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Jim Carrey: Funny Scenes

Updated on December 6, 2018

The Funny man!

It's Jim Carrey time! Get ready to laugh your guts out and widen your perspective!
It's Jim Carrey time! Get ready to laugh your guts out and widen your perspective! | Source

1. The scamming reverends

Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans are evangelists being investigated for their unaccounted riches. Their methods are under the scanner and they are being grilled with very tough questions. Over the course of the interrogation, the two clever pastors manage to turn things around to their advantage and put the questioners in a terrible spot!

2.Police Officers Training Academy

Stacy Koon, the trainer at an academy for police officers, has a spitting problem. He showers his liquid blessings on his wards and shows no regret for doing so.

This scene is filled with moments that are bound to keep the viewer rolling on the ground because he is not able to control his laughter.

From this scene we are made to understand that the greatest enemy of a policeman is not a murderer or a drug peddler, but a cameraman. The policeman's first job at the scene of crime is to take out the cameraman, and then, he may satisfy his need for vengeance on the suspect.

3.Over-confident gay guy

In this scene, Jim Carrey is very gay, and he is very proud! His overt display of homosexuality terrifies the people at a fast-food joint. The men are the most afraid, for they are the one's at the greatest risk.

"Two consenting adults with their groins on fire, nothing wrong with that!"

4.Jim Carrey becomes a chicken for life

In this scene, Jim Carrey is an investment banker. He is a reasonable, rational man, and is not interested in such trifles s magic.

His life changes forever when a magician performs a trick on him, making him cluck like a chicken, then dies before undoing the effect of his magic. Jim Carrey is in a hopeless situation now.

A year later, he is still clucking. He goes to a fast food joint and tries to order some grub, but only manages to irritate the waitress. Desperate with hunger, he grabs a sheet of paper and a pencil, and writes down his order. Sadly, all that he can write is "Cluck Cluck"!

Carey is now truly in the vortex of fear, having to confront the tragedy of his fate, every single day of his life.

5.Carrey makes newsreader look hopeless

This is an incredibly popular scene from the runaway hit 'Bruce Almighty'.

What do you do when you are a struggling reporter despite your immense journalistic talent, unable to move up the rungs because of a back-stabbing colleague who gets the promotion meant for you? Play God and make him make a fool of himself of course!

This scene showcases Jim Carrey's stellar ability to create laughs as a result of his rare skills as actor.

6.Jim Carrey believes he can fly

the master actor is at it again, doing what he does best-create laughs from unimaginable situations.

One aspect of Jim Carrey that sets him miles apart from other actors is his ability to act more loony than even the looniest person can imagine, with apparently no sign of self-consciousness. This man can do the unthinkable on TV, and do it like he was always meant to do it!

7.Jim Carrey cannot lie

When all you do all day is keep lying, it becomes a habit.

When a dad who is one heck of a liar promises his son that he won't lie for a day, it's incredibly hard to keep the word, especially if the dad happens to be a lawyer who can only win his case through blatant lying!

Carrey the lawyer must lie to win the case, but, at the same time, he can't lie. When you desperately want to lie, but your body prevents you, you go bonkers and begin speaking brutally truthful trash, which is what our protagonist does in this courtroom scene, one sure to make us react exactly like the woman in the scene!

8.Yes Satan

In this scene, the ever spiritual Jim Carrey converses with a man who sounds quite like an evil snake!

9.Video Store Fun

When you are a womanizer within, but have an excellent name in society, you must find ways to maintain it. Mr. Rogers does it better than anyone else!

10.Jim Carrey as a Karate Expert

When you know your craft well, you can start an academy and train others. That's exactly what Jim does in this scene.


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