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10 Guns and Roses Facts About Appetite for Destruction You May Not Have Known!

Updated on March 5, 2017

There's no doubt that when Guns and Rose's first album debuted in 1987, it turned the rock n' roll world on it's tail end. While the hard rock and metal scene was saturated with safe, and pop rock acts like Warrant, Firehouse, and Slaughter near the end of the 80s, Guns and Roses' Axl Rose, Steven Adler, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, and Duff McKagan busted out with a gritty and raw album that brought back the genuine dangerous and snarling attitude that had been lost in the world of rock n' roll at the time.

Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction was critically hailed by the music establishment, the bands peers, and more, importantly, the fans of the hard rock genre. Even today it's still regarded as an ultimate rock album, and is on the list of hundreds of top 100 rock albums ever.

For many fans of Guns and Roses, these Guns and Roses facts may be nothing new. If you've just discovered the sounds and songs to one of the greatest hard rock albums ever, you may not have heard of these fun Guns and Roses facts about Appetite for Destruction.

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1. Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue was asked to produce the album at one point.

According to Nikki's biography, The Heroin Diaries, Tom Zutaut was desperately searching for someone who could handle the band to produce Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction. He literally begged Nikki on several occasions, but Nikki kept blowing him off. Nikki Sixx was also too strung out on Heroin at the time as well.

2. The song November Rain was considered to be on Appetite.

Wow, if that wouldn't have been weird. Thank, God, they did not put November Rain on Appetite for Destruction! Talk about ruining the whole cohesiveness of the album. November Rain doesn't stack up to Sweet Child O' Mine, in my opinion. Actually, I really don't care for the November Rain all that much.

3. You Could Be Mine was also supposed to be on Appetite for Destruction.

Yes, the soundtrack to Terminator Judgement Day was originally considered to be on Appetite for Destruction, but the label decided against it. Another high-five to those at Geffen Records. You Could Be Mine really would've been out of place on Appetite for Destruction, and I think it's actually a sub par song. I believe the song would've single-handedly ruined the album.

4. Geffen Records almost gave up on Appetite for Destruction.

When you look back and read that now, you must think what an absurd idea. The album sold over 20 million copies! However, it's true. Geffen almost stopped promoting Gun's N' Roses Appetite for Destruction when it slowly hit 200,000 sales. They were going to take the loss and have the band record another album.

Good thing Geffen didn't do that!

5. Appetite for Destruction debuted at position 182 on the Billboard 200.

Here's a great Guns and Roses fact, because it seemed that G N' R just came out of nowhere and was a monumental success right off the bat. However, this is far from the truth. Appetite finally went to number one on the charts 50 weeks after it's first appearance. It debuted on on August 29, 1987 and hit number one on September 24, 1988.

6. The album cover was not the first choice for Appetite for Destruction.

The tattoo art depicting skulls of G N' R's members Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Duff McKagan was created by tattoo artist Billy White Jr. after music retailers refused to stock the album due to the original and controversial cover.

The original cover depicted a woman raped by a robot and was based on the Robert Williams' painting which was also entitled, "Appetite for Destruction." The original cover art ended up being inside the album's packaging after the label compromised with music retailers.

7. The song "You're Crazy" was originally written as an acoustic song.

That's right...this song was originally written as an acoustic song and later revamped for the Appetite for Destruction album. The original way it's suppose to be heard is on the follow up to Gun's and Roses first album, G N' R Lies.

8. Back Off Bitch and Don't Cry were originally presented to be on Guns and Roses' first album Appetite.

Aside from the songs You Could Be Mine and November Rain, the songs Back Off Bitch and Don't Cry off the Use Your Illusion albums were written and demoed for Appetite as well. Once again, I'm glad the label decided not to put these songs on the Appetite.

9. Welcome to the Jungle was written in 3 hours.

Yes, one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time just took 3 hours to write. It also was the first song that was co-written by Axl Rose and Slash.

10. Think About You was not a song written about a female.

It's true that there were a couple of songs written about the bands assortment of female companions such as Sweet Child O' Mine, My Michelle, and You're Crazy, but the song Think About You actually talks about heroin.

Well, there you are, a few fun Guns and Roses facts concerning one of the best hard rock albums ever - Appetite for Destruction. The chemistry of Axl Rose's unique and raspy vocals, Slash's amazing and blues-influenced guitar playing, Steven Adler's huge groove on drums, as well as Duff's and Izzy Stradlin's song writing capabilities is extremely apparent on this album.

You can tell they were unified as a band and moving in the same direction with Guns and Roses' first album. The Use Your Illusion albums, though, was more convoluted and not as cohesive as Appetite. Then again, everyone's a critic and those are just my thoughts on the matter.

If you have more fun facts about Guns N' Roses be sure to comment below and let us fans know.

G N' R - Paradise City


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    • profile image

      Frank 2 years ago

      Great job Craig. I think I've been waiting that entrie 10 years. I wasn't yet in college when I found your site (and you still had the theater up). But stellar work. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, even if it is the last.I got to be honest, I thought we'd never get to see the end. So.. I guess I'll risit the site in 10 years for the final chapter. See you in 2020 for the conclusion.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 3 years ago

      I'm still glad that all the songs on the Use Your Illusion albums ended up being on the Use Your Illusion albums. Maybe if those songs were on Appetite they wouldn't have sounded so over produced and overly polished. The great thing about Appetite is that it's a raw, hard rock album. UYI lacked that rawness and it also lacked that swing and groove Steven Adler had with the drums, in which both Slash and Izzy later admitted to in interviews.

    • Morgan Kelly profile image

      Morgan Kelly 3 years ago from Loughrea

      I would have included 'you could be mine' & 'don't cry' on appetite they are absolute classics

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 4 years ago

      Opinions are opinions, but you make some interesting points. Although we disagree, thanks for your input and comment. Rock On!

    • profile image

      Dave Nurse 4 years ago

      Love the page it's great for the fans that didn't know these 10 facts.

      However, I hate how you bash the UYI songs. I know that it's your opinion and everything but you can't just say "These songs weren't good enough for Appetite and I don't care for them".

      You Could Be Mine would've fit right in with Appetite songs, it easily ties itself with Rocket Queen. It's a fast pace song filled with emotion and attitude, exactly what Appetite ordered. I think it could've replaced Think About You and served better but maybe that's just me.

      MOST IMPORTANTLY, it dropped my heart to hear you say "I don't care for November Rain". Easily Slash's #1 greatest solo work. No it's not the fastest solo or the most complicated, it's perfect, just perfect. Maybe you don't like slow paced emotional songs, hell I don't..... but November Rain is one of those songs that if you give it a chance and understand the story and lyrics behind the song, it'll be right up there in your top 5 GNR songs.

      Anyway just so you understand where I'm coming from:

      (3. and 4. are very close and could go either way)(Also, I love their cover songs, but i'm not going to include them so don't worry about Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Hair of the Dog, Sympathy for the Devil, Live and Let Die)

      Top 10.

      1. Paradise City (AFD)

      2. Welcome to the Jungle (AFD)

      3. November Rain (UYI1)

      4. Sweet Child O' Mine (AFD)

      5. Mr. Brownstone (AFD)

      6. Nightrain (AFD)

      7. Estranged (UYI2)

      8. You Could Be Mine (UYI2)

      9. Don't Cry (Alternate lyrics on the verse right after the solo is my only favourable lyrics in the Alternative version) (UYI1+2)

      10. You're Crazy (GN'R Lies)

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by JBrumett. You're right they are truly one of the best bands of all time and interesting as individuals, which is probably why they were so volatile and ready to implode.

      I'm glad they finally got inducted. Now if Axl would only get off himself and get a reunion rolling. The new GnR just sucks.

    • JBrumett profile image

      JBrumett 5 years ago

      Just a few weeks before the Rock n Roll HOF induction, Duff Mckagan did an interview on the Jim Rome show. He was there to promote his upcoming book. Pretty interesting to hear his story, I remember one part where he was saying he felt frustrated because he was just being given all this money, but had no idea how it was being distributed. Which is one of the reasons why he perused a business degree in college after he left the band. Then he told another one where he joined a martial arts dojo after he got out of the hospital from his pancreas bursting, because he didn't know what else to do so he was trying to find his own path at the time. Definitely one of the best bands of all time, great music, and interesting road they've traveled.

    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      Izzy: It's a fast lovesong about drugs, sex, Hollywood and money [An Interview With The Gunners, Hit Parader - March 1988].

    • profile image

      NYJ 5 years ago

      "Think About You was not a song written about a female."

      Wrong. It was written about Monique Lewis, who dated Axl, Izzy and Tracii. Axl has a tattoo of her on his arm. It's the same girl who inspired 'Don't Cry.'