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10 Vocal Trance Gems You Haven't Heard Yet

Updated on November 30, 2014
Vocalists like Tina Cousins aren't particularly well known, even within the Trance scene, but an exploration of their music leaves one absolutely awestruck at the degree of innovativeness possible in Vocal Trance music.
Vocalists like Tina Cousins aren't particularly well known, even within the Trance scene, but an exploration of their music leaves one absolutely awestruck at the degree of innovativeness possible in Vocal Trance music. | Source


Tiff Lacey's voice is truly a gem. She isn't considered very highly in Trance circles for nothing. She has mesmerized hordes of fans for a long time now. She truly brings out the emotions of her listeners, and that, without a doubt, is generally quite a challenge.

Headstrong, as a lot of people know, is an expert at assessing the vocal properties of a singer. He has, it must be said to his credit, picked out the best of female vocal talent, and just for the most suitable types of songs.

Adam White the remixer proves his innovative mettle in this one. He is more than sufficiently aware that the purpose of real Trance music is to stir up emotions, and he doesn't disappoint.


The Tiesto of yore was certainly quite a phenomenon. He was capable of transforming a mediocre moment into something spectacular with his handling of Trance. Not for nothing is he considered a legend. This song is an example of his prowess. He wasn't always conventional, but he was always very effective at hypnotizing people and making them groove.


This is music from the mid-noughties, a time during which Above and Beyond absolutely sparkled on the global dance music scene. They were famous back then for their amazing, addictive remixes. Vivian Green is not a voice that one would usually associate with the Trance scene, but thanks to Above and Beyond magic, she is transformed into a glorious torch-bearer for the sensation that Vocal Trance is noted for.

This track, quite literally, takes the listener on an emotional rollercoaster. The breakdown, climax, and release are simply out of the world!


One can expect top-quality stuff when the immensely talented Shogun collaborates with the lovely-voiced Hannah Ray. This one most certainly doesn't disappoint. It tugs at the strings of the heart, not by brute force but by amazing progression.


This is emotional gold. A song filled with longing...

Moving on is crucial in life, and yet, the love of the past life does not allow one to make progress. And yet, it is love, the reason for life itself!

What an amazingly Balearic vibe this one has! Kudos to Dulac and Dubois for a very special Trance track!


Headstrong and Tiff Lacey form an absolutely unbeatable combination. Trance is the richer for their absolutely breathtaking talents.

Andy is at his bass-heavy best on remix duty, and who better than him to deal with a Tiff Lacey track and make it even more spectacular? This one is absolutely drugging!


Tina Cousins possesses a very courageous voice which goes well with hard-hitting tracks. This one begins with aggressive intent. but, all of a sudden, begins floating on a sea of emotion! The breakdown leads to strongly melancholic feelings.


Babak Rahnama is a romantic fool. He breathes love.

He has a voice to kill for and the knack for figuring out chord progressions that find just the perfect amount of balance required to tug at the strings of our hearts!


The original of this track is mediocre. This remix though is spectacular! There is plenty of drama involved, making the listener's spirit rise and fall with the flow of the song.


Agnivesh Baghel is a young lad from the Indian state of Chattisgarh. He makes addicting tracks like this one. Europe and India meld gloriously in this one to make us feel very, very special!


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