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10 of the Most Exhilarating & Inspiring Pictures of Recent Years

Updated on February 25, 2014

Each passing year is made up of countless moments that remain permanently etched in our minds. These images might inspire awe, instill fear, terrify or sadden us or just simply make you rub your eyes in disbelief. The 10 pictures were taken from around the world by various amateurs and professionals who just happened to be at the right or wrong place, but definitely at the right time.

Mount Eyjafjallajokul
Mount Eyjafjallajokul

Huge plumes of ash rise from the mountain on april 2010 while lightening strikes the ground as lava flows from the volcano. This volcano is in Iceland and affected flights across most of Europe.

super thunderstorm
super thunderstorm

This picture was taken by weather professionals at the Montana Prairie at the time of sunset. A few clouds that had gathered over the area quickly collected in to a supercell thunderstorm.

1995 Srebrenica massacre
1995 Srebrenica massacre

A picture of the newly identified 775 victims in 2010 of the 1995 massacre by the Bosnian serb forces. Hundreds of victims are identified every year by matching bones to names and buried in mass graves. Over 8000 boys and men were massacred.

Wet Fly
Wet Fly

A close up picture of a very wet fly sitting on a white flower, unable to fly.

A beautiful preying mantis just before adulthood
A beautiful preying mantis just before adulthood

A preying mantis that has grown through two of its nymph stages. It is able to survive because of the brightly colored camouflage that matches flower colors.

Thunder strike
Thunder strike

Lightening strikes the center building in hongkong during a thunderstorm in september last year.

Ki Gompa monastery
Ki Gompa monastery

This is a buddhist monastery in a village in the middle of Himalayas. The site is located 4000 meters above sea level.

Meth wars in Mexico
Meth wars in Mexico

Untouched remains of a house riddled with bullets. The result of a gun fight between the mexican soldiers and the members of the drug cartel La Familia who were hiding in the house.

Guatemala sinkhole
Guatemala sinkhole

This sink hole is 18 meters wide and 100 meters deep and was triggered by the tropical storm Agatha in central america.

New Swallower Fish
New Swallower Fish

A newly discovered swallower fish, its named that way because it can swallow meals larger than itself. It is one of 38 new species discovered from the coast of Greenland.

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