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10 Must Watch Comedy Movies That Will Make You 'Laugh out Loud'

Updated on October 8, 2021
Rush-a-lee profile image

Rushali is a Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate. India-Oman-UK

1. The Interview

You might have come across this movie on every "comedy list" out there. Protagonists, Dave Skylark played by James Franco and Aaron Rapoport played by Seth Rogen are anchor and producer respectively. They run the show called Skylark Tonight which doesn't get them the popularity they intend to receive. It is during this time associates of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un contacts them as he is a big fan of their show. They decide to interview him as he wishes to help their career in journalism. The CIA, as soon as they learn this, approaches them with one mission: Assassinate the dictator.

2. 21/22 Jump Street

Cops Schmidt and Jenko played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum respectively are recruited into the secret Jump Street unit to get into high school under cover. The mission is to stop a drug called HFS(Holy F*cking Sh*t) but when the duo get back to high school their past nightmares haunt them. The tables turn as the intelligent Schmidt is now liked and badass Jenko is disliked throughout school. Then on its a mix of action, lame comedy and romance. The second Jump Street involves Jenko and Schmidt getting into college undercover to investigate a new drug called WHY-PHY which killed a college student on campus. This leads them to Ghost and the rest of the story revolves around how they confront the Ghost.

3. This Is The End

A fun Hollywood party turns into a nightmare for James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson as the apocalypse from the Bible rips the city apart. This leads to a lame interpretation of how the group survives or not, in this apocalyptic drama.

4. Deadpool

This, you have seen. If not you dont have any friends. Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds sets out to take revenge against Ajax who tortures and disfigures him which makes him Deadpool. With his twisted sense of humour and his regeneration powers he takes down anything and everything that comes in his way.

5. The Brothers Grimsby

Nobby(Sacha Baron Cohen) lives in a coastal town with his wife and nine children. After years he meets his long lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong) only to find out that he's a top MI6 agent who is on the run due to a wrongful appreciation. Sebastian out of choices, finally decided to take the help of his dumb brother to help save the world.

6. Neighbors

Parents Mac(Seth Rogen) and Kelly(Rose Byrne) move into their new home which was peaceful until Delta Psi Beta moves in next house. The couple who want to act cool try to get along with frat President Teddy(Zac Efron) but a war erupts when the couple call the police on their neighbours. The sequel involves Mac and Kelly trying to sell their home which is interrupted due to Kappa Nu sisters move in next house. They team up with their former rival to rebel the Kappa Nu who refuse to vacate the house.

7. Hangover

The movie and it's sequels revolve around Phil, Stu, Alan, Mr Chow and Doug who get into circumstances due to their wild hangovers. That said, you should watch this bunch of hilarious pals getting into unimaginable trouble and finding the solution whole messing up pretty much everything.

8. Horrible Bosses

Bosses are horrible, that's probably one perfect reason to watch this movie if that's not enough- Nick, Dale and Kurt take advice from MF Jones and plan to get rid of their oppressive bosses permanently. Their plans fail, not to mention, miserably. The funny trio and the movie is one of the best you'll find similar to The Hangover. So I just sorted your night binge.

9. Game Night

This latest release of Jason Bateman(Max) involves 4 friends having their game night upgraded while Max's brother Brooks arranges a murder mystery party. The rest is the revelation of one twist after the other until the chaotic night finally ends.

10. Why Him

Liard(James Franco) is a billionaire who is in a relationship with Ned's daughter Stephanie. Ned disapproves his daughters boyfriend. Ned's stay at Liard's is filled with awkward situations which finally leads to the climax.


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