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Updated on July 2, 2014

There has never been a time where music has completely saturated and dominated mainstream as it is today. Hip-Hop is said to be The most Important, Influential Youth Culture "ON THE PLANET", and with Hip-Hop so on the Rise, there are only a few who are able to truly captivate the relevance and true meaning of "Real" Hip-Hop today. So this article is a "MUST READ", Because these following Underground Artists are taking The World by Storm.

Duke (on left ), Dris ( on Right )
Duke (on left ), Dris ( on Right )

History is definitely in The Making. YBH now known as "All White Brownies" is a mastermind of irrefutable talent. The Duo grew up in Newark, New Jersey and started making music; they devoted late nights at the studio after working double shifts, which proved their immense determination to perfecting their skill. The group quickly worked their way up to becoming an immediate needed voice in today's society. To them music is life. In their music they convey a message to people all around the world, touching on all topics and aspects about their lives, and their bond as friends, they even hit on subjects expressing exactly what they were thinking about, in their profound song "Thinking".

"Loyalty and honest that's me nigga, betta believe this is what I breathe; nigga Inhale Real sh*t, Exhale ill sh*t. Sheesh, and I aint never seen a million so my thought process is progress through the ceiling", which was one of Duke's Lines from the song. "And its Oh so great, The only thing im thinking about is YBH", stated Dris.

In 2011 the group released their Debut Album "History in the Making" with songs such as "Under the Rain", "History Books" and "That's It" which gave lead way to them producing "Black Magic" and their highly anticipated "YBH Mixtape XVII". With hit songs such as "17 Hunna" and "Peace God Flow", they "Popped it all in one motion" straight into the hearts of so many fans and supporters from their community and world-wide.

With the two just dropping their latest single "Molly Pop". There is no doubt that "All White Brownies" are on their way to International Success.


Its Rizzy; The Solo Artist Raheem White himself, is incomparable to any other music you will "ever hear". It's Relevance speaks to an audience greater than himself because when he makes his music it is as if he is unlocking pieces of his very soul to the listener. Growing up in New Jersey, Raheem White better known as "Rheem or Rizzy" started rapping and never looked back! At the age of 13 he knew then, that this was more than a passion, this was his battlefield, his life, his gift. The Solo Artist always keeps his music current releasing songs such as "I go Crazy", "Soul of 100 poets" and "Try Me", he Recently Dropped his latest Album on October 14th, 2013 called "The Anti- Hero" which is only a firm testament of his extraordinary skills and talent recreating the beats and sound. He was entirely dedicated to finishing his most profound Album yet.

The Soloist Raheem White always raises the bar by setting high goals for each of the albums he has created from "Psychobabble", "The Mercenary" and "The Anti - Hero"! His Determination was unstoppable, from working late nights after setting up a studio in his own basement. He reinvented himself, making what he considers to be not traditional but totally "UNORTHODOX HIP-HOP". The music he creates is the most vivid description of his personality imaginable. Where he talks about his life's experience and his love for video gaming. "Yes" Video games! He takes melodies and samples from video games, rock music, and uses harder drums and sound to create his own beats. He stated "I don't want people to just hear the 808 or the Bass from the Drums, I want them to feel the entire Song as a single Entity". Raheem White is a musical house hold name within the streets of New Jersey and he is quickly taking the world by Storm.


The World might not even be ready for this "Young Prodigy"; But it is undeniable that this artist is Insanely talented and far beyond his years. "Khiry Tha' Young Prod'G" is a self-made Phenomenon. This ATL (Atlanta) grown artist who now lives in New York City is on the Rise. His unquie sound is one of the Most Original, Most Effective, Freshest Music there is. It is impossible to listen to his music and not be infatuated by his authenic, wildly creative talent. He is dedicated to becoming the best there is.

Young Prod'G has produced an enomous number of songs from "Thought you was a 10" to " Tell me" which received over 22, 000 views on youtube and is one of his most loved songs. His music speaks volumes, touching the lives of so many fans, friends and family. He is well on his way to becoming a World Sensation. The Artist recently dropped his latest Album " Freshman List " and " A.S.S (After School Session) by G.E.E.K. House. I guarantee, that once you listen to Young Prod'G's music, it is one that you will never forget.


4.5 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of How much do you like Hip Hop


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    • ARTiculationS profile image

      Sarah Alston 4 years ago

      Yea man, he's pretty dope. I just listened to that link you posted.

    • profile image

      Nick Shinny 4 years ago

      This kid is literally taking over the UnderGround... 'iLL Conscience'

      highly anticipated mixtape O.I.A.M drops soon with all new material

      550,000 views on YT..

      Check him out!

      Twitter : iLL_Conscience

      Nick Shinny