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" The Chicago kid: Chance The Rapper "

Updated on June 25, 2014

"Cigrattess on Cigrattess, my momma think I stank, I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank, I miss my coco butter kisses, I miss my coco butter kisses".

"The Chicago kid", Chancelor Bennett most commonly known as Chance The Rapper has instinctively become one of the most brilliant, unconventional sounds in Hip-Hop, landing himself on the Cover of XXL's Freshman Class of 2014. Chance came at a time when Hip- Hop needed a fresh new take on music; inspired by his own twist of listening to jazz and blues. Chance's Rap Style is pure Acid. The Independent Artist has dropped two full mixtape's and in a matter of two years gained massive hype; and graced the cover of 5 different magazines. The now 21 year old Chance; had that hungry addiction for rap and grew an active interest for making music as a freshman. He made his way to notoriety after releasing his first mixtape entitled "10 day", Featuring the songs " Hey Ma", a song dedicated to his mother, with Chance determinedly, singing " We gon' get this paper, put that on my mama; you gon' see us later, put that on my mama". Other standouts were."Window", "Nostalgia", "22 Offs", "Brain Cells" and "Missing you" which pays honor to his best friend who was fatally stabbed right in front of him. Some of the songs were done over an Apollo Brown beat. The Mixtape was encouraged by a 10 day suspension for his weed involvement at his high school, Jones College prep. The song's released, and got picked up by Forbes magazine, shorty after Chance was mentioned as one of Complex magazine's "10 New Chicago Rappers to Watch Out For."

" Even better than I was the last time baby, Oh oh oh oh ooh, Yo we back I'm good, so good And we back and we back... Even better than I was the last time baby !!!" ... " Call me Chancellor The Rapper, please say "The Rapper"

In 2013, Chance dropped his second project "Acid Rap" Produced by Jake One. The 13 track mixtape was build on the concept of his usage of Acid, LSD; Chance mentioned in an interview that the mixtape was made to ask questions with a rewarding end to it; as in one big metaphor. It was also nominated for Best mixtape at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards and ranked number 26 in Rolling Stone's list of 50 Best Albums. "Good Ass Intro", "Favorite Song ft Childish Gambino ", "Coco Butter Kisses", "Chain Smoker", "Everybody Something" and "Acid Rain" were only a few of the hot sounds from Chance. Alot of what Chance talks about in his raps; are about being raised in the West Chatham neighborhood of Chicago and about his smoking habits, how he misses the coco butter kisses that his mother use to give him. So many people can relate to Chance's music and to the message involved. The type of style that Chance embodies puts him in a class of his own, which is something he already knows from one of his lines in the track "Juice"; " I got that Juice".. he is wildly creative when it comes to laying down lyrics. The whole rap Industry is looking forward to seeing what is coming next from the Kid of Chicago. Well, we know this much, that Chance is noted to be doing a collective with his good friend Gambino, which is insightfully predicted to be pure fire.

.... there is more to come about "Chance The Rapper".. In "The Chicago Kid" part 2


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