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8 Best Tv Shows to Watch in 2018

Updated on April 13, 2018

My Offered List!

Do you have this problem, when you go to some websites looking for a new series to watch and you have seen all of the listed ones? Every time I do it's really hard to find something new and most of the times I have seen all of them. Well here's good news, if you are a huge fan of TV shows like me this might help you. I am making my top 8 TV show list to watch in 2018.

I know that almost every top TV show list usually includes popular series such as the ones bellow:

  • The Vampire Diaries
  • The Walking Dead
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Riverdale
  • Teen Wolf
  • Supernatural

Although I absolutely love all of the shows listed above, I will do something slightly different. In this article I want to name series that are not very popular, yet very good and interesting to watch.



Are you into some crime and action? Well Gotham might be just the right show for you. This American crime drama television series is developed by Bruno Heller. It tells the stories of Detective James Gordon, Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and others. It is based on DC comics and includes super heroes such as Batman and Cat woman. Of course it has some villains too for example The Riddler, Mr Freeze and Joker.

This series starts off showing James Gordon working on crimes in the Gotham City police department. One of them is the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, Detective Gordon finds one of the witnesses, that is Selina Kyle (Cat woman) and the show goes on with a bunch of crimes in the city of Gotham. Eventually the stories of characters in the show develops as Batman's story is progressing showing us a lot of action with the bad guys.

Gotham is now on it's 4th season but its never too latte to start.



The good thing about Liar is that the series started in 2017 and has only 1 season so far. For those you doesn't want to start a series with many seasons it is not a problem.

Liar is psychological thriller that Harry and Jack Williams created. It is Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd story. One evening Joanne goes on a date with Ioan and things seems to be going pretty well. Ioan walked her home and got invited in as his phone was out of battery and he had to wait for a taxi.

The next day Joanne Froggatt accuses this man of rape. Ioan Gruffudd of course denies the fact. Later in the show we find out that Joanne has medical history and has accused someone else before, for the same matter but it turned out to be a lie. This is why many doubt her story. The series becomes an investigation in this case trying to figure out witch one out of the two is a liar.

6. Once Upon A Time


You might have heard of this one but in particular I'd like to include it. Once upon a time is a beautiful series crated by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz that aired back in 2011. How could I explain it? The series is a giant combination off all ferry tails such as ''Snow White'', ''Red Ridding Hood'', ''Peter Pan'' or even ''Frozen''. All the ferry tails combine in the series to make one story.

Series kicks off with Henrry Mills finding his biological mother who is Emma Swan. He is trying to persuade her, to come to the town of ''Stotbrook'' and believe that all ferry tails which are writing in his book ''Once upon a time'' are true. According to Henrry, Emma is a daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Henrry tells a story about a curse that Evil Queen (Regina Mills) cased. He goes on by saying that this made all of characters to be in Storybrook. Apparently time in Storybrook is frozen and no one remembers who they really are. If anyone tries to leave ''bad things happen''. Emma is the only one who can break the curse but on her way she overcomes a lot difficulty's and doubts.

5. Humans


Humans is based on Swedish TV show ''Real Humans''. This show is basically about robots that are called ''Synths''. They look exactly like humans apart from deep green eye color they have. Synths were made to help out people in daily work, they are robotic assistants and almost anyone is able to buy one.

The main characters which are Hawkins family, who is almost falling apart gets a synth that looks like a young woman and is called Mia, but this is not the end of it. Scientists are trying to figure out if synths can be made conscious, in other words be able to feel emotions. The only problem is that they are not aware that some synths are already conscious.

Leo Elster who is also a synth is looking for Mia with his group of friends. As Mia can't remember anything he wants to help her to become conscious again. This leads Hawkins family to get involved. They have to decide whether to help synths and risk humans safety or leave Mia who is now part of the family behind.

4. Revenge


Revenge got be addicted from episode 1. It's created by Mike Kelly. The story is very catching and it is so pity that the series had only 4 seasons. Anyhow I loved it, so maybe you might like it too.

The story is about a young lady who is seeking for her revenge. A billionaire Amanda Clarke has swapped the identities with Emily Thorne in order to revenge to the people who caused her father to be imprisoned, when she was a little girl. Emily (Amanda) blames them for her fathers death, especially to Graysons family who was the main cause of this.

Emily (Amanda) was told her father was an offender her whole life. All of this changed when Nolan Ross who was sent by her father came to her telling the whole truth. This started a new long journey of revenge and made the two really close. Nolan Ross, her partner in crime help her out with all the plans she made.

When Emily started a relationship with Daniel Grwayson, who was the son of her victim she met her childhood love Jack Porter for whom she still has feelings. She faced difficulties as she couldn't reveal her true identity. Emily was willing to do anything no matter what it takes to make her revenge.

3. The Originals


The Originals is a spin-off of one of the most popular TV show ''The Vampire Diaries''. I notice that the spin-off's often are left out, so this is why I want to point it out.

The Originals was created by Julie Plec and aired in 2013. The story is about an original hybrid (vampire-werewolf) Klaus Mikaelson and his sibling in particular Elijah Mikaelson, Rebekah Mikaelson and long lost sister Freya Mikaelson. Klaus and his siblings including Elijah, Rebekah, Finn and Kol had made an eternal vow to stick by each other ''Always And Forever'', after their mother Esther (witch) turned them into vampires back in 10th century. Although the siblings had swore to be by each others side they have been falling apart for a very long time now.

When they return to their home, the New Orleans Klaus finds his old friend Marcel Gerard is ruling the city now. This makes him very mad and the two compete getting in a big fight. As if this is not enough the Mikaelson siblings also find out that Klaus one night stand Hayley Marshall is carrying his child. Klaus refuses to believe this but when his brother Elijah persuades him, this child becomes hope for Mikaelson's siblings to reunite. The problem is that during centuries Klaus has made many enemies and the mother of sibling along with their father Michael brothers Finn, Kol and sister Freya come along trying to stop the baby from being born. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah now come together trying to protect them selves from Michael who is trying to kill them, and at the same time protect Hayley with her daughter.

2. Fear The Walking Dead


Fear The Walking Dead is another spin-off, this time it's from ''The Walking Dead''. The show is created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, it aired in 2015 and now has 3 seasons.

This series shows world in apocalypse and how all of it is becoming covered with zombies. At the beginning everyone think that there is a virus spreading globally which makes people loose their minds and become like zombies. After a while people realize it is not a virus but people resurrect after death and become zombies, then try to feed on humans. One bite from a ''Walker'' will make you die and become one there for people have to be very careful.

The story leads on with main characters Clarke's, Manawa's families and their friends trying to find a safe place and survive in the new world.



Salem is an American supernatural/horror TV series. It was created by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon. The show was inspired by real Salem Witch trails in the 17th century. It aired in 2014 and had 3 seasons.

As you can probably tell Salem is about witches! So if you are interested in some new supernatural fiction feel free to watch it! The series is set in time of hunts and inquisition of witches. Witches in Salem are real. The only problem is that they are not how people imagine these creatures. They are among the most known people who rule the town.

This story is about a young woman called Mary Wolcott who chose the dark powers, when the love of her life John Alden had to go to war and left her promising to return. Mary found out she was pregnant but having a baby when not married back in these days was prohibited. To not be punished Mary's only choice was to take the powers and get rid of the child.

When after long years John returned to Salem he found Mary now married to George Sibley and being one of the most powerful women of Salem. The story goes on showing what will happen between John and Mary and if the witches in Salem will be finally found.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of How good do you think this article is?


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