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10 of the Best Photography Instagrams

Updated on December 9, 2015

There are many of us out there that want to have an Instagram feed full of beautiful photography with creative approaches. I, myself, not only want to have a feed full of exquisite photos, but also like to feel inspired.

So, here is a list of Instagrams that I have discovered - these are some people that you should definitely follow!

1. Alex Penfornis @alexpenfornis

High quality images are always #blessed! Alex seems to capture the most stunning and highly contrasted photos.


2. Bobby Anwar @bobbyanwar

His bio reads “Art & Photo Director,” and he seems to capture an array of outstanding photos of Copenhagen.


3. @hogankino

His photos are very thoughtfully composed, each following a theme of simplicity and beauty.


4. Janine Tollady @janinetollady

Janine’s instagram follows a theme of purity and simplicity, with each photo sure to include white. She does an outstanding job with flat-lays, making a truly inspiring feed.


5. Jono Swart @jonkat323

Jono's photos follow a very dark theme - and assuming from the bibliography, these beautiful photos are taken in South Africa.

6. Lee Jeffries @lee_jeffries

Lee captures the most beautiful and raw photos of humans. These are some must-see portraits of real, everyday people.


7. Majd Taby @m

His bio reads “Traveling through Europe to document the stories of the Syrian Diaspora.” Enough said.


8. mk @marielleko

These photos are sure to strike a cord, each telling a story - and a deep one, too.


9. Sol @unorthdx

Each and every one of these photos are vibrant, and take us through one’s every day stroll.


10. Thomas Kakareko @thomas_k

These photos are very architecturally inclined, grasping every aspect with vibrant colour, and ornate composition.



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