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2013 Brings Changes to DISH

Updated on June 19, 2013

As with DirecTV and other TV providers, the New Year meant new changes to DISH programming packages and pricing. This article will outline all of the changes Dish Network is making and how they’ll affect new and existing residential and business customers.

How will these changes affect DISH Business customers?

While DISH Business programming and pricing won’t be changing drastically, a few key updates should be noted:

· New customer offers have been extended through May 21, 2013. This means that new DISH Business customers will still save money by building their own Ultimate package and are still eligible to receive $10 off their bill for the first 12 months.

· The activation fee increased for certain plans. While the activation fee will increase $49 for certain new DISH Business plans, customers who subscribe to a base package plus two or more add-on packages may receive a $49 instant credit. You can ask your sales representative if this applies to you.

· Programming experienced a rate increase. DISH Business programming, as with its residential, increased on January 17, 2013.

Will these changes affect existing DISH customers?

In a nutshell, the answer is “yes.” However, DISH is making some adjustments to make the transition easier on many existing DISH customers and provide extra discounts. Here’s an idea of what DISH is offering to existing customers:

· The Upfront and Online discounts that gave customers promotional pricing have each changed, but the total discount (combined) has stayed the same or increased, depending on your package. If you are currently receiving these discounts, you will continue to do so as long as you keep your AutoPay and paperless billing. In fact, you may notice you are saving a little more with the new discount rates.

· Current America’s Top 120 Plus and America’s Everything Pack subscribers may now choose between one of two extra discount options to make up for pricing changes. America’s Everything Pack customers will no longer receive a $9 monthly credit on their premium programming, but they can now choose between an additional $10 off their monthly bill for 18 months or Free HD for Life (if they currently pay the $10/month HD fee). America’s Top 120 Plus customers can choose between an additional $5 off per month for 18 months or the removal of the $5 per month TV2 Receiver Connection fee from their accounts.

· Some existing customers are eligible for the Price Protection Credit. Customers who ordered DISH service between March 1, 2012 and January 16, 2013 may receive a $3-$5 Price Protection credit, which locks them into the promotional pricing they received at sign-up for 12 months from activation date. DISH Customer Care can help you determine if this includes your account.

What about DISH programming and pricing changes for new customers?

There are also a couple of important DISH changes for new customers. Despite the fact that most TV companies are experiencing rate increases, DISH is still able to save new customers money by providing special promotions and offers:

· ALL of the current DISH promotions for new customers have been extending through May 21, 2013. These include Upfront Discounts, Online Discounts, Free HD for Life, 4 Premiums Free for 3 Months, Blockbuster @Home Movie Service Free for 3 Months, DISH Protection Plan Free for 4 Months, Free Hopper and Joey Upgrade, and the DISH Referral Program.

· DISH has integrated new plans to better accommodate their customers. DISH determines a customer’s eligibility for certain promotions and upgrades and then determines which plans best suit them based on the results. These plans determine how much installation and equipment cost, how much a customer can save on promotions, length of agreement, and so on. DISH now has more plans available to better accommodate the needs of the customer by giving more opportunities to participate in offers and savings. DISH determines the best plan available to you.

Some changes affect both new and existing DISH customers.

· DVR service pricing has gone up, but not by much. Hopper and Joey DVR pricing hasn’t changed at all, while all other DISH DVR customers will see an increase of $1 (from $6 to $7) on their monthly bills.

· The DISH cancellation fee has increased. The cancellation fee for terminating a 2-year agreement now starts at $480 (an increase of $60) and is pro-rated at a rate of $20 per month instead of the harder-to-manage $17.50 per month.

· The monthly price for customers who subscribe to all 4 premium channel packages has increase slightly. The charge is now $45 per month instead of $44 per month.

· Dish America Silver and Gold packages have been removed from DISH’s channel package options. New customers cannot order these channel packages, but existing customers will continue to receive Dish America Silver or Gold programming.

Don't worry about more big price changes!

While DISH has recently made quite a few changes and updates, they are still able to offer a smooth transition to existing customers and money-saving offers and promotions to new ones. DirecTV, among other TV providers, will be experiencing similar changes at the beginning of February. The good news? You can expect the new pricing to remain the same for months to come!

Don’t have DISH yet? We can help.

If you are interested in DISH service, we can help you find the package that’s best for you. We’re up-to-date on all of DISH’s recent changes, so we can answer all of your questions, too. Plus, we offer an exclusive $75 rebate just for ordering through us. Give us a call or chat with us for more information.

Thank you!
~Your DISH Authorized Retailer
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