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101 Dog Tricks Book Review

Updated on March 31, 2016

I used to have a very smart German Shepherd Dog that knew the meaning of a lot of words and commands and was excellent at obedience and doing tricks. My dog passed on from old age and I recently got a Basenji Border Collie mix that is also very smart and eager to learn new things so I bought the book 101 Dog Tricks. The lessons are clearly explained with a lot of pictures. It's very easy for the trainer and the dog to learn.

I used to be a dog groomer at a vet clinic that was also a small animal shelter that rescued dogs and cats and had them availible for adoption. One day a black Labrador Retriever mix was found with five puppies. Two of them looked like Siberian Huskies, two of them looked like black and tan Labrador Retrievers, and one of the puppies looked like a black German Shepherd Dog with a little bit of dark brown on the face and legs. The vet asked me if I wanted to adopt one of the kittens that was availible. I said that I was thinking about getting a dog. She showed me this litter of puppies that were about a month old. Their mother wasn't with them. I don't know what happened to her. So I did temperament tests with the puppies to find out which of them were the most dominant and submissive and things like that to find out which dog would be the best for me. The male Lab was the top dog and the female German Shepherd was the second most dominant and the best fit. I named the puppy Snapdragon. It was summertime and hot outside so it was a good time to start housetraining and simple obedience. I had a new pink leash hanging on the refrigerator door and the first day she pulled it off and chewed it up and destroyed it. Over the next few months her dark brown color that was almost black got lighter and became tan almost white. All of the other puppies from the litter were brought back to the vet clinic because they got aggressive and were too wild for their owner's children. That's why training dogs is very important. I gave Snapdragon a lot of exercise every day and trained her how to do anything and everything that she wanted to learn when she was old enough. She even knew the difference between left and right and she would take me to something like her food and water bowls when I would say, What you want? She knew the commands and words for sit, lay down, stand, stay, heel, come, crawl, back up, go ahead of me, play dead, give left or right paw, high five, wave paw, cover eye with paw, lift leg, go outside, and be on guard to watch for anything unusual. My dog and cat liked to snuggle up together and gently play fight. Then my cat died and I got a new kitten and they liked to play and cuddle up too. Snapdragon's brother and sisters were brought back to the vet clinic several times to find new homes. When Snapdragon was twelve years old, I went to the store for a short time and came back and she had died while I was gone. I didn't work at the vet anymore.

Awhile after I lost Snapdragon, one of my coworkers found a sick weak malnourished underweight young dog covered in fleas and ticks. They couldn't keep her because they already have several dogs and cats, and I was looking for another dog, so I took her and nursed her back to health. Now Fly is a very active high energy dog that is ready to begin agility lessons, obedience, and learn some tricks.

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Here are a few video clips from this book.


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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      I'm sorry about the loss of Snapdragon. Fly is extremely lucky to have found a loving, caring soul like you. Take good care . .


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