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10 Contemporary Art Forms of Today.

Updated on June 17, 2017

Contemporary Art Today.

  • The art of today is otherwise known as Contemporary Art, which enables us to reflect on our communities, cultures, and the world around us. Contemporary art can express cultural differences and concepts including; identity, family, community, and nationality. Today contemporary artists work together in a globally influence, culturally diverse and technologically advancing world.
  • Contemporary art is the product of an enthusiastic combination of different forms of art; paintings, photography, sculpture, crafts, mixed media, new media, and many more. Contemporary art has been known to defy all principles concern with art. Which in today's world, these contemporary art forms are undoubtedly recognizable through their lack of uniform.
  • Postmodernist art is the era that follows modern art, which is usually referred to as ‘contemporary art’. For example; most art critics agree that the era of modern art ended during the 1960’s; therefore, contemporary art forms of today must be related to artworks produced after this era.

A Contemporary Artistic Expression.

Contemporary Art.
Contemporary Art. | Source

1.Contemporary Paintings.

  • Contemporary paintings have always been focused around art creations that express happenings and events of the present time, but still today there can be some confusion between contemporary paintings and modern paintings. This is because there is an undeniable similarity between these two distinctive styles of painting. Subsequently, a lot of painting styles which evolved over the years have fussed with contemporary style paintings, and are recognize today as contemporary art. There are new styles of art being discovered every day, which naturally could be classified as contemporary art. Though, at times it depends on how the viewer interprets the art work, their opinion may differ from others, this is acceptable because there is a diversity of painting styles that exist within contemporary art.

2. Contemporary Sculpture.

  • Sculpture has always been distinctive through a variety of materials. Initially, materials such as bronze, marble, metal, and wood were used for their perplexing and special qualities, such as long lasting. However, over the last fifty years this list has become more relaxed to include almost any material that is common in our everyday lives. Contemporary sculpture today has not only been introduce to our parks and city centres, it has also gain a place in our homes and gardens. This form of contemporary art can take any shape or resemble any pattern. There is a continuous creative aspect concerned with contemporary sculpture; objects that stand for peace, structural artistic designs, inspirational art, and even ornamental expressions, which has made its way into the everyday home.

3. Contemporary Photography.

  • This form of art can prove to be a little unusual at times; contemporary photography is a state-of-the-art method of taking pictures, but the term refers to pieces of art that are either abstract or bizarre. Contemporary photography is often thought of as photography with a message. The reaction expected from contemporary photography is one of surprise or query, instead of just inspiring a straightforward examination of the picture. Some contemporary photography incorporates techniques that used to be considered inaccurate by photographers. A contemporary photo may have blurred focus, with strange facial expression. Often at times, this gives the photograph a bleaker appearance. Mostly, contemporary photography focuses on capturing events, happenings, and some of the special characteristics in everyday life.

4. Contemporary History.

  • This form of contemporary art has been around since the early 19Th century; allowing us to document past and present events. Contemporary history has been politically dominated by the United Nations, who concentrate on a developing world and governmental issues concerned with war. In general, contemporary history is commonly used today on social-network sites, video sharing sites, information sharing sites, and throughout the world wide web. With the rising use of computers today in association with popular industry leaders like Yahoo and Google, this has made it easier for historians to access libraries, search engines, and internet directories. Meaning, that we all can play a part in the collection of information used towards today's contemporary history.

5. Contemporary Graffiti.

  • Contemporary graffiti usually appears on gable walls of roadside buildings, sometimes with a cultural expression of art, which has been known to express social and political morals. This field of artistic expression is constructed through spray paint graffiti styles, based around the hip-hop culture that derived from Philadelphia and New York around the 1960s. In the past there has been a few controversies over whether graffiti is an art form or not, but today this magnificent way of expressing art has made its way into our art galleries and is used for poster art and stencil art. It also has a uniformed characteristic, that characterizes this art as contemporary graffiti.

6. Contemporary crafts.

  • Contemporary crafts explore the aspect of handmade craft including; ceramics, furniture, leather handbags, embroidery, wood carving, non precious jewellery, precious jewellery, and sculpture. Though, there are many more handcrafted arts that are known to have earned a place in our art galleries, most of contemporary craft designed art pieces or handmade art, can be purchased at your local craft shop. The fascinating thing about contemporary crafts is that it remains in the public eye, by being display in shop windows for everyone to few. Contemporary crafts have long gained a place in our homes for our own amusement and enjoyment, this is also something that anyone can take up as a hobby or even as a small business.

Handmade Crafted Jewellery.

Contemporary Crafted Jewellery.
Contemporary Crafted Jewellery. | Source

7. Contemporary Prints.

  • Contemporary print is otherwise an art form that can turn our cherished moments into personalized wall decor or poster size pictures, that can be framed and place on our walls at home. You can even choose to have whatever you like printed in this format for example; favourite movies, famous people, landscapes, or something that your desire and would like to portray in this printed form. This can easy be achieved through the internet, there are many websites today that offer this service, you can simply upload your preferred pictures and have them printed. You can also choose from a list of prints like; black and white photography, fine art, vintage art, classic, illustrations and many more.

8. Contemporary Mix Media.

  • The term mix media describes artworks that are combined with a range of varied materials, but the term ‘collage’ describes both the techniques and the after-effects giving rise to a finished piece of artwork: Collage is used to stick different materials to paper, photographs, and fabrics that are then fixed to a backing surface and displayed as a work of art. The art of mix media developed around 1910-1912 in addition to Picasso and George Braque who used an arrangement of materials to create tremendous works of art. This form of art has keep its natural beauty through the years, and today still uses the same techniques of earlier artists.

9. Contemporary Design.

  • Contemporary design, refers to interior decoration that is present-day or recent. This form of contemporary art is always developing therefore, making it very easy for designers to relate to other styles. With a combination of styles that mix but don’t match creates a contemporary interior décor design: Electronic styles like lighting, wall lamps and hanging lampshades can easily be engineered to stand for a contemporary style design, by using a mix but don’t match technique. Also, there is an abundance of styles in which we can experiment with today within the world of contemporary design.

Contemporary Interior Design.

10. Contemporary News Media.

  • Contemporary news media lets us stay in communication with countless social events, this way of communicating is known to have an overwhelming effect upon public perception or the way we see the the world today. It also plays an important role in politics, teachings of values, and contributes towards our education. Contemporary news media generally involves electronic communication through the social media, that allows us to catch up with the latest news reports of the day. Also, along with the global network of today, contemporary news media has advanced over the years, making it easier for us catch up with the latest international news.

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