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10 Face Palm Moments in K-Pop Entertainment

Updated on May 13, 2015

The South Korean entertainment industry generally places a lot more importance on their celebrities’ image, ensuring that the idols maintain their status as good role models for the fans. However, one needs to understand that these K-Pop celebrities are still just human beings and can make mistakes from time to time. Despite the strict emphasis on maintaining their reputation, there have been incidents that prompt a facepalm from fans. These include:

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1. IU Says Sorry to Eunhyuk... after six months

What Happened?

Back in early 2013, IU accidentally (according to her) posted a personal photo of herself wearing pajamas while being cuddled by a shirtless Eunhyuk (of Super Junior) on Twitter. Now, the photo can be considered as a big scandal because it gives off the impression that they were waking up or were sleeping with each other, further made worse that them being a couple was only the subject of rumors at the time.

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What the Eff Moments

  • Because she just had to bring up the issue again just as when people are starting to forget about it. You know.. it's like... their agencies worked on PR overdrive to clean up the mess she got into and just as when they are about succeed, she messes it all up by mentioning it again. Way to move on, IU!
  • Because it's really just the best way to prove your friends with someone by posting a shirtless photo of him with you

2. GD Denying He Knew He was Smoking Marijuana

What Happened?

Big Bang Leader G-Dragon once tested positive for marijuana usage after a urine and hair follicle drug test. During an episode of SBS Healing Camp, GD denied knowing that he smoked marijuana, claiming that a stranger merely offered him a cigarette during a concert afterparty, and thought it would be rude to refuse.

What the Eff Moments

  • OF COURSE YOU CAN'T SMELL MARIJUANA because... you know, an unscented marijuana has already been developed like... three hundred years ago. So how can you expect GD to know that's marijuana. YOU CAN'T SMELL MARIJUANA.
  • And of course it's an perfectly gentlemanly act to accept something from a total stranger especially if that is something you will put in your mouth. They never teach that in grade school.
  • A rolled marijuana and a cigarette look exactly alike. It does! It really does.

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3. Park Bom's Drug Scandal

What Happened?

Back in 2010, 2NE1’s Park Bom was caught trying to smuggle 82 pills of narcotic amphetamines from the U.S. into Korea using Fedex. The drug was not named but it was confirmed by customs to be illegal in Korea. After 42 days of investigation, the case was suspended, which saved Park Bom from being booked as a criminal suspect.

What the Eff Moment

  • Being a resident of South Korea, you would think that Bom is aware of her country’s notoriously strict drug laws.
  • In contrast, fans are wondering how strict the drug laws really are when Bom was able to escape charges and had the matter buried for four years.
  • Some say that the prosecutors suspended the case because Bom had prescriptions for the pills in America, but most assume that it’s because Bom’s label YG Entertainment used their clout in order to bury the scandal.

4. Kim Hyun Joong's Lies

What Happened?

In August 2014, a woman claiming to be Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend filed assault charges against the SS501 member. The woman had a set of photographs of her injuries and a medical report. Hyun Joong met with the police and admitted to having a single incident of physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend, but denied any other incidents. However, she stated that she would drop the charges Hyun Joong apologized. The singer-actor did, both in public and in person, and the woman was convinced so she dropped the charges.

Unfortunately for Hyun Joong, the woman mentioned four incidents of assault in the filing of her case, and since Hyun Joong admitted to one, the prosecution must now investigate further. Assault cases with physical injuries that are proven cannot be dropped even if the assailant and the victim have already agreed to settle.

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What the EFF Moment

  • The photographs of the woman show serious injuries in multiple parts of the body, and the medical report indicated a broken rib. This is in contrast with Kim Hyun Joong’s statement that the woman was only hurt while they were “fooling around.” If this is how he fools around with friends and partners, I dread to think what happens to his enemies.
  • Hyun Joong claimed that there was only one incident of a physical fight (contradicting the statement that they were just fooling around), but the woman mentioned four different cases. Either the rapper doesn’t know how to count, or he’s lying in order to cover up.

5. Seungri's Sex Scandal

What Happened?

Given the context (South Korea), it’s bad enough that Big Bang’s Seungri has been embroiled in a sex scandal as a 23 year old woman he had a one-night stand with sold the story to a Japanese tabloid, and to prove her claims, she also provided a photo of a naked and asleep Seungri. Naturally, YG Entertainment remained quiet about the scandal.

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What the Eff Moment

One of the most interesting details from the girl’s depiction of the incident includes Seungri’s habit of choking her while doing the act. Picture that in your mind. Actually, don’t. One has to wonder if woman that are planning to sleep with Seungri in the future is taking into account that he has dangerous fetishes.

6. Sulli and Choiza

What Happened?

When rumors of Dynamic Duo’s Choiza and f(x)’s Sulli dating first began circulating, SM Entertainment, which handles f(x), denied that the two are a couple or even dating, publicly stating that the two celebrities only “maintain a close brother-sister relationship.” Dynamic Duo’s agency Amoeba Culture simply declined to comment about their artist’s personal life. However, it was soon confirmed that the two are dating.

What the EFF Moment

  • The true WTF moment in here isn’t for Sulli or Choiza, but for their agencies. Why go to great lengths to deny the relationship between the two when there’s nothing wrong with it? They’re both single and of legal age, and it’s not like they’re posting scandalous pictures on the Internet. Their image is not being tarnished.
  • One particular WTF is for SM, which asked Sulli to go on a hiatus in order to let the rumors die down. It’s not like fans will be turned off when they find out that their idol is a human who longs for companionship. And it’s not equivalent to doing drugs or smoking joints or any act that would require self-reflection.

7. Kangin's Hit and Run

What Happened?

In October 2009, Kangin was involved in a vehicular accident as he collided with a parked taxi (which was fortunately unoccupied.) He left the scene before authorities arrived. After 5 hours, Kangin turned himself in to the police, and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.082%.

What the Eff Moment

It’s already a dumb idea to run away from the site, especially since nobody was hurt, but Kangin went one step further by turning himself in while he still has alcohol in him. So not only is he charged with hit and run, he’s also charged with DUI. He already ran away from the scene, he might as well just wait a day or two so that when he gets questioned, he’s already completely sober.

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8. G.O.'s Homophobia

What Happened?

During an episode of SBS Strong Heart, MBLAQ’s G.O. revealed that he’s been avoiding Super Junior’s Kim Heechul because he thought HeeChul was gay. Heechul clarified that he’s not gay and he likes girls. And that it was misunderstanding.

What the Eff Moment

  • First of all, has G.O. looked in a mirror lately? He’s working in an industry full of effeminate and androgynous looking guys, and despite growing a moustache, he still fits right in. I’m just saying girly boys living in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.
  • The way G.O. admitted his reason for avoiding Heechul, in public at that, is so casual that it seems like he’s not aware that he comes off as homophobic.

9. Se7en's Massage Parlor Incident

What Happened?

The SBS program Scene 21 once showed footage of soldiers entering massage parlors during their time in the army, and it was revealed that two of the recruits were Sangchu of Mighty Mouth and solo K-pop artist Se7en.

What the Eff Moment

  • I mean... why is everyone making a big deal out of it? They didn't get the "service" anyway so that should be perfectly fine, right?
  • Also... one of the two stars has a bad back and a bad knee, and went to the massage parlor to get it treated. What's wrong with going to an adult massage parlor anyway? They are adults!

10. JYJ's Beating Up Fans

What Happened?

An audio file surfaced containing voices of JYJ berating and cussing at sasaeng (fans that are extremely obsessed and would resort to stalking tactics) fans after having had enough of their privacy invaded. The cussing and harsh words is scandal enough, but the recordings soon revealed sounds of people getting hit, which is the members of JYJ smacking around the sasaeng fans. At one point, the fans seem to have tried to run away but Jaejoong is heard saying “"Come back here, come back here before I catch you... Go, you b**ch."”

What the EFF moment

It's perfectly fine to beat up an underage girl. Perfectly fine!

I mean, they have no phones to call the police or brains to think of ways on how to lose the girl.


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