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10 Cloverfield Lane: Is It Worth The Watch? | Movie Review

Updated on April 28, 2016

The General Feel Of The Movie

Whilst watching this film, in the cinema with my girlfriend, I found myself on the edge of my seat for the majority of the time.

It's "Psychological" aspects were well and truly.....well...Psychological.

It kept me guessing the entire way through, with different clues pointing to each way that the film could go in, I never really knew what was about to happen, or how it would end, which is unusual for films lately.

So lets take a step back, and explain.

Why is it so "Psychological"?

Without spoiling the story, which is very hard when doing a review of this film, you are kept guessing wether one of the main characters "Howard" played by John Goodman, is lying the whole time, or telling the truth about everything.

At first, it seems entirely plausible that there was an attack, and they cannot go outside in fear of dying, But then things take a twist.

"Michelle" Finds some clues that point to "Howard" lying about it all, which makes you think that he has been lying the entire time, but then a small while later, more clues are found that point to him telling the truth the entire time.

This happens several times in the movie and keeps you wanting to know more, it gives a sense of mystery and keeps you on the edge of your seat.




Although the movie is a great piece of writing, I feel like the writer kind of.....gave up near the end of the film.

You are kept guessing the entire way through....until the end of the movie.

Writer "Josh Campbell" Really copped out with this one, instead of using maybe...a sort of cliff hanger effect, to keep you guessing and surround you with mystery forever, or even a tragic death.

Mr. Campbell decided to go the easy way out....ALIENS.

Of course it is hinted at throughout the movie that the attack was in actual fact aliens, but it is literally only a couple lines of dialogue....the rest of the references to the attack are aimed towards some sort of nuclear attack or bio-chemical weapons.

I half expected "Michelle" to step outside and see the world up in flames, or dead and decaying from radiation. Instead she is greeted by lush green fields and a bright blue sky, this is fine of course, that would just mean that "Howard" was just lying about it and planned to kill her inside the bunker, but then the camera pans up to find an alien spaceship flying across the sky, it just felt like a complete sell-out and made me feel as if I'd wasted my time watching a movie that....for the most part kept me very engaged, just for the ending to be like "Oh hey, you know that whole thing where we've made a great movie but just don't know what to do at the end? yeah.....we're making it aliens."

All in all, I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie a tall, but if you do....make sure to walk out before the end scenes, otherwise it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.



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