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10 Reasons Why the Inclusion of Tom Hardy's Venom in the MCU Would Be a Great Benefit

Updated on October 22, 2018
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Of all of the myriad reasons why comic book enthusiasts perpetuate their fanaticism with avidity, the most prominent and salient is that of the investment within the compelling and immersive character parables. Whether through the publications of Marvel, DC or any other established firm; to say there has been an abundance of allegorical fables that have seminally influenced and impacted the cultural zeitgeist of the paragon of media formats would be an understatement.

Even in the most controversial or preposterous story progressions; The exalted alums of the franchises of Batman, Spiderman or most of their peers have contributed to the bolstering of the profile of their respected titular characters-To be esteemed atop the venerated echelons of the pinnacle pedestal of eternal greatness. Throughout the endurance of the course of tenure of time in it's infinite complexity, there have been benchmark characters that have established themselves as pioneering some spearheading and trailblazing dynamics and virtues that have been pastiched in homage to them in ensuing eras. Characters ranging from the most principled and morally exemplary, all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum with a debauched depravity have garnered adulation and adoration commensurate and akin to one another. And this is all attributable to the visionary excellence of their co-creators.

So revered is the medium for fantastic fiction, that in recent decades, they have been recipients of an exponentially increasing volume of adaptations in cinematic interpretations; Both authentically legitimate, and tangentially subversive of the touchstone tropes that have acted as portrait images for tributaries to take their cues from. They fabricate pastiches without plagiarising the original source material,, and it has eventuated in the rampantly burgeoning wave of fascinating visual luxuries that the world has become privileged to in an astronomical saturation of the delightful troves to mine content from.

The DCEU and The MCU have assembled resources of the glorious titles from various ages of comic book brilliance, and compounded them into a truly immense sundry of spectacles for viewing pleasure. And one of the said eras was perhaps the most divisive of them all-The nineties. The nineties was a time in history where, in virtually all forms of media, the products amounted to fluctuating degrees of critical and commercial success for their components. An extremely intense period that in a vacuum, was both very self-aware, yet naive at the same time. Very progressive, yet simultaneously dated and controversial. And very pristine, but far too fallible all the same. Just very.....Nineties. One would be hard pressed to identify a time that was more divine and accommodating, but exclusive and estranged all at once. Whatever the overall consensus on the decade, what cannot be refuted about it's commendable traits was that is was certainly not a period of inertia. It was rife with constant action. On and off the pages of comic books.

Comic books were especially reflective of the interlude of time. Characters were retained and created to feature in very forgettable tales, that were so only due to perhaps the fact of the sheer quantity of the competitors. But also incredibly indelible with their impact and resonance with society. An exceptional member of the breed introduced actually in the eighties, but becoming defined and refined by the following decade, was Venom. The despicable symbiote has an enormous fanbase that grew precipitously during it's meteoric rise to prevalence. It has received multiple interpretations over time as it synergised into multiple incarnations; The famed adaptations being of course the cameos in the sensational Amazing Spiderman cartoons of the nineties, the 2007 third Topher Grace starring movie, and now it's very own independent film with the awesome Tom Hardy at the helm. The only incarnation that came even close to a unanimous verdict on the benefits of the character is the former, but what cannot be denied amidst the mire of the contention between ambivalent fans and critics of the recent movie is that the titular character is the greatest blessing the silver screen production presents.

Tom Hardy played an exceedingly exceptional part in the promotion of his role through a typically terrific performance, and the suffusing speculation over whether there will be an element to at least inextricably tie the Sony picture with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future has the spectators in a frenzy over whether the appearance in either franchise would benefit or hinder either of them. With the justifiable cases for either side of the argument taken into consideration, along with the necessity to end this protracted prolix, the following list is a devil's advocacy for the ten most implacable reasons to integrate Eddie Brock's inaugural incarnation into the MCU.

10. It would facilitate the introduction of a new location for the acrimonious engagements

Eddie Brock is accommodated by his base of operations in San Francisco in the new film, but despite being one of the most illustriously famous cities in the entirety of the USA and the world, but it has only appeared sporadically playing minor parts in only the Ant-Man films and receiving a backhanded acknowledgement in Iron Man 2. A relatively new location for the animosity to transpire in would be a refreshing departure from the typical absurdity in New York. It would also enable Scott Lang to potentially have more significance within the overall narrative of the universe.

9. It would provide the ideal opportunity to mature Peter Parker as he ages

Spiderman is very comparable to Batman in the regard that he is at least partially defined by his rogues gallery; And of the proud members of it, Venom is undoubtably one of the most prominently imposing figures of it-becoming so almost immediately after the conception of the character. He is a marvellous foil for Peter Parker on account of their shared abilities and personal vendetta for each other. It's purpose as the bona fide antithesis to the protagonist has been one of the most resonant dynamics of it's appearances through time, and would incentivise a further personal growth from an immature young superhero to work effectively.

8. It could introduce an entire race of symbiotes as adversaries for the whole franchise

The Venom symbiote has been misconstrued and misconceived as a synthetic creation by some casual fans, but it's true origins lie in it's genesis in the foreign terrain of the estranged extraterrestrial planet of Battleworld. It initially latched onto and synthesised with Spiderman upon his involuntary expedition there, and was subsequently delivered back to the new adopted residence of New York when he returned. The potential for a phenomenal integration of the fellow specimens of a very similar nature originating form the same world is completely feasible with the harbouring of the unrestrained force of nature by Eddie Brock, and the various other possible hosts for the various other entities; Such as Riot, and especially the vaunted, but feared Carnage symbiotes(that eat possess their own unique interpretations of malevolent characteristics).

7. It could prove the facility to plausibly initiate Peter Parker into Journalism or Photography

The interactions between Venom and Spiderman(with Eddie Brock and Peter Parker in particular) are fabled and legendary within the celebratory cognisance of the fanatical zeitgeist. After the renunciative banishment of the Venom specimen from the bonding with Peter Parker, it was left bitter and resentful of it's initial host-And after the fruition of the efforts seeking a new body to accommodate it's necessity to survive in Brock, it was able to vent it's harboured malice and animosity for the all crawler through him. Though the current cinematic depiction contradicts the source material in the fact that Brock is the first host for the symbiote, and it would further stray from the comics with an acquainting of Peter and Eddie before the two encountered one another through employment at the Daily Bugle-Perhaps a time jump that would concisely institute Parker at the news firm and benefit the universe with the casting of the adored and adulated J Jonah Jameson, could lead to the photo-journalist embodied by Tom Hardy running afoul of the web head in an exciting film, and of course develop it's pertinence to the aforementioned maturing of Tom Holland's Human-Spider hybrid.

6. It would further enhance the perfect synthesis of both the realistic and cosmic elements of the franchise

Especially curtesy of the almost universally revered commodity of The Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel have incorporated a dispersion of the best of the extravagant fictitious virtues that are inherent to the comic book paradigm with a suave smoothness and infallibility. This proceeded a skeptical uncertainty of fans that were hopeful, but unassured of the integrity of a property that was not the most embellished in the literary works of the behemoth company. But they emerged with a finesse and a flair, and they flamboyantly spearheaded the fluidity of confluence between the grounded realism of the films with a new, more emphasised blend of patented spectacularity that impelled a suspension of disbelief. Whatever reservations critics may have about the new Venom picture, an indisputable benefit of the character is the fact that it lends itself to a similar atmospheric distillation of tonality on screen. And is something that Sony executed proficiently, and Marvel have a completely impeccable record of accomplishing themselves in the perspective of many. It literally renders thoughts running wild and rampant over all of the prospective avenues they could take irresistible.

5. It would reinforce the stability of a star-studded ensemble cast as it diminishes in volume

One of the most enticing aspects of the MCU is not just the conveyance of the incredible stories that transpire on screen, but the conduits for it's broadcast to enchanted audiences the world over. It has been somewhat a fairytale progression for now just over a decade-With the introduction with perhaps the candidate in pole position for popularity amongst fans; Robert Downey Jr., with his portrayal of Tony Stark. But somewhat understandably, the cast of the inaugural members of the Avengers have, for the most part, become fatigued with their roles. And as creative visionaries, they have a deep-seated desire to expand out into a broader range of acting capacities, that has taken a backseat for the likes of Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner to certain extents. With the very perturbing conclusion to Avengers: Infinity War still very fresh in the collective mind of the fandom, a myriad of concerns have been raised over whom will remain within the recurring lineup to retain their enshrinement atop those echelons of exaltation. Whoever inevitably abandons their role will be sorely missed, but the very much equally beloved Tom Hardy will almost definitely maintain the prestigious profile the franchise has constructed itself with his ability to engross the attention of viewers in the most unexpected ways through his unorthodox performances. He will certainly contribute an abstruse "it" factor, for better or worse. Predictably, most wagers would be on the former.

4. Venom would be an excellent antagonistic foil for the Avengers

As for the in-universe consequences of Tom Hardy's cultivation amidst the glory of this golden dynasty of film; The character he is currently a representative custodian of has a tenured past with multiple members of the primary core of Earth's mightiest heroes. The engagements of acrimony they have participated in against one another are venerated amongst some of the best parables to ever grace the page, and even someone unfamiliar with the intricacies of his various interactions with the squad of super beings could plausibly believe the validity of an argument attesting to the allure of the explorative odysseys that could be embarked on in the impending future. Altercations with the group while the symbiote infected Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon and Groot, and as an affiliate of the Sinister Six in particular have provided stories well worthy of acclaim historically. It is as simple as that.

3. Venom would be an excellent protagonist and ally of the Avengers

Venom is an intriguing character for many reasons, but one of the most prominent of them is the oscillation of the pendulum swing of the symbiote's moral ethics and philosophy. The primary trait of the character is the penchant it has to serve itself and itself only-In it's avaricious greed to consume more and more. That can lead it to affiliate itself with whatever faction will facilitate it's exploits the most effectively and satisfactorily. More frequently than not, Venom is associated with a morality complex of depravity; But on occasion, the various incarnations of the enigmatic alien have liaised with some of the righteous luminaries of the Marvel conceptual vista. As a honorary member of the Secret Avengers and S.H.E.I.L.D. in certain instances, Venom would be the perfect catalyst for the introduction of the former group into the cinematic universe, but could also be the most renegade inductee to the already renown figures of the franchise. There could also be an endeavour into depths of the inherently patented brand of the Marvel humour that could be mined from that, and Venom would be an unequivocally formidable friend of justice and entertainment.

2. Dynamics with the entire assembly of characters could be explored

As previously alluded to with the bonding of the symbiote and Peter Parker, Eddie Brock, some of the Guardians, there is a huge potential for the synthesis and mingling of it with the abundance of alums of the universe. And there are many others that it has been remiss in the omission of an honourable acknowledgement of; Angelo Fortunato, Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson, Lee Price, Tel-Kar(the Tree warrior and true first host of the symbiote) are the other beneficiaries of the physically enhancing luxuries of the entity. But they are only the males! She-Venom is one of the higher regarded female forms of prized male legends, and both Anne Weying and Patricia Robertson have undergone the physical consolidation process with the character, and what is there to say that it could not proceed to infect another character all together? That is the beauty of Venom. A character with the profile of Captain America being afflicted with the alterations and internal struggles of the implicit dual personality of the fusion with Venom could prove controversial, but Black Widow, Falcon, Shuri and others would be bolstered greatly, purely by the association with it. If Hawkeye is going to remain within the MCU, his candidacy would be more than eligible for the enticing wickedness that Venom would suffuse him with.

1. It would lend itself for an even vaster expanse of psychological introspections of characters

Essentially an amalgamation of all of the implications of the predeceasing three points; The consideration that would need to be taken by the responsible members of the ultimate team of heroes as they either confront Venom, unite with Venom, or cope with the caveats of being one with Venom is fascinating. The potential dynamics that could fully fledge out the depth of these characters could be the perfect complimentary juxtaposition to predictable comedic constructs; That should most likely be the advisable course of action to be taken with gusto and bravado,-But also gravitas and profound exploration of the mental faculties of characters. What could be more significant to the prevalent success of the film? It is not an unprecedented concept, and in fact has been exacted to near nauseam. But because of the saturation of the theatricality of certain hysterics particularly in films of this genre, the essentiality of it has become under-appreciated and dismissed. The importance of these dynamics are imperative, and with Marvel's demonstrable competence in moderation the exposure of that to the precisely appropriate degree would be an almost unavoidable consequence that would garner favourable reputation with fans.


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