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15 surprising secrets of GOT star Emilia Clarke

Updated on August 16, 2016

1. The story of Giant Gummy Bear

Do you remember the scene in the first season of Game of Thrones (GOT) where Daenerys (her character) had to eat a stallion’s heart as a part of pregnancy ritual? But in reality, it was made of several pounds of gummy bears. According to her, the heart tasted like congealed jam with a hint of bleach. Thus, it was the most challenging scene to her.

2. Popular name

Her character name from GOT became so much popular that most of the parents are getting fond of her name and character so they have started to named their babies after her.

3. Less time for GOT

Clarke got only 24 hours to prepare for the audition of GOT. She did research through various books especially those focusing to her character. During audition, she performed the entire scene which she was requested to do. She also did the funky chicken dance which was requested by one of the producers as a joke.

4. Single but ready to mingle

Though she had an affair with various handsome hunks like Richard Madden, Seth MacFarlane and Jai Courtney in the past but currently she is single. Recently, in an unscripted video interview, she just gave a hint but nothing is sure yet.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke | Source

5. Knowledge in different languages

Being born and brought up in London, she is perfect in UK accents and now working in an American and English cast, she has mastered in American accents including Liverpool, Cockney, Irish-Southern, London, American Southern States and American-New York. Beside these, she understands French, German and Indian.

6. Part of a charity

Before working in a film, Clarke was featured in a commercial for the charity known as Samaritians. It is an organization dedicated to help people suffering from emotional distress and who are at risk of committing suicide. The charity offers support throughout the UK and Ireland by means of a hotline, which anyone can call at any given time.

7. Unique tattoo

As we all know that, she recently inked a tattoo of a bee on her pinkie finger but she has a plan to get her next tattoo of a full blown dragon, a metaphorical one, in her body rather than a single line drawing.

8. Wish to get blonde

She always wanted to get blonde and sometimes become afraid to look at the mirror too. Most of the time in her shooting, she is seen wearing a wig and hates to remove it once the shoot is over. Some night, she is caught wearing the same shooting wig.

9. Sea slug

Marine researchers found a very pale kind of new sea slug species and decided to name after her character of GOT as Tritonia Khaleesi. They came up with the idea as the slug is a look alike of Daenerys flowing blond hair.

10. Her choice of character

Clarke loves to play the role of Daenerys Targaryen. Actors usually don’t get the chance to play the character as they like. But she is lucky enough to play such a powerful personality. She is happy to fly the flag for young girls and women to be more than just somebody’s wife or girlfriend.

11. Special Eyebrows

During her school days, she was bullied for having a bushy eyebrow. Some kids were really mean and used to give funny and awkward comments. According to her mother’s rule, she was not allowed to do drugs, no sexual relationship and not allowed to touch her eyebrows. In addition to it, she was asked to brush her eyebrows with Vaseline before going to bed.

12. Worked in six places to pay rent

The future mother of Dragon Clarke life was not as easy. Before working in GOT, she acted in Triassic Attack in 2010 and got a minor role in the British soap opera called Doctors. So to fulfill her basic needs, she had to work in numerous places at a time. She worked anywhere from three to six places like being a bartender, servant at restaurant and also in a call center.

13. Offered for In Fifty Shades of Grey

Believe it or not, this beautiful lady was about to be featured in the controversial erotic romance novel in the character of Anastasia. But she refused to do the role because of explicit nudity.

14. Sexiest woman alive

Without a doubt, she is one of the most gorgeous and high profile celebrities in Hollywood. In the year 2014, she was voted as one of the most desirable woman of the world by the readers of Askmen. One year later in 2015, she received the reputed title of Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2015.

15. Fond of music

Multi-talented Clarke had interest in music since her childhood. She loves to play several musical instruments like the flute, piano and guitar. Moreover, she is also attached to sing in different genres including cabaret singing, blues and jazz. She took her hobby to the next level and debuted in the Broadway production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 2013.


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