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10 Easy Songs For Karaoke Nights To Get You Started

Updated on April 26, 2016

Karaoke night at the local pub....what next?

Planning to hit up the local pub on karaoke night and you have finally convinced yourself that this would be 'THE night' to go out there and prove yourself.

As with all things in life, there has to be that right push before you can be comfortable in doing what you love the most. Singing, like most talents, requires confidence.

It's never easy for anyone to just get off the bat and sing out loud in public without overcoming stage fright. We have all been there and I am here to tell you that after the nerve wrecking first performance. You are going to love it and you just won't stop there.

You are going to start building your confidence up and start your karaoke 'career', singing at every opportunity you get.

To help ease you into your very first performance. I have taken the time to list some of the songs that require little to no effort in making that first performance memorable. And who knows, you might just find your inner talent and make it big.

Before I list the songs, I would like to inform you that the decisive factor in choosing these songs include the length of the song, words per minute, tempo range, etc. It is always easier to warm up your vocal chords by singing songs without stressing them.

And without further ado.

1. Wonderwall by Oasis

Our very first entry is one of the most popularly sung song the world over, and with good reasons. Firstly Wonderwall is extremely straightforward. There is no rise in the pitch and the pacing is steady. There are no high pitches involved.

The singer can relax their way into the song and find their balance until they are comfortable. Also the song is most definitely a crowd pleaser. And its a great way to start your karaoke experience.

Karaoke Wonderwall

2. Mamma Mia by ABBA

A classic! This golden oldie is really fun to sing and is quite popular with the ladies. It can be sung as a group, solo or even a duet.

The song requires barely any effort and is quite a fun song to sing at almost any event. You will always have the crowd behind you singing in unison. And this is a great confidence boosting song to be sung on your first gig.

Karaoke Mamma Mia

3. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

For all the metal fans that want to get in on the act. This song is extremely mellow, and the perfect beginner song if you would like to get into the metal scene.

Unlike most heavy metal songs, you will be extremely kind to your throat and not end up popping a vocal chord or two, trying to attempt to scream on top of your lungs. This song is also a crowd favourite due to its extremely emotional lyrical content.

Karaoke Nothing Else Matters

4. Snow (Hey oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This track might seem a bit intimidating at first due to the pacing but once you ease into the song. It is an extremely easy song to sing due to the repetitive lyrics. If you were to practice this at home once, I can guarantee, that you would be a boss at this song.

This is an 'Easy to impress the crowd' song that really sounds masterful but is in fact very easy to approach and sing once practiced.

RHCP is also an extremely popular band for karaoke. So it was a toss up between this and Californication.The latter is usually always chosen and this always seems fresh.

Karaoke Snow (Hey oh)

5. The Final Countdown - Europe

Another classic! This one is almost always played at most karaoke nights. You could get lucky and ask the DJ to set it up on time.

There is not much to say about 'The Final Countdown' except that if you choose to go with this song to make it your first big break. Then rest assured that you will have the crowd sing with you and bolster your spirit into taking up Karaoke as your new found hobby.

Karaoke The Final Countdown

6. Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

An all guys song. This one is great to sing with your guy buddies, honestly, it's, even more, fun if you have the ladies join in. This song is the easiest songs to sing on the list.

The titular lyrics repeat over a dozen times throughout the track, making it effortless to remember and sing for your very first feel of karaoke.

Karaoke Tubthumping

7. We Will Rock You by Queen

Another widely played track at any karaoke and perfect for anyone just wanting to sing something short and minimalistic use of their lung power.

It's also a great opener for getting things started on a karaoke night and having the crowd chant with you. So be sure to give this legendary track a try the next time you find yourself confident enough after downing a few beers.

Karaoke We Will Rock You

8. Summer Nights by Grease

Made popular by the movie 'Grease'. This is a great duet to sing when on a date or an anniversary. The lyrics are extremely catchy, upbeat and create a happy vibe.

The tempo is well paced with fun lyrical content that adds to a humorous karaoke session with that special someone.

Karaoke Summer Nights

9. Waiting For Tonight by Jennifer Lopez

This steamy song by JLO is perfect for all women on ladies night out, the song is extremely popular with the crowd and makes you feel extremely confident once you are done jamming this tune.

Karaoke Waiting For Tonight

10. I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

This piece is perfect for women wanting to let their hair down and be a total badass. It's funky, in your face and can be sung with your entire group. Expect the whole bar to explode and sing this one with you.

Karaoke I Love Rock 'n' Roll


Be confident and Be yourself

As the DJ hands you the mic, remember that everyone was standing at the same spot as you when they started to sing for the very first time. Some more confident, some less, it doesn't matter if you sound bad or if you have a mental block stopping you from performing in front of people.

Karaoke night isn't a Vocal talent-hunt, where you have to prove yourself to anyone. Remember everyone in the bar/pub are there to unwind and most people are usually encouraging if it's your first time.

So go out there and sing to your heart's content and remember : It's better to sing with a bad voice than to judge with a bad attitude.


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© 2016 Pavan Punja


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