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10 Shows that leave more questions than answers

Updated on October 26, 2016

10. “The Day My Butt Went Psycho”

Based off the written series by Andy Griffiths of the same name (2014) Developed by Mark Stienberg and Directed by Matt Ferguson

This brilliant show gives a person the ability to experience and feel the feelings an actual butt would feel. This is an adventurous story about an actual separated human derriere wandering around on earth as a separate sentient, conscious entity. There is an entire society of Butts that eat, sleep and form an essential part of society in this reality. The main character butt is named, Deuce, because of course it is, and it has feelings. Deuce is Zach Freeman’s butt and becomes involved in adventures. Some adventures include certain Butts going psycho.

The greatest part of this is that it is an animated show aimed at children, because apparently a live action butt is too low-brow for adults. It is something that is predominantly found in Australia, Canada and online. With stimulating jewels like “Grandparent Butts just don’t understand” and “The legend of the Butt-squatch” any person is sure to leave the show wondering if their butt saw that.

9. “ASDF”

(Pronounced Ass-duff) The brain child of Thomas James “TomSka” Ridgewell (2007) Animated by James Cunningham, Ben 'Wonchop' Smallman, and Jamie Spicer-Lewis

If you have an attention span problem and you don’t want to wait for a plot, you are in the right place. ASDF is sure to give you all of the things at once with little to no point. It even touches the hard button problems like equality among all (See why would you kill the cake). It has love, violence (see I am going to punch your face in the face), and explosions (the end scene in most of the series). All a person could want in a short minute film. It could be award worthy if those award snobs weren’t too busy watching films with meaning that last for more than a minute.

The inventor, Ridgewell, is a British comedian who has been involved in other noteworthy shows such as “Eddsworld” and he has his own sketch comedy shows on youtube. His brand of A.D.D-esk humor draws millions and in March of 2016 he amassed over 4 million followers and 800 million views. It appears that one out of every 8 people in the world has asked themselves “What the..?!?”

8. “Llama’s with hats”

Created by Jason Steel through his online video company Film Cow (2009)

Most people have never taken time from their life to consider what would happen if we took a llama and made it accountable to real world laws and standards. Most people should really ponder this because sometimes those llamas become serial murderers and wear masks made out of their dead friends. This is the real world problem that ‘llama’s with hat’s’ addresses. Carl and his friend Paul show the difficulties of being a homicidal llama in society. Carl systematically destroys all life and leaves a person feeling a little bad about expecting so much from a llama.

Jason Steel has had other brain children which are worth noting in popularity. “Charlie the unicorn” and “Marshmallow people” are two other amusingly confusing animated films with a little less murder. Steele built his animation studio Film cow and is regularly producing more works for everyone to enjoy and wonder about humanity.

7. “Figaro Pho”

An interesting innovation from animation director Luke Jurvicious (2015)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there was a boy who didn’t speak and was afraid of almost everything you wouldn’t think to be afraid of. Well, wonder no more because Figaro Pho creator has answered this question for us. They teach everyone fears that the rare few know about and do so without any actual structured language. The entire show is done through a series of bodily function noises with occasional grunting. Because of this show we know now that fear of dancing rabbit is a thing and it is called choroleprophobia, and also most people share one of his fears called bromidrosiphobia (fear of bodily odors).

A correlation that could be noted is that Australia is the perpetrator of this odd show, and it even received awards. Luke Jurvicious left us questioning many fears though and those questions may go unanswered. What if someone is afraid of their fish telling them what to do? How does one deal with the fear of punishing a cat because they may rise up and destroy all human life? With no other works coming up the author has time to give everyone an answer.

6. “Larva”

TUBA n Co., Ltd (2013) Developed and Directed by Joo-gong Maengonj

Surprisingly popular in South Korea, this show leaves a person asking many questions, like: “What am I watching?” and the ever popular “WTF”. Until a person researches the show, said person may not have known there was a plot. The entire series is done with grunts, farts, burps, and the occasional sneezing. Disney channel Asia played it for 3 seasons after it surprisingly failed Disney channel Middle East.

The people in charge have labeled it slapstick, toilet humor, but they do have some valuable information there. For example, one of their characters is a ghost slug, Ghost slugs are a predatory, and previous to this show one may never have questioned the existence of a threatening gastropod. Additionally, they teach mayflies have a very short life span in a dramatic love episode. However, if you are a person who doesn’t do research on a show, then you may be left wondering what is wrong with the creators.

5. “Happy tree friends”

A culmination creation from Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro, and Warren Graff for Mondo Media (debuted 1999)

A good-ole all-American show depicting what all other countries stereotypically think America does; commit numerous and insane acts of violence. The story is that a bunch of very cute animated animals that get murdered, or accidentally killed in each episode. However, the deaths are surprisingly graphic and anatomically correct. Surprisingly, the show still produces new episode to this day, and have developed a large following, but not in Russia because it is banned there.

This show answers the tough questions like: “Can a most likely PTSD affected bear from military service interact and be a normal contributing member of society?” The answer is no. Also “Can a Moose be shot in the head and live a normal life?” Also no. Besides the million ways a cute animal can die, and how badly accidents go wrong, a lot of everything else leaves everyone questioning why violence is so funny.

4. “Wolf Boy: Divorced and Looking for Love”

Zoo Productions Production by John Stevens (2009)

There are a lot of terrible reality dating shows, one called “90 day fiancé” and “Who wants to marry a U.S. Citizen” which essentially exploits foreigners in trying to get then legalized and married. However, this one takes the cake by taking advantage of certain physical attributes of Larry Ramos Gomez. Despite the show’s obvious flaws, it is hard to tell who is really losing here; a man who suffers from hypertrichosis (hair all over his body) the women, the audience, or if maybe this is a good thing?

On a positive note, it has been said repeatedly that Larry is good with the ladies. However, the question this company raises is, where will they go next? After a dating show like this it would be hard to compete. And, who created the idea? Also, can anyone write a dating show?

3. "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish"

Juma Entertainment (2013–2014)

Having heard that Rob Van Winkle is a smart, creative guy with an impressive blockbuster past we want to give him credit. However, he has been spotlighting in the weirdest of ways. Where is he going to pop out next? In the show where he gives up all of life’s ‘devil possessions’ and learns about converting to another religion while being filmed. This begs the questions, aren’t the Amish against TV and being filmed?

However, the show is much different than you would expect. The man who is apparently a brilliant craftsman goes to Amish communities and works to build their communities better. What is that? Why is something like this not getting any reviews? He put religious assumptions aside, changed his knowledge to better suit a misunderstood people and everyone is left to wonder what is going on.

2. “Pink Lady”

Written by Jim Brochu and Mark Evanier. Directed by Rudy De Luca and Art Fisher (1980)

This show is so historically bad that even the later reviews by the staff, directors and NBC couldn’t help but say it was a bad idea. The main characters, the singing group Pink Lady, had no idea what was going on half the time because apparently they only memorized their lines and didn’t speak English. I wonder if they had questions about the show or if their paycheck just helped them not question anything. Even better is: the show was supposed to be called Pink Lady and Jeff. Jeff was the comedian who was supposed to keep the show together, but he was known for telling jokes so bad that people blocked it from their collective memories.

The series only lasted a whopping five weeks but its memory remains for decades as one of the worst shows of all time. Luckily, the decades are running out and Pink lady as not as prevalent as some other horrible shows but it has been said “at least it isn’t as bad as pink lady and Jeff”. This leaves us with questions like, could they know it would be that bad? Or were they trying to make history with the terrible show?

1. "Salad Fingers"

Created by David Firth and popularized (2004)

Creepy is an understatement for the poor salad fingers. It feels as if he just can’t help it with his weird and disturbing existence. This show operates at several ‘WTF’s a second. From rusty spoons to conversations with ovens, salad fingers is sure to leave a person with questionable expressions. This story was created in Britain but gained notoriety in, you guessed it, Australia.

The entire show follows a potentially mentally ill man who finds pleasure in conversation with inanimate objects, rusty spoons, and potential self harm. It is like a train wreck that is hard to look away from. He has three long ‘fingers’ which are salad-ish in nature. The main question that comes up is easy to answer: “no, you cannot get that time back.”


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