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10- Top- Horror- Movies

Updated on October 29, 2012

Halloween is just around the corner. Are you looking for a good horror movie? Here are the top 10 ones to watch this Halloween.

1) Any of the Halloween movies, well not the Rob Zombie one unless you like gory movies.

2) The Scream movies.

3) I Know What You Did Last Summer

4) Paranormal Activity

5) A Nightmare on Elm Street

6) Friday the 13th

7) The House of Wax

8) Any of the Final Destination series

9) Sorority Row

10) The Amityville Horror

There are many horror movies out. The way the media is getting they are not getting better they are getting more disgusting. The new ones can make you appreciate the old ones. So turn on Amc or SciFi and start watching the classics.

What's your favorite scary movie?

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