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10 Funniest Youtube Videos of Rémi Gaillard's Outrageous Pranks

Updated on March 15, 2015

"It's by doing whatever, that one becomes whoever." -Rémi Gaillard

Rémi Gaillard is a French man notorious for his outrageous pranks on Youtube. When I say outrageous, I mean hw disguised himself as a Lorient foootball player at the 2002 Coupe de France without a single person noticing he wasn't! The man went to the winner's circle celebration, met the president, and even signed autographs without skipping a beat.

One of Gaillard's most famous Youtube pranks is his Mariokart work. When I say MarioKart, I mean the man decided to recreate the game on the open road, complete with banana bombs. The cops may hate him but I cannot help but find many of his moments laugh-worthy.

Laughter is the best medicine, so I thought I would share some of his most hilarious moments. Stop by the debate module, and let the world know what you think of his work. Did it cheer up your day or just annoy you? Either way, the next time someone ask if you have seen, The Godfather elevator, you can proudly say yes!

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Best of the Elevator - My Favorite

The people in Gaillard's buidling or buidling(s) must be used to this type of craziness. I think the idea is hilarious and which I had an elevator building to try it in. My favorite is definitely the discotech one.

Tour de France

Gaillard surprises innocent Sunday cyclists with a Tour de France worthy finish line celebration. The first guy's reaction is my favorite. He seems happy yet confused but goes along for the ride. Love this video!

Pac Man - Remember those days?

Most of us remember the old game days, where pac-man had to get all the dots while not getting eaten by the weird ghosts. Gaillard takes Pac-Man to a whole other level by trying it in real life. One of the best parts happens at 00:37. Watch it and see why.

Mariokart has Returned - Gaillard Style

Who hasn't wanted to see Mario taking to the road in real life? Gaillard decides to do a little Mario karting complete with getting the dreaded banana as weapons (most useless of all racing tools possible).

The Godfather Elevator

I have never seen the godfather but I do love this video of his. The poor guy who just wants to take the elevator gets overwhelmed by the drama.

Urban Touchdown - Some People Just Gotta Have Their Football

Gaillard goes all out in his urban touchdowns, leaving no garbage safe and no window empty!

Diving - How Did Anyone Not Notice?

Gaillard decides to go to the aquarium and do some diving in the tanks. Meanwhile, a little beach-themed party is taking place in the elevators.


Gaillard's attempt to 'land' don't match up so well with those on the golf scene.

The Godfather

I have no idea what I would do if this happened to me. Probably what the man in here did. Still, it is pretty funny if it's not happening to you!

The Snail - I may hate snails..but even I laughed!

People like to compare how slow they are moving to going the speed of a snail. Gaillard decides to take it a step farther and be the snail. I am so shocked no one ran him over like they do in the real world.

Time to Reconnect with Your Inner Kangaroo

I never knew anyone who had so much desire to identify with their inner kangaroo! Of course, he takes it to a whole new level, going out to eat and even getting arrested for his crazy antics!

Do You..?

Do you find Remi Gaillard's work to be humorous?


I haven't thought about Pac-man in so long! If this module jogs your Pac-man memory, it may be time to reconnect with the one-slice-removed-pie man. Check out some Amazon options to get started!


I love Mariokart racing in battle mode because it was the only game I could succeed at. I always end up in fire, off a cliff, or going backwards in straight racing. When I played battle mode, I would just send off weapons randomly and be perfectly fine running into walls hiding from my opponent. If his skit reminded you of those old times, get back in touch through Amazon!


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