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10 Most Interesting Cooking Channels On Youtube

Updated on August 5, 2017
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E.B. Black is a woman in her thirties who loves Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and all things related to internet culture.

Cooking On Youtube

Cooking channels on youtube are very different than cooking shows on television. Most cooking shows on television are there to educate people on how to be a better cook or how to make things or they're there as a reality cooking show where chefs compete with each other to see who is the best cook.

There's some of those things on youtube as well, but there's much more than that. There's cooking channels where people laugh and mess up everything they try to make. There's cooking channels where people just talk to you and connect with you while they cook because youtube is more of a social media platform than television is. There's youtube channels where people make strange foods or such elaborate creations that none of us normal people could ever hope to achieve that and youtube channels where people parody cooking shows.

Many cooking shows find their home on youtube, cooking shows that no cable company would ever air, but that are very entertaining nonetheless. Whether you learn from them or just laugh, they're worth watching. Here are some of the best cooking channels on youtube put together in a list in no particular order.

#1 Rosanna Pansino - Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino is one of the most adorable people on youtube. Not just because she's sweet (in both personality and the foods that she creates), but also because she's so short.

She's nerdy and has nerdy hobbies, which a lot of people (like me!) can definitely relate to. She makes sweet treats based on her nerdy interests, everything from video games to nerdy TV shows to nerdy movies to nerdy games. I've seen her make cookies of everything from Star Trek to Kerby to D20 dice.

The best part is, she gives you all the recipes, so you can recreate everything she does! It might not come out as good as how she makes it, she's obviously skilled in the kitchen, but you're bound to have fun in the process.

#2 Walking With Giants - Tiny Kitchen

What is it about tiny versions of things that makes them so irresistable? Walking With Giants is not the first Tiny Kitchen youtube channel, but it's definitely my favorite. The atmosphere of it, the music, the themes, everything makes it so perfect and adorable.

#3 Cooking With Babish - Pop Culture Food

Chef Oliver Babish, who named himself after a character in the television show, The West Wing, runs a youtube channel where he recreates famous dishes from famous television shows, movies, and books, so we can see what those dishes actually look like and maybe make them ourselves (he has the recipes for them on his website.) If you've ever wondered what some food on a television show, in a book, or in a movie tastes like, he has likely tried to make it.

He has made many dishes, some even that I thought were impossible to make like the perfect sandwich from Adventure Time or the sauce from Rick and Morty, and even if you aren't well-versed in a lot of popular culture, you are bound to find a food on his channel that you were once curious to know what it tasted like in real life. Even if you haven't watched the episodes or movies that these recipes come from, he'll often include a clip to let you know (or remind you) of the context of where these dishes come from. Even when you haven't heard of those movies or shows before, it's still entertaining to watch him make such elaborate dishes.

#4 Epic Meal Time - Extreme Cooking

Epic Meal Time is a channel where a bunch of men take food that's already bad for you and cook it together, making it into something extreme, that is much worse than it originally was. They count calories and content, so that if you're not already shocked by how bad these dishes are, you will be once you hear those numbers and eat the food in front of you. Youtube is known for its content where people take things to their most extreme level and do things the average person would never dare to do. This is the cooking version of that.

#5 Tasty - Quick Tutorials

If you want recipes and you want to drool watching people make food, but you don't have all the time in the world to watch thrity minute cooking shows, this is the channel for you. They have a lot of great recipes that are easy enough to do and the video gives you a quick run through of how they work.

They're a very popular channel on both facebook and youtube, being shared constantly.

#6 Hellthy Junk Food - These People Love To Eat

The name of this channel is not a spelling mistake. This is not a channel where people make healthy food, it's a channel where people make junk food. JP and Julia are a couple that love to cook and love to eat. They often compete to make ridiculous food, like giant chicken nuggets or pizzas inside pizzas and then excitedly consume it afterwards. What's entertaining about this channel is not just the fact that the foods JP and Julia make look both ridiculous and delicious, but it's also great because of their personalities. They're entertaining and seem like a couple you want to be friends with. You want to watch them regardless of what they are doing, which is why watching the episodes where they go to restaurants, help cook the food there, and even taste test it themselves is just as entertaining as their giant french fry episodes.

#7 Auntie Fee - Meals With Attitude

It wasn't until after I started this list that I found out that Auntie Fee, her real name Felicia O'Dell, had passed away, but I didn't want to take her off the list just because she died. Her videos are still all worth seeing and she still had one of the best cooking channels on youtube. She will be missed.

Auntie Fee was very high energy. She had to be to take care of such a large household full of people and know how to feed all of them. She gained popularity because of her intense energy and her ridiculous relationship with her son. She swears a lot and she's always getting irritated with her son because of his camera work.

But she was more than just those things. She knew that modern women often don't have a lot of time or money to make food, yet they still have to feed a lot of people and fast. She shared recipes of how to make good food, quickly, on a budget, even once sharing a recipe of how to feed seven people with only three dollars! Everyone who tried her food, loved it, and she had a lot of good tips for cooking.

So not only was I entertained by watching her, but received a lot of good advice as well from her videos.

She was on several talk shows, including The Steve Harvey Show and Jimmy Kimmel. One of the times she was on Steve Harvey is where the clip above comes from.

#8 Hannah Hart - My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart is very likable. She's friendly and the queen of puns. She's entertaining to watch. What she's not always good at is cooking and she's too drunk to care anyway.

Between listening to her drunken thoughts and relating to her flops in the kitchen, Hannah Hart is a very enjoyable person to watch cook. She's the kind of girl you wish you were friends with and the kind of person who makes everyone around them happy. It doesn't matter if the french fries they just cooked are still frozen in the middle or the baked apple they made has fallen apart. She's the kind of person that you spend time with for her company and laugh with because none of us are perfect.

#9 You Suck At Cooking - Cooking Show Parodies

If something exists, then there are parodies of it. This is a parody of most youtube cooking shows. It's filled with ridiculous moments, inside jokes, and lots of laughs.

#10 How To Make Sushi - Impressive Sushi Making Tricks

This guy has amazing cooking skills. Sometimes you watch someone just because they're good at cooking. He also has an amazing voice and his explanations on how to do things are simple.

Although his focus is on sushi, he makes videos on a wide variety of things, with cooking tips for making things other than sushi. I've learned a lot from watching him.

BONUS: The Food Surgeon

I added this guy to the list because I found his channel interesting. It doesn't really fit in with the other cooking channels because he doesn't actual cook anything on his channel, he operates on food instead. It's very entertaining and funny to see someone perform fake operations on food. He acts just like a surgeon when he handles the food and therefore takes unnecessary precautions when it comes to touching it, cutting it, and making changes to it. It's something you have to fully see to understand and something I'm sure you will find entertaining.

I thought his channel was worth mentioning, although it doesn't really fit fully into any category of youtube channels.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2017 EB Black


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