more likely getting all pumped up in my seat jumping up and done and wanting to yell at the big screen.."Go Lateef, Go, my Capoeira Brother".

I actually probably am not going to care if Lateef plays bad guys or good guys because he could bring it no matter what he plays.

Hopefully in the future there will be a little bit more flavor of Lateef Crowder Dos Santos in films.

I for one will be excited and thrilled to see more of Lateef.

Once again, I don't speak for anyone else. I just love the things I love and enjoy what I see in front of me on the big screen or tv.

I for one enjoy seeing Lateef Crowder Do Santos on screen and hopefully their will be more.


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