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10 Best Slice-of-Life Anime

Updated on January 26, 2017
joween18 profile image

Joween identifies himself as a closet otaku. In general, he'll write anime stuff, but sometimes, he'll go over writing tech & random stuff.


There this notion that slice-of-life is the general classification of most anime shows, this is partially true because anime are created to entertain but to do this, anime must relate to its target audience. However, some of its audience prefer to escape reality by watching the rather, but that's another story.

Basically, how do you consider an anime as a slice of life? My answer is simple: A slice of life of us, normal humans. So, here we are to discuss some of the best slice of life anime that I've watched so far. Please bear in mind that the numbers are for navigational purposes only and not a rank.

Now, without further ado, let's start the list!

1. Servant x Service


Is "Servant x Service" on your watch list?

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“Not your typical workplace romance and comedy.” This is how I’ll describe "Servant x Service." The anime discusses the story of our three newly hired civil servants, with the following personalities: An airhead, Lucy Yamagami. A fresh college graduate, Saya Miyoshi. And a flirtatious young man, Yutaka Hasebe. What else can go wrong? Most probably none, but in this anime their senpai (senior), Taishi Ichimiya, describes himself as a newbie even he had an 8-years career and totally clueless on how to guide them.

The most entertaining part of this anime was Lucy's incredibly long real name. Knowing this, Hasebe makes fun of this by just referring to her as Lucy. However, Hasebe developed some feelings for Lucy. On the other hand, Saya became an ear for the old women that doesn't even related to her job. Altogether, their crazy personalities and circumstances in the reason that I put this anime on this list.

2. Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop)


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"Bunny Drop" is a heartwarming anime that revolves around the story of our 30-year-old bachelor, Daikichi, having his life set to changes when he met his grandfather’s illegitimate child, Rin. Daikichi’s siblings are hesitant to accept Rin in their households, so he decided to take the responsibility. However, Daikichi’s journey to fatherhood didn’t come easy, as he is inexperienced in childhood welfare. But nonetheless, he struggles his best to keep Rin growing up in a beautiful world, knowing good family values and maintain good friendships.

While nurturing the developing kid Rin, Daikichi also receives compensation in a form of new friendships and experience. Rin's mother was also discussed on this anime but I will spoil who it is so you better watch this series.



Is "ReLIFE" on your watch list?

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When you have the chance to retake your wasted high school life, what should you do? This is how the story of "ReLIFE" goes. Arata resigns from a company due to certain issues, but on his way home, he encountered a young man Ryou, who describes himself as a member of ReLife Research Institute. The mission, to get Arata take a pill that’ll make him a teen again, attend high school and study how Arata improves his life in the process.

This anime seems to be incomplete since the ending seems hanging, but nonetheless, it is very fun to watch, and Arata's expectation of high school is not the same as his old high school life.

4. Yuru Yuri


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An All-Girls School and an “Amusement Club” with no apparent purpose. "Yuru Yuri" had all that; it is a story of four middle schoolers, Akari, Kyouko, Yui, and Chinatsu, who had fun drinking tea and fawning over each other. However, their story doesn’t end there, as the Student Council members’, Himawari, Chizuru, Sakurako, Chitose, and the president Rise, join the fun enveloping the story with lesbian love, eccentric comedy, and unforgivable cuteness.

Simple, Pure and Lolis. If you want that, I recommend this anime. It is one of my favorite since I love how the anime delivered their personalities quite vividly and not counting that this anime has three seasons, it is sure worth a while to watch.

5. Working!!


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“A workplace is a place where you should be serious about your work.” Frankly, this anime does not abide by that sentence.

"Working!!" is a story of a group of café workers, who had a chance to discuss their life behind the scenes. Souta, was forced to join Wagnaria – a restaurant café – by Popura because of her childlike features. Souta loves small things, and he even called lice cute and fluffy. But Souta doesn’t know yet that Wagnaria had more eccentric characters whose personalities ranges from a slacker to an androphobic, violent woman.

This anime has 3 seasons, Working!!, Working!!2 and Working!!!3. It had also a spin-off WWW.Working that had the same settings but different but samely insane characters.

6. Isshuukan Friends (One Week Friends)


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When you have that courage to speak to your crush but ended up hanging since she suffers from post-traumatic amnesia.

"One Week Friends" is a story of how an optimistic man, Yuuki ended up friends with the girl names Kaori, who suffers a form of amnesia – she forgets people every week. Yuuki’s determination gives Kaori hope to cure her illness. However, it’s quite difficult to progress when Kaori forgets what happened a week ago, so Yuuki gave Kaori a diary and an important question to answer every week, that is, “Would you like to be friends?"

7. Barakamon


Is "Barakamon" on your watch list?

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Self-reflection and punishment were the primary objectives of narcissistic calligrapher Seishuu when he first came to the Goto Islands, but this was changed when he encountered a kid named Naru, a duo of middle-schoolers, and a community who had no principle of minding their own business. These chains of event led Seishuu discover more than he had hoped for, in his life. But with only a limited time on the island, will Seishuu find his calligraphy? Or will he become an excellent member of the community? Or both? Find out in this heartwarming yet hilarious anime.

A very refreshing anime and a hilarious one. I would recommend this anime if you're feeling blue. And Barakamon also had a spin-off season titles "Handa-kun" where it tells the amazingness of Seishuu in his high school days.

8. K-On!


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Give a man a fish so he can eat once, give a man a fishing pole so he can eat forever. But what if you’d give a carefree high schooler girl a guitar? What would the result be? A “Light Music Club!” K-On is a story of four high school girls, Yui, Mio, Azusa, Ritsu and Tsumugi on their journey to become a great light music band. However, there personalities and traits sometimes derail them on their path since they are enjoying their youth. They take a break with sweets and tea. Or just slack off with a foreign adventure, which they can experience how fun life can be.

K-On had two seasons, K-On!, K-On!! and a movie, where they went to London as the upperclassmen's graduation trip.

9. Lucky Star


Is "Lucky Star" on your watch list?

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A gamer/otaku, a tsundere, an airhead and a gorgeous, intelligent girl. These are the traits of girls that you’ll usually find in an anime, and Lucky Star had all that.

"Lucky Star" is telling the story of four normal high school girls, Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki, go on with their daily lives, and discuss what they like and what they do. It is an eccentric comedy; wherein viewers can experience that simple things such as Lucky Star's story are entertaining and astonishingly cute.

The thing I love this anime is that how relatable it is. The otaku/gamer Konata relates to us anime viewers as she portrays some of our attitudes towards anime or games, and how we get influenced by it.

10. Hyouka


Is "Hyouka" on your watch list?

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Another unusual feature of anime is that even the laziest person can be the protagonist. This is true in Hyouka, a mystery anime with a touch of romance.

Houtarou is a man of his words, and he loves conserving his body’s energy, in other words; he’s lazy. But this doesn’t stop him from going to school and meeting new friends and even joined a club where he met this beautiful girl Chitanda, with traits opposite of Houtarou. Chitanda loves mysteries, that’s the reason why she joined the Classics Club, but for Houtarou the only reason he joined is that he can have his private room, but it didn’t turn out to his plans. Together with fellow club members, the bright Satoshi, and the stern but kind Mayaka, they started digging to the depths on the mysteries on Classics Club’s literary “Hyouka,” plus some side events.


Overall, slice of life anime is greater breather if you had watched some gruesome anime like "Corpse Party" or "Another" though sometimes it can be boring and such. But it is upon to you to open your heart and let the story entertain you.

If I picked the one best anime on the list, I would pick Barakamon. Why? Because Barakamon had this nostalgic feeling of a rural area, the kids, the old and the sea reminds me of my parent's hometown where I came to realize that even without technology, you can still live a happy life.

If you've already watched all of the anime above, which is the best for you?

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Closing Remarks

Another day, another "ten" anime list. Do you agree on my list? Or you want something to add? Please show your appreciation, comments and suggested shows below. If you like my stuff, please support me by following me on HupPages or in my social network accounts, which you can find in my profile.

Once again, thanks for taking your time reading this article and hopefully, you'll find this article useful.


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    • joween18 profile imageAUTHOR

      Joween Flores 

      2 years ago

      @CYong74. I agree. I felt the same after wacthing ReLife. I miss highschool and its fun moments.

    • CYong74 profile image

      Kuan Leong Yong 

      2 years ago from Singapore

      Nowadays, I prefer slice of life animes to fighting, magical ones. Some of them can really make you think. I contemplated a lot on my school days after watching ReLife.


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