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10 Reasons "Bridget Jones's Diary" May Just be the Best Chick-Flick of our Time

Updated on July 8, 2017

Reason Number One: Not Your Typical Female Lead
Forget gorgeous salon hair, pencil thin legs, and photo-shopped abs. Renee Zellweger did an amazing job looking the part of Bridget Jones. She had to gain 30 pounds (and then do it again for the sequel) but the end result has made the movie so much more relatable. It's not impossible to really get into a chick flick when the lead character isn't all that realistic but it is a breath of fresh air to be able to watch the life of a real live woman. Don't get me wrong, Renee was in no way obese for the part. She had beautiful curves, an hour glass figure, and an amazing complexion. She was a REAL woman.

Reason Number Two: Sexy British Men, Need I Say More?
Notice how I said "Men" and not "Boys"? That's because Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are two totally HOT and totally manly in this movie and the accents are the cherry on top. They are two totally different characters. One is an overly charming bad boy that you really want to turn good and the other is a prim and proper prick but at times you see a glimmer of sweetness. It'll definitely give you butterflies!

Reason Number Three: The Awesome Circle of Friends That Every Girl Wants
A brilliant, sassy gay, an angry independent thinker, the cute but gullible crier. Bridget Jones has the three hilarious best friends that every one wants. They drink, they smoke, and the "F-bomb" flies out of their mouths at least twice a sentence. They give good advice and really bad advice all at the same time but you can tell they all really love their "Bridge".

Reason Number Four: The Perfectly Suited Soundtrack
There's no Generation Z top ten hits of the week here. This soundtrack truly screams "Female Emotions". They really capture the mood of the moment with each song. Whether it's Celine Dion's "All By Myself" playing as she drinks herself to oblivion on her sofa- sad and alone, or Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as she basically tells her boss to "F-off". Every song corresponds perfectly with each scene and really does it's job of putting you in the right kind of mood!

Reason Number Five: Bridget Jones is a Complete Mess
What can I say except that grace is not this girl's strong suit by any means.... But in all seriousness, which of us can truly say they are as graceful as these movies tend to portray women. I for one, certainly am not. Bridget is quite appalling at public speaking, she's extremely clumsy, she's constantly putting her foot in her mouth, and quite realistically has a serious ton of wardrobe malfunctions. But even with all the negative incidents going on, Bridget seems to not let it entirely bother her (well not too much). This quality alone teaches all of us not entirely graceful women that sometimes crummy things happen and sometimes you have no choice but to move on and possibly even chuckle a little bit about it on the way.

Reason Number Six: The One Single Memorable Line
Yes, there is a line and it's a beautiful line that will always stick with you. Without being too much of a spoiler, there's one really touching scene with a brilliant, butterflies in your tummy, tear in your eye, sigh on your lips monologue ending with the most precious line in a very precious British tone "I like you very much,.... just as you are".....sigh....simply speechless. I'll leave this reason alone for now so you can experience it for yourself.

Reason Number Seven: Bridget Jones is a True Underdog Story
The movie starts off with Bridget at a pretty mediocre part in her life. With some ups and a lot of downs, Bridget gets a much needed push to be the Bridget she wants to be in both the personal and professional sense. It shows us that even in a really, really crappy situation, you can use all that negative for a giant push (or hellacious shove) to make something really amazing out of yourself, despite the hurt others may thrust upon you. Even though Bridget is still far from perfect, it's comforting that she's simply ok with just being herself.

Reason Number Eight: Bridget's Sweet but Sad Dad
As Bridget is going through some trials in her life, her parents are going through some serious but equally comical issues themselves. The love and care that Bridget shares for her dad is utterly sweet. Her mom, whom is a bit of a whack job even though she means well, does something that well, isn't too nice to her father. Bridget steps in to be that shoulder to cry on but while still being there for her misguided mother, all at the same time she's going through an unjustified midlife crisis. It just continues to add strength to her dynamic character.

Reason Number Nine: The Elaborately Hilarious Fight Scene
Yes! There is a fight scene, an extremely funny one. It's made even more hilarious by Bridget's friends, who themselves are confused by exactly who's side they're one and whom are generally just excited to see a "Real Fight!". The fight scene itself is filled with awkward kicks, petty name calling, and some pretty heavy punches. You won't see it coming (well maybe you will). This fight scene shows a lot of built up anger and resentment between our two lead male characters. These two sexy Brits have a lot of resentment and history, even "pre-Bridget" history. You'll love watching "the pot boil over" into the streets of London.

Reason Number Ten: It's a Movie for the Seasons
The movie starts out on New Year's Eve and continues throughout the year. Every awkward, atrocious, and over the top incredible moment recorded in her journal makes you feel like you've walked a mile in Bridget Jones shoes. You'll go through the summer flings, and fall let downs. It ends around the same time of year in a blizzardy London snow storm. This movie is amazing to watch in any season but especially incredible to watch in the holiday season, by a fire place with a bottle of wine, among close friends or even your significant other (trust me, he'll love it too!)

So whenever you need a laugh, a cry, a friend, or a reason to get out of bed after an overall crummy day, just pop this DVD in and let Bridget Jones cheer you up! This was just ten out of countless reasons you would enjoy the film "Bridget Jones's Diary". Give Bridget a try and you'll develop your own list!


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