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Survivor Philippines -- Malcolm Stabs Denise In The Back

Updated on December 12, 2012

Denise has a every bad week

Abi-Normal doesn’t seem to get that she’s still there because Carter was a threat to winning and she isn’t. She plans to still claim she has an immunity idol. Malcolm says Lisa tipped her hand and made it clear she has no plans to take him to the final three. Me, I hope Denise wins it all, because to me she’s been the ultimate survivor this season.

Denise didn’t have an immunity idol to save her like Malcolm. She’s had to rely on herself and her own skills to keep herself in this game. Lisa had it easy in she never had to go to tribal, because if she had, her team would have voted her out, first.

No one buys Abi-Normal has an immunity idol. If she had, they reasoned, she would have used it at the last tribal council. Abi-Normal wants to get rid of Denise. Abi-Normal tries to convince Lisa that Mike, Malcolm and Denise are plotting against her. Lisa says she wants to take Abi-Normal to the final three. Talks about voting out Denise.

Reward Challenge –

Must land 5 rings on each of five pegs. It’s basically a Survivor version of horse shoes with a bit of a twist thrown in. First they have to run in water to untie rings attached to a buoy in the ocean.

It’s close between Malcolm and Mike, but wins the reward challenge and gets to take 2 people with him. He picks Malcolm. His second choice is Lisa. Abi-Normal threatens Mike about not getting her vote because he didn’t choose her. Denise takes it well and tells them its okay. It’s the first time that a person lost and had to suffer a punishment. Denise’s punishment is Abi-Normal and having to be all alone with her.

Abi-Normal whines because she didn’t get picked. Whines about what a horrible person that Denise is. Denise describes it as being on a date with the kindergartner that spat in your drink. She says if she had something sharp she’d gouge her eyes out. Instead, Denise just tries to get along with her and goes along with everything she says. Denise is basically in hell. She’s also about to get betrayed by the person she trusts most in the game.

On the reward challenge Mike [who doesn’t drink soda] drinks it and the sugar makes him go a bit loopy. They get to swim with a whale shark. Then Malcolm puts the target on Denise’s back. He says no one can beat against Denise. He gets Mike and Lisa to do a final three deal. Lisa’s not so sure if she’ll stick to it, though. She says she’ll do whatever is best for Lisa.

Denise has a sharp incredible stinging in her neck when she wakes up. She’s having a hard time lifting her arm. And has fang marks in her neck. Some animal bit her while she was sleeping. They do a group prayer for Denise lead by Lisa. I’m sorry, but it had me rolling my eyes. I believe in God, but praying for someone you’re planning to stab in the back seems a bit hypocritical to me.

Abi-Normal is glad because it means Denise won’t win in the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge –

Travel across two ropes with two planks and gather pieces of a maze puzzle as you go. It really came down between Denise and Malcolm and unfortunately, Malcolm won. When Denise asks if she could have his immunity idol for tribal since he already has one, he says she doesn’t need it. He reveals to viewers he won’t give Denise the idol. Can you say pig? It was this episode that makes me hope Malcolm gets the boot before making it to the final three. It always bothered me the way he took that immunity idol and when he already has immunity, and this is the last chance he can use the idol, he won’t give it to Denise. Total creep.

Abi-Normal whines that she lost immunity to Malcolm. Was she even in it? She goes to work on Mike to vote out Denise. Mike goes to talk to Lisa. Lisa and Mike have to weigh what’s the best way to go. If they vote Denise off, Malcolm could vote one of them out and they might need Denise so they can help get Malcolm out. On Abi-Normal’s side, they could win against her.

Abi-Normal calls Mike an idiot at tribal and a moron. She says Denise and Malcolm can’t be beaten. She also says Denise is only there to make friends, not win the money. Lisa takes offense when Denise said Abi had it easy not having to go to tribal. She starts shaking her pom-poms on what a great team her tribe was. Jonathan gives [I’m guessing it was Abi-Normal] the finger from the Peanut’s Gallery. Whether or not that helped Mike and Lisa to make up their minds, Abi-Normal is finally voted out. Ding dong the witch is gone!


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