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10 Strong Students in Boku No Hero Academia 1-A

Updated on October 3, 2017

Tsuyu Asui


Tsuyu Asui who goes by her hero name Froppy. Her quirk is called Frog-Form which gives her the ability to do everything a frog can do. She can hop long distance aswell as jump. She can extend her tongue till 20 meters and she can also lift up a person's whole body with just her tongue. She can stick to walls and she can also camouflage. She has very good observation skills as she was the first one to point out to Midoriya that his quirk reminds her of All Might's to which Midoriya gets shocked. Her is not the offensive type as her attacks are weak but she is fast and she is smart as well. She wants everyone to view her as a friend. She really helped Midoriya when they got attacked by villains she grabbed both Midoriya and Minoru and jumped to land.

Mezo Shoji


Mezo Shoji goes by his hero name Tentacole. His quirk is named Dupli-Arms. His ability is to replicate his body parts. He I'd physically very strong as he was able to use 540 kilos of force during the Quirk Apprehension Test. Although he is very slow he is also very strong and powerful. He fought with Kurogiri he stopped him from warping Lida as he was going to call for help. Even though he looks scary and all he is very friendly and he is very kind with everyone. He managed to defeat Snipe along with Toru to pass the practical test.

Denki Kaminari


Denki Kaminari goes by his hero name Chargebolt. His quirk is called Electrifìcation which gives him the ability to shoot electricity from his body. He has a special move where he releases electricity enough to shock everyone around him. Using up his wattage limit will short circuit his brain. His quirk is very strong as he was able to take down villian's with the electricity he shot at them. He was also able to take down Menzo,Minoru and Tsuyu with his electricity. He also defeats an villian-bot in the obstacle race with a electricity shock which is strong enough to take it down.

Momo Yaoyorozu


Momo Yaoyorozu goes by her hero name Creati. Her quirk is called Creation which is where she got her hero name from. Her ability is to create any non-living material from her uncovered body through the molecular manipulation of her fat cells. The smaller object are done in a jiffy but the larger objects take time to create. Momo is one of the smartest in the class as she got into U.A through official recommendation. She is also the Vice President of class 1-A. She is skilled in Bukijutsu, She is capable of wielding a weapon and she can use it very well. The power of her quirk depends on the thing she creates. I personally think it is a very powerful quirk but it's not fast. By the time she creates a large object she can get attacked. She is very strong and she was capable of defeating villain's when they got ambushed by them. She along with Shouto took on Aizawa in a practical test and with her plan they managed to beat him and pass the test.

Tenya Iida


Tenya Iida who goes by his hero name Ingenium which used to be his brother hero name before he got beat up by Hero Killer: Stain. His brother wanted him to take up his hero name. Iida's quirk is called Engine which gives him the ability to run super fast. He has engines at the back of his calves. He can swith from gear 1 to 3. He is a very smart guy and very humble person. He is also the President of class 1-A. His quirk allows him run at very high speed also increasing the power of his kicks which are very strong.

Eijiro Kirishima


Eijiro Kirishima goes by his hero name Red Riot. His quirk is called Hardening which allows him to harden and sharpen any part of his body. Which makes him very strong in defensive mode and his attacks can be very powerful. But the thing is there is a limit to how much damage the hardened skin can take and it slowly starts to crumble. He was strong enough to save a pro hero from a strong villain and he also managed to defeat the villain. Although his attacks may be slow but the power of his attacks are very strong and so is his defense.

Fumikage Tokoyami


FumikageTokoyami goes by his hero name Tsukuyomi. His quirk is called Dark Shadow which gives him the ability to control a shadowbeast which he can materialise from his body freely. When it cones to one on one he is considered one of the strongest due to his quirk. He was able to defeat Yaoyorozu easily with just one attack. He can use his quirk for defence and he can use to attack. The only weakness of his quirk is it lose it's energy when light hits it. Fumikage's negative emotions intensifies Dark Shadow which makes it stronger.Fumikage himself stated that his anger causes him to lose control of Dark Shadow.

Izuku Midoriya


Izuku Midoriya goes by his hero name Deku. His quirk is called One for All which was given to him by the number 1 hero All Might. He was quirk less at first. The quirk gives him superhuman strength and superhuman speed and everything else. You can say all his abilities get a power up. He still can't control it at 100% but when he does he will be unstoppable. He along with Bakugo defeated All Might. He managed to punch all might with his strongest punch which knocked him away. Midoriya,Todoroki and Iida stopped the hero killer stain together which an awesome fight. He fought Todoroki in the U.A sports festival. Although he lost he got Todoroki to use his left side which he never uses in battle. Due to his quirk he is fast and strong and he has good reflexes. He is also intelligent. He is one of the strongest in his class.

Katsuki Bakugo


Katsuki Bakugo is character in the show whose hero name is still not revealed. His quirk is called explosion which allows him to sweat nitroglycerin and detonate it at will to create explosions. The more he sweats the stronger the explosion. He is very smart when it comes to fighting he's good at coming up with strategy's. He was very strong from the start since he was a kid he was strong. He was able to overpower Midoriya even when he used his quirk. He is one of the strongest in his class having defeated Fumikage Tokoyami and Shouto Todoroki who are one of the strongest in the class.

Shoto Todoroki


Shoto Todoroki goes by his hero name Shoto. He has an advantage over all his classmates. He is the only one in the class with two quirks. His quirk is called Half-Cold Half-Hot which allows him to freeze with his right hand and burn with his left hand. Also like Yaoyorozu he also got into U.A through official recommendation. He is the son of the world's number 2 Endeavor. He hates his father because he see's Shoto as a tool to pass All Might which he couldn't do so that's the reason he never used to use his fire powers in battle. But after talking to his mother he started using it. He is one the smartest in the class and he is also the strongest. He fought against Midoriya in the U.A sports festival and he won. It was the first time he used his power's in front of everyone. Shoto managed to defeat Hero Killer Stain alongside with Midoriya and Iida. He also saved All Might from Nomu once. In the U.A sports festival he came second after he lost to Bakugo. I believe he could've won if he used both his powers but he didn't. In the future he will be a very strong hero.

Tsuyu Asui fighting Villian's alongside Midoriya and Minoru

Mezo Shoji fighting in the U.A sports festival

Denki Kaminari fighting in the U.A sports festival

Yaoyorozu fights Aizawa alongside Shoto

Tenya Iida fighting Hero Killer Stain

Eijiro Kirishima fights in U.A sports festival

Fumikage Tokoyami defeats Momo Yaoyorozu

Midoriya punches All Might

Bakugo defeats Fumikage Tokoyami

Shoto Todoroki defeats Midoriya

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