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Mercury in Capricorn Personality

Updated on October 26, 2015

Is there someone you know that happens to be authoritative, serious and totally down to earth? If so they probably have Mercury in Capricorn. Representing all the various forms of communication, Mercury stands for reasoning, lecturing, writing, teaching, talking and the written and spoken work. It is a symbol of how people communicate, think and learn, describing how you speak, what you think about, how slowly or quickly you respond to telephone calls, text messages or the written work. Mercury also happens to be the ruler of your life perception and the method in which you make decisions, choices and how information is processed or digested.

Capricorn Mercury

In Capricorn, Mercury describes a perceptive mind when it comes to the world’s reality. In Capricorn, Mercury prefers being an authority of intellect. This person highly mistrusts thinking that is speculative. The mind has a bent that is practical and is thorough, disciplined and capable of concentrating deeply. Persons with Mercury in Capricorn examine their words with care, to make sure that what they do say is sensible and correct. This person excels in organization and planning and has a great head for enterprise.

Mercury in Capricorn attempts to comprehend the world by compartmentalizing everything. They may be methodical and slow but they do appreciate organization and structure in their lives. Being persons who are resourceful, they can also get overwhelmed easily if there is an onslaught of information that comes their way simultaneously. To manage the pieces, they need to break the information down.


Capricorn Mercury folks engage with the real world in a purposeful, strong way. They are practical and focused and are able to perceive structures that are tangible, making them true achievers. Mercury in this sign prefers things that lead to real end results. A sign of tangible authority, in Mercury, this person speaks with confidence and walks the talk, so to speak. After considering issues carefully, this sign gives their opinion. Some have booming resonant voices that have a quality that is timeless. Others can speak softly but still be intimidating. In Capricorn, this sign has the patience to become field authorities and stick to just 1 topic. They are discriminating and resourceful, and focus their brain into the people and activities that will help them achieve their goals. Idle chit chat is something this sign hates. They prefer conversing with a purpose and do not really take intuitive faith leaps. Rather, they can see limitations and can get lost at times in pessimism.

Time Alone

This sign can be pessimistic, sombre and serious. The person enjoys time alone quietly for reading and thinking. When mistakes are made by the person, they can be very hard on themselves. Born worriers, this sign usually imagines worst case scenarios. Individuals born in this sign are methodical, structured and persistent, if not at times rigid. Capricorn sticks to what has been accepted and tested. The humour of Mercury in Capricorn is realistic, ironic and dry. Generally, there are no delusions in the sign, as they see everything for what it is.

Mentally Active

Mercury in Capricorn is active mentally and very productive people. They hate surprises and can be quite authoritative. As a general rule, they prefer tasks that end with a result that is tangible. They do not like individuals who do not keep promises. Appearing strict and judgmental, they are short in patience when others do not understand what seems to be very obvious to them.

Not Frivolous

They do not like frivolity in other people as they are not themselves frivolous. In all aspects, they are practical. When something new confronts them, they are frequently sceptical. They might also appear to be more conservative than they actually happen to be. On a lot of extra frills, they do not like wasting time. It is important to them to plan. To make sure a plan is fool proof, they will actually take as much time as necessary to them.

Carefully Chosen Words

Those with Mercury in Capricorn choose their words with care. They may seem to be a bit stiff as they do not want to appear foolish in any way. Those that seem quite natural when they do presentations have most likely been extremely worried about how they will end up appearing.

Clear Thinking

When Mercury happens to be in Capricorn, clear thinking comes easily. They may appear to be narrow minded and rigid. In actuality, they are cautious before making commitments to any situations. Seldom do they have any regrets. Even if they may not learn as rapidly as the next person, their knowledge retention happens to be for the long term. Many times, people born under this sign feel it is necessary to prove themselves.


They may appear sulky or moody and it could take a bit of effort for enthusiasm to show. They also have great capacities for earnestness and concentration that makes them appear quite serious. They are responsible and reliable and in situations that are bad, can end up pessimistic or depressed.

Living Their Beliefs

Capricorn Mercury individuals are definitely persons you can rely on to actually live up to what they believe in. Often, they become field experts since they put in a lot of dedication to find out all they can about the particular topic. They have a hard time mingling with others and favour self-control.


Capricorn Mercury people are fascinated with traditions and history. They have a method of taking both the new and old and creating something of use. They truly prefer leaving marks on the world that remain through time. These people make great engineers and administrators and excel at detail oriented and practical endeavours.

Crystal Clear Judgement

Capricorn Mercury folks can seem to have judgement that is clear as crystal. Of course their processes of thought can be exclusively in the world of practicality. They reject too easily what they perceive to be thinking methods that are frivolous. With minds oriented towards tasks that are practical, they are not rally given to too much fancy.

Doubting Thomas

For this sign, most happen to be a doubting Thomas. Not due to eyesight that is poor, many people in this sign often squint. They do this as this is their first skeptical reaction to new information. It is more of the eyebrows furrowing and often seen in persons with a Saturn that is strong in the chart. For those who are new to astrology, Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn.

Tried and Tested

Capricorn Mercury signs happen to have an inclination to find answers in the past instead of attempting anything untested or brand new. Their sceptical and cautious natures make learning new things a challenge. To apply new ideas into working, practical forms, time is a necessity. Capricorn Mercury retains knowledge for a long time. Rather than conservative, traditional ideas, however, individuals in this sign happen to be more comfortable with conservative and traditional ideas.

Truly Down to Earth

Capricorn Mercury people do not really like farfetched ideas and are wary of things that seem out of this world. They do not jump to conclusions and have thoughts that are cautious and sober. They carefully calculate every risk and hate to be thought of as impulsive or stupid. To gain the respect of their chosen professional careers, they study hard to gain respect. Can you picture the steadfast goat that climbs the mountain? Capricorn Mercury people need to avoid dwelling on their fears but must acknowledge them as well.

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