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Quantum of Solace Music

Updated on March 19, 2011

About the Soundtrack

The soundtrack to the 2008 film Quantum of Solace was released in 2008. The score composed by David Arnold is Arnold's fifth soundtrack for the James Bond franchise. His frequent collaborator Nicholas Dodd orchestrated and conducted the score.

Track listing

  1. "Time to Get Out"
  2. "The Palio"
  3. "Inside Man"
  4. "Bond in Haiti"
  5. "Somebody Wants to Kill You"
  6. "Greene & Camille"
  7. "Pursuit at Port au Prince"
  8. "No Interest in Dominic Greene"
  9. "Night at the Opera"
  10. "Restrict Bond’s Movements"
  11. "Talamone"
  12. "What’s Keeping You Awake"
  13. "Bolivian Taxi Ride"
  14. "Field Trip"
  15. "Forgive Yourself"
  16. "DC3"
  17. "Target Terminated"
  18. "Camille’s Story"
  19. "Oil Fields"
  20. "Have You Ever Killed Someone?"
  21. "Perla de las Dunas"
  22. "The Dead Don’t Care About Vengeance"
  23. "I Never Left"
  24. "Another Way to Die" – Jack White & Alicia Keys

My Favourites

Hello and welcome to my second hub. Below is my favourite selection 
of QOS's soundtrack, hope you like it.
1.David Arnold - Time to get out (Official).

2.Jacky White Feat. Alicia Keys - Another Way to Die (Movie Theme).
Watch the Quantum Of Solace Music Video ...

3.For Tet - Crawl, End Crawl (End Credits).
YouTube - Quantum Of Solace OST 26th (Crawl, End Crawl)

4.Jaime Cuadra - Regresa (Greene's Fundraiser).
YouTube - Jaime Cuadra - Regresa


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