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Top 10 Best Unknown Vocal Trance Songs

Updated on December 20, 2014
Nadia Ali's tracks are quite well known. This list contains tracks that, though really good, haven't received the appreciation they deserve. Make sure you listen to each one of them!
Nadia Ali's tracks are quite well known. This list contains tracks that, though really good, haven't received the appreciation they deserve. Make sure you listen to each one of them! | Source

1.Richard Durand and Pedro Del Mar feat. Roberta Harrison - Paint the Sky

This is a beautiful track with an amazing feel. The rhythm is unique and addicting and the lyrics are meaningful. The voice of Roberta Harrison is sonorous and attractive. The mixing is excellent.

This track manages to avoid the elemental heaviness that is often the bane of many trance tracks. It could be considered to be a bit minimalist, and at the same time, impressionistic.

The videography is good and intriguing without being over-the-top or bizarre.

2.BWO - Right Here Right Now (Myon and Shane 54 Remix)

This song is emotional heaven. It quite literally, pulls at the strings of the heart. A hands-in-the-air type track, it proves the quality of the work Myon and Shane 54 do.

There is balance in the song, and all the different segments are just long enough to leave the listener wanting more. The best part is, the lyrics are about love.

3.Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - Close Your Eyes (Andy Moor Remix)

This track gets big on you. Tiff Lacey's voice always seems nothing out of the ordinary, but always manages to have an intoxicating effect on the listener. She is truly the Queen of Vocal Trance!

Headstrong a.k.a. Don Jackson, as is evident from his tracks, is a producer with an amazing musical insight. He also has a good sense of which vocalists to choose for his tracks.

Andy Moor, the remixer of this song, is a man who knows how to toy around with feelings by the creation and manipulation of wicked bass-lines.

Parts of the song have a very warm and luxuriant feeling, while the rest is intense and full of longing and love.

4.Yuri Kane - Right Back (Craving & Howe Remix)

The original version of this track was a super-hit in 2010. This version, for the most part, has the typical remixed feel. The interpretation is modern, with the manner of Trance that is popular in clubs these days, not particularly pleasing to the purists, what with its dilly-dallying with house music. However, it is the breakdown that is of particular interest in this track.

It is exceptional and uncommon. Beyond the whoosh, is a sequence of beautiful seconds of soft gentle melody and love filled yearning to get back on track to a time of caring and companionship.

This song is a definite addition to any DJ mix, useful both to slow down and speed up things.

5.Babak Rahnama - Eshghe to

This is a track in the Persian language, made by the extremely talented Babak Rahnama, who is based in London.

Probably the first thing that stands out when listening to this track, is the excellent voice of Babak. The second is perhaps the fact that it is in an ancient language in which Trance songs are only now beginning to emerge.

6.A.R.D.I. feat Irena Love - Memories (Original Mix)

This is high quality uplifting Trance! This one's capable of making any nightclub go tizzy. Listen to this at home on speakers with a good bit of bass, and you;ll still go dizzy with excitement!

Memories has the trademark powerful beats and lush background synths and pads of uplifting Trance. The bass is good without being over the top, and finally, A.R.D.I. has done a good job with the choice of chords.

7.Beat Service vs. Loverush UK! & Shelley Harland - Different World 2013

Interesting beats for the start, and the song quickly picks up steam. It helps that the vocalist is the amazing Shelley Harland. It takes you a beyond the land of mediocrity to the realm of the extraordinary.

8.Snatt & Vix and Denise Rivera - Here For The Rush (Dallaz Project Remix)

Like Memories, this one is also an uplifting track. Just because only a little is written about it doesn't mean that it is lesser than the other tracks on this list in any way.

9.Aelyn - You Know

This is one both for the car speakers and the i-pod shuffle. One even for those generally uninterested in Trance. A bit mainstream for a track of its nature, it still manages to be a very good Trance song.

10.Boom Jinx feat. Justine Suissa - Phoenix From The Flames (Omnia & The Blizzard Remix)

The magical retouching abilities of Omnia and The Blizzard are on view in this song. Justine Suissa is not highly rated as a vocalist without reason.

Boom Jinx must be commended for having been courageous enough to use unusual progressions in the original track.


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Bonus Track: Craig Connelly and Christina Novelli - Black Hole

Craig Connelly and Christina Novelli both are getting pretty big in the Trance scene thses days. It's not particularly hard to guess why: both seem tailor-made for Trance music.

This one is very progressive and very melodic. Enjoy!


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      Rohan Rinaldo Felix 3 years ago from Chennai, India

      I'm glad you like it :)

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      Alexa 3 years ago

      Awesome list!