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10 Best Artistically Animated Anime

Updated on December 18, 2016
joween18 profile image

Joween identifies himself as a closet otaku. In general, he'll write anime stuff, but sometimes, he'll go over writing tech & random stuff.

Anime is also a form of Art.
Anime is also a form of Art.


Anime has this context of making images move are quite impressive, but there are some unique anime that you don't know how they came up with that idea. This list features some of the modern anime with different styles of animation and narration of the story. When I say modern, it should range from 2000 to the present year - 2014.

The anime listed below are based off those anime that I already watched, so if you have an interesting anime that is not on the list, and you think that it should be, please tell me. The anime are listed based on its creativity, story, and entertainment factor.

1. Nisekoi (Fake Love)


With slow motion cuts, colorful backgrounds, ambient patterns and more, Nisekoi should be on the list.

Although I already featured Nisekoi in my previous hubs, I just can't deny its uniqueness in animation style and character design. The story of this anime is pretty good too, not the mention the hilarious scenes that include excessive use of guns, ogre-like reaction faces and the loyalty of the sub-ordinates to their masters.

The story is all about the promises of Ichigo Raku, a lone son of a Yakuza organization who was in a weird manner became as a fake boyfriend of Chitoge, also the only daughter of the opposing clan. He made a promise to a girl ten years ago, but he cannot remember it now. So, he decided to find the girl. But with a funny turn of events, his plan can't be followed.

2. Monogatari Series (Stories)


With on-screen narration, pauses, notices, sometimes comical characters and simple gradient colored backgrounds, I believe that the Monogatari Series should also be on the list. If you prefer art, or appreciate the animation style more than the story, then you could relate to this.

In Bakemonogotari, the story centers on Koyomi Araragi, a third year high school student who has recently survived a vampire attack, and finds himself mixed up with all kinds of apparitions: gods, ghosts, myths, and spirits. And honestly, while I was writing this article, I really don't know and did not expect that this anime has sequels and prequels. Perhaps I should read the manga first. Nisekoi and Bakemonogatari are both by SHAFT so you must expect similarities.

Some people tends to get confused on how about this series is ordered (including me), so please refer to the table below for the proper sequences of this series.

Monogatari First Season

Original Title
English Title
No. of Episodes
Ghost Story
Impostor Story
Nekomonogatari (Kuro)
Cat Story (Black)

Monogotari Second Season

Original Title
English Title
No. of Episodes
Nekomonogatari (Shiro)
Cat Story (White)
Twist Story
Decoy Story
Demon Store
Love Story
Flower Story

Nisekoi and Bakemonogatari are both by SHAFT so you must expect similarities.

3. Nichijou (Everyday Life)


Don't be fooled by the title, this anime is really hilarous! I mean, if you can really understand Japanese humor then you should not have problems with their jokes. Who in the world describes their life ordinary, if you have a prince riding a goat, a talking cat, a 1 year old professor, a almost human robot created by that 1 year old genius, and trio of total idiots plus a principal wrestle a deer?

Well, you better watch this. If you are sad in life, watch this. If you just wanted to have some fun, watch this. Trust me, its worth it.

4. Arakawa Under the Bridge


I didn't get a chance to complete this series but I read some reviews then watched the first two episodes, and I think that should be enough that this anime should be listed here. I believe that this anime is a love story, I guess. I still have plans to complete this series.

I like anime with a touch of creativity in narrating things. It added some "unknown" factors to the anime, and it drives me to keep watching. I know some you guys are reading this would not agree with me, but it is just my opinion by the way.

By the way, this anime shares the same studio as Monogatari Series and Nisekoi, which is Shaft Digital.

5. Hotarubi no Mori e (The Light Of A Firefly Forest)


"Not a typical love story" - few words to describe this anime. It is not an anime series, but a movie. I included this because I think the story and artwork are unique. At first, I believed that the young guy on the film named Gin, are just playing with that girl named Hotaru, but to my surprise, it did not turn what I expected it to be. Due to some issues around Gin, Hotaru cannot touch him, if she will, something will happen - he will disappear.

6. Noragami


The story of this anime centers to the three persons, Yato - a God, Hiyori - a daughter of a wealthy family, and Yukine - long dead person and a "sacred treasure" to Yato.

God's like Yato rely on the sacred treasure to use their full potential, but due to some circumstances, Yato's sacred treasure left him behind. So, in the mean time Yato is looking for a job to build his first shrine. While on the job, something terrible happened and Hiyori saved Yato, but in exchange Hiyori became the victim and became a "hasou," a person living both worlds, the living world, and the dead world, making her have the ability to remove her soul from her body. Then while on a chase, Yato suddenly gained a new sacred treasure and named it Yukine as a person, and Sekki as a weapon.

This anime has its sense of humor, drama, and story. This anime is fun to watch.

7. Aku no Hana (Flowers of Evil)


Kasuga Takao is a boy who loves reading books, particularly Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. He is also a single gal in school. One day, he forgot his book at his school, but he found a bag with under the name of Saeki Nanako, his muse, his crush. Affected by perverted thoughts, he came to pick up the gym uniform, which is present in the bag. By the morning, everybody is talking about a pervert who stole Saeki's uniform. But one person saw him taking it; she is Nakamura. She utterly uses it as a tool in controlling Takao's life.

I found out that some reviews about this anime have to do with the word "controversial," though I do think that is true too since this anime has a unique animation style that it is sometimes hard to consider this as an anime. Why? Because this anime uses real human faces, I think this anime is based on a true live action scene and traced it frame by frame.

8. Sankarea


A boy named Chihiro Furuya is not interested in living girls. Instead, he preferred the dead as zombies.Chihiro's enthusiasm in living dead things are shown when he followed a formula from his ancestors that can revive the dead things, in this case, his cat. While in the process, he met this girl with a mysterious secret named Rea Sanka, they became close to each other. One day Rea suddenly became a zombie.

Though this anime pissed me off with it's ending, this is worth a try to watch.

9. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)


The story revolves around Mizutani Shizuku, a study-maniac, or a person who only cares about studying and getting high grades. Her teacher told her to deliver notes to his suspended classmate named Yoshida Haru, a boy who gets easily pissed and a delinquent. By Shizuku's effort, Haru really appreciated it and said that him and Shizuku are friends. Haru later turns out to be a really nice guy became in-loved with Shizuku.

And then the phrase "cold-hearted girl and super-troublemaker romance" are created.

This anime is epic! Not just for its story but for the funny scenes and weird personalities plus the animating style factor that contributed to the exaggeration of the scenes, especially the funny ones. You should also watch this.

10. Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You)


Kuronuma Sawako's classmates have always misunderstood her as Sadako, the ghost in "The Ring," due to her hair and mistaken malicious behavior. She admired a boy named Kazehaya Shouta, a popular guy in her class. For her, they are total opposites, but Kazahaya secretly likes Sawako. Kazehaya thinks Sawako as an ideal girl for her sweetness personality (she can't determine from a joke or not a joke, and she is very honest). Sawako always wanted to make friends, so when Kazehaya started to talk to her, Sawako's life changed.

With an artistic way of adding things to every scene, this anime should also be on the list. I recommend this anime for the romantic comedy lovers.

That's it! All Done!

Well, for now, I will be watching more anime, and I will write reviews about it. In the meantime, please write your comments, reactions, or suggestions in comments below. Before, ending this hub, kindly answer the poll below. Thanks!

Do you consider Anime as a form of Art?

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© 2014 Joween Flores


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    • joween18 profile imageAUTHOR

      Joween Flores 

      4 years ago

      Gonna check those out! Thanks Zeron87.


      Checked it out on myanimelist, I think it is really worth watching. :)

    • Zeron87 profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting list buddy, but come one! A list about artistic anime, yet no Ef - A Tale of Memories / Melodies, or Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo? If you're looking for anime with distinct animation styles, please check those out. The Ef animes are basically moving canvases and Count is beautiful wallpaper in motion, not to mention the stories of the formers will touch your heart, while the one of the latter will blow you away.

    • SomeEldarGuy profile image


      4 years ago

      by the way, Monogatari and Nisekoi are both made by SHAFT, so they kinda don't need the separate entries as they're very similar, you can add in Mekakucity Actors as well. They have a very distinctive style, headtilts, weird backgrounds and camera angles.


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