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10 Best Celebrity Bodies of the Year

Updated on December 10, 2012

As 2012 winds down and 2013 is upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a look at a few of the best beach bodies of the year. Being around designer swimwear all the time, it is fun to see which celebrities shine in the swimsuits they wear on their seemingly endless vacations/getaways/yacht parties, etc (when do they work with all the laying out in the sun they do?). Here are the best of the best of 2012:

10. Candice Swanepoel

This South African beauty (and Victoria’s Secret Angel) had a big year in 2012. Not only was she named #10 on Forbes’ top-earning models list, but she was also extensively photographed in her perfect bikini body. Here she is on the beach this summer in a brazilian bikini, on vacation with her boyfriend.


9. Brooke Burke

This woman is a freak of nature, in a good way. She is 41 years old, and still has the bikini body of a 21 year old! This “Dancing With The Stars” host was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine this past October, and was glowing in an L*Space bikini. I wonder what her secret is? I mean, 41 is far from old, but she definitely has her metabolism in check (because at 29, my metabolism is already starting to suck).


8. Jessica Alba

So, this is what Jessica Alba looks like in a bikini after having two children. Life isn’t fair! Here she is in early 2012 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, looking amazing. This is just a few months after she gave birth to second child, Haven. To be fair, she reportedly works out A LOT. The gym is looking real good right about now.

7. Bar Refaeli

Long ago, she was known simply as Leo DiCaprio’s (now ex) girlfriend. But Bar’s hot bikini body has become an entity all its own, and in 2012, she was named #1 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list!


6. Heidi Klum

After separating from husband Seal mid-summer, Heidi famously posted this picture on Twitter, reminding everyone why she is a SUPER model. That is the only way to describe someone who has given birth FOUR times and has a tummy like this! Good riddance, Seal! I’m sure guys are lining up around the corner for dates with this hot momma.

5. Rihanna

Pretty much every time I checked celebrity blogs during summer 2012, there was a picture of Rihanna in a bikini, either on a beach or a yacht. Yet she still managed to come out with her latest album on November 17th! Very impressive work ethic, and very impressive body for someone who seems to love lounging around in the sun more than anything:). Here, Rihanna in L*Space.


4. Kim Kardashian

No bikini body list would be complete without Kim K. Honestly, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity proud of their curves in an industry that glorifies being thin at any cost. Love her or hate her, this girl does know how to wear a bikini, and she did just that, photographed here over the summer, on the beach in Miami.


3. Audrina Patridge

Some reality stars fade away after their series runs its course. Not Audrina! The Hills wrapped in 2010, a sad day for all LC fans. But Audrina is still shining in her perfect 10 bikini bod. Here she is this summer, on vacation with her boyfriend in Mexico, celebrating her birthday. Great taste in swimsuits…love the little frill along the edges of this piece.


2. Kate Upton

After scoring the cover of 2012’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, all I have seen of Kate Upton is her in bikinis, bikinis, and more bikinis! She definitely has the body for it – trim but with curves! Kate was also on the cover of GQ in 2012, and has modeled for Beach Bunny Swimwear, which we carry at The Orchid Boutique:)

1. Jennifer Lawrence

This star on the rise had a huge year in 2012, appearing at Katniss Everdeen in the hugely popular film, The Hunger Games. Here, she is on vacation in Maui for Thanksgiving, looking like the star she is, yet with a real-girl body. In shape, healthy, and…happy. Reminds me of the saying, the best accessory a girl can wear is her smile:)



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    • Marchello profile image

      Marko Vucinic 4 years ago from Cuprija, Sebia

      Jessica Alba has best body in my opinion, I really like her hot bikini body.

      Kim Kardashian also looks great.